Male Health Boosting Foods

Male Health Boosting Foods for Their Overall Well being

Men are completely different than women in all respect so, their diet need also differs than the women. Certain nutrients are their necessity for maintaining and balancing their overall good health and its scarcity may hamper their well being badly.

Though for basic issues people think to take medical help however, it is always advised to look for the natural solution as you know natural measures are always safe and effective. So today we have come up with some natural male health-boosting foods that you can avail easily at your home itself without much expense.

Whether it is related to building muscle mass or prevention of prostate cancer or heart diseases or diabetes or it is your bedroom performance, everything is influenced by your quality of diet in some or other ways.

Yes, we cannot blame solely to diet routine a person follows, responsible for causing major to small men health concerns because some other wrong habits and lifestyles, such as smoking, excess alcohol consumption or drugs intake also play a major role.

However, the influence of other factors can be controlled to a great extent and one can maintain an overall good physical and mental health and well being by consuming some nutrients dense men health-friendly foods in their day to day life.

These nutrient-dense foods will boost your immune system, prevent bone and muscle loss, oxidative damages, inflammation and improve your heart health to prevent heart failure, which is the primary reason of death in men aging 35 and above around the world.

However, a good diet routine should also be backed by a healthy lifestyle which should include exercising, avoiding excess alcohol intake and to quit the smoking habit. The below mentioned list of foods is based on dietician’s recommendation that encourages men’s health by nourishing their body and organs from inside naturally.

List of Male Health Boosting Foods

Lean Red Meat

lean red meat

Lean red meat is one of the most beneficial and effective foods for improving men’s health. The lean cut meats of pork or beef are high sources of protein level whereas the fat content of these meats is just little more than the chicken breast.

If you want to build muscle faster then along with your hardcore workout routine you must consume lean red meats at least 2 to 3 times in a week to achieve your target faster and healthier way. The amino acid content of red meat known as leucine helps in the muscle building and to retain it without much effort.

In one term we can say that red meat is the food meant for men health in all respect. Also because of high protein content in the red meat, it helps you in controlling your weight if you are currently struggling with excess body weight which is the root cause of multiple diseases growth.

This protein-rich food keeps your stomach full for longer duration and thus cuts your excessive carbohydrate intake which is the primary factor that causes excessive weight gain in a rapid way.

Hence it works as a natural appetite suppressant. Protein is always good for health however it should be healthy protein means there should be less content of fat. The lean cuts red meat fulfills these criteria and thus it becomes a healthier food of all men.



This salty water food i.e. oyster is another best example of male health-boosting food. As per the health specialists, a little amount of daily oyster intake saves men from several manly health concerns like reduction in sperm count, prostate cancer, loss of sexual desire, etc.

This seafood is not only delicious by taste but its health value is also too amazing. It is primarily known for its antioxidant properties as it is a good source of zinc mineral that prevents cells damaging and protect you against the prostate cancer risk. Also, it boosts the other body functions and makes them work in a more efficient way.

Zinc mineral helps in the production of DNA and promote natural cells repairing process which is vital for the youthful appearance as well for the high energy level in the body.

Fatty Fish

fatty fish

Fatty fishes are the natural sources of vital omega 3 fatty acids which a human body cannot produce own self. This fatty acid rich food helps in dealing with multiple health concerns and ensure that any major health issue would not occur even in future by boosting your immune system and by smoothing the overall functionality of different organs.

This polyunsaturated fat is a healthy fat for men’ s health and it protect them from developing cardiovascular diseases ( heart failure and others), boost their reproductive system and increases fertility, helps in building muscles and weight loss and many other important health benefits.

It prevents the risk of prostate cancer in men which is the most common health concern in men by preventing cell damage. By improving the blood circulation in the body it prevents the risk of heart failure, stroke, etc which are the primary reasons for death in men throughout the world.

The anti-inflammatory substance of fatty fishes helps in reducing pain and aches and promotes the healing process which helps in the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. Also, it boosts bone health and prevents common bone related concerns that primarily occurs as an aging effect such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fragile bone, etc.

All these huge numbers of health benefits are enough to give a vital reason for all men to include this beneficial and nutrient dense food in their diet routine at least 2 times a week. Some common fatty fishes include salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, herring, etc.



The delicious cherries are also an abundant source of health-boosting nutrients. Raw cherries, as well as cherry juices, contain pigments which are loaded with anti-inflammatory property. It protects you against foreign body attack. Both sweet and tart cherries are good for your health however the pigment content in tart cherries remain greater than the sweet cherries.

Also, it helps in increasing your workout efficiency and encourages faster and strong muscle gains with its highly effective nutrient content. Along with its anti-inflammatory benefits for your health, it works as a powerful weapon against gout which is a very common issue in men than the women.

Other than that it prevents the recurrence risk of gout in the future if you consume at least 10 cherries every day. Cherries are also well known for developing more youthful appearance by preventing the early aging signs growth.



Among the vegetarian food list, banana keeps a special place for boosting men health in all respect. This healthy fruit is loaded with a high amount of potassium mineral which works as a quick fix energy gainer at any place and anytime. It helps to control your nervous system, blood pressure, and heartbeat to the normal state.

The high potassium and magnesium content of banana fruit makes it a life savior for men as it prevents the risk of stroke if someone eats at least one banana every day. It also works as a natural immune booster with its natural vitamin B6 content. It increases the formation of red blood cells in the body which is vital for a healthy nervous system.

You can eat banana directly or prepare the banana shake or prepare a smoothie by mixing with other delicious fruits such as cherries, berries, yogurt, etc to keep your overall health and well being highly improved naturally.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the best combination of a delicious food taste along with high health values for men of all ages. There will be hardly any person on earth who would not like the yummy, alluring taste of dark chocolates. For men who are diagnosed with a certain cardio related health problem, this tasty food works a natural medicine as it is heart friendly and helps in balancing the overall cardiovascular system.

Daily intake of a small amount, of dark chocolates rich in high cocoa content, helps in reducing bad cholesterol level, reduces high blood pressure and ensures proper blood circulation in the body. Men who are a victim of poor blood circulation in the body are likely to be affected by the erection issue.

Daily consumption of dark chocolate in a moderate limit say one ounce in a day helps to increase the blood flow rate in body and prevents the erection problem in men to improve their sex life. In this context, you have to ensure that you choose only those dark chocolates which are loaded with high cocoa content in its ingredient which is good for your health.

Also, avoid the excess consumption of chocolates or other sugary foods as it can cause you to gain weight faster.



Fresh green veggies are always best for men health and in this list broccoli is a vital one as it helps to improve men health in several ways. It protects men against the major risk of heart and cancer diseases which are the life-threatening conditions, with its frequent intake.

Broccoli is the rich source of vitamin C, potassium, phytochemicals and other nutrients that protects you against the risk of colon, bladder and prostate cancer a very common risk in men.

Also, it protects you against heart diseases and stroke risk, major reasons for death in men more than women around the world. Make a habit of eating this high nutrient dense green vegetable at least for five days in a week to keep your overall health in improved condition naturally.



The green leafy vegetables such as spinach are the natural source of abundant amount of nutrients that is beneficial for improving men health. Spinach is a rich source of folate which works as a blood flow booster in the body hence helps in improving your heart health and prevent the erection problem in men that badly affects their sex life.

Folic acid is a vital mineral necessary for healthy sex life and this vital mineral scarcity in the body can be fulfilled with regular and frequent consumption of spinach as a part of a fixed meal. This reduces and prevents the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

As per the nutrition specialists along with daily cooked spinach intake, one can fulfill approx 66% requirement of their daily necessity of folic acid. Also, spinach is a good source of magnesium which helps in boosting the testosterone level in the body and increases fertility in men.

It also boosts the blood flow in the body and prevents the common health risk associated with poor blood flow such as heart disease, stroke, etc.



This creamy delicious fruit is the rich source of abundant amount of healthy nutrients meant for men health improvement. This is one of the best men health friendly food with its vital proteins and high nutrient content. Though it contains fat but nothing to worry about that as it is good fat or mono-saturated fat which is safe for your health.

This is why it will also be a good replacement for unhealthy fatty foods which contain unhealthy trans or saturated fats. It helps to control your cholesterol level in the body by reducing the amount of bad cholesterol and increasing the level of good cholesterol.

Also, this is again a heart-friendly food which improves your blood circulation level in overall body to boost your whole body’s organs smoother functionality.

Prepare a delicious snack with it or eat it directly in all forms you are going to be benefited out of this highly nutrient dense fruit. For improving your food quality you can use avocado oil in your cooking instead of other unhealthy oil to get its best possible effect on your health.

Milk and Yogurt

milk and yogurt

Milk or other dairy products such as yogurt are other best food options for boosting male health. Milk is the ideal natural source of calcium, vitamin D and other vital nutrients that you can hardly get through any other sources in such a pure form. This helps to improve your bones and muscles health naturally.

Also, it helps in your muscle building process by boosting your muscle cells growth from deep inside without increasing your body fat. However, men should not consume dairy product too much as it is more required for women than men.

Also, excess consumption of dairy products increases the risk of prostate cancer in men of advanced level. So keep your milk and yogurt intake at a moderate level to avail its only beneficial effects for your health.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts

The importance of dry fruits for men health should not be ignored in any way. Dry fruits such as Brazil nuts are a healthy option for evening time snacking or during a journey where you are bound to eat anything when a good readily available snacks are not with you.

Brazil nuts are the rich source of natural selenium which is vital for overall male health. Selenium helps to boost your immunity system and protects you against the frequent cold and cough issue which develops due to weak immunity power in the body.

Also, it increases the fertility in men so vital for men who are going through fertility issue. Daily 6 to 8 pieces of Brazil nuts intake are enough to keep your bodily function active and to keep you strong internally. This must be a part of the daily diet routine for men for ensuring naturally boosted health.



Many of you consider coffee as a morning time energy drink which is quite true. However the benefits of coffee are not limited to boost your energy level only, but it works far more than your imagination especially for men.

Drinking coffee daily in moderate limit say 2 to 3 cups in a day reduces early death risk in men. It reduces your risk of developing chronic health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, cirrhosis, gout, etc which are very common male health concerns.

The list of male health-boosting foods doesn’t end here only, however instead of heading in too much food list its better that you concentrate on above-mentioned health-boosting foods for you to keep your health and life in proper balance in a natural way.

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  1. Great post Maushmi! Very informative. I am a keen Health and Fitness enthusiast and always looking for ways to boost my health with natural ingredients. It is sometimes a lot of work, as I use supplements for my training, so making sure I am not over ingesting certain nutrients throughout the day takes time.
    I wouldn’t say I am a coffee connoisseur, but I am partial to the odd cup now and then. So your section on the benefits of coffee did catch my attention. Especially your statement “Drinking coffee daily in moderate limit say 2 to 3 cups in a day reduces early death risk in men.” Where can I find more information about this?
    Thanks for the great information in this post. It was a pleasure reading

  2. Bryson Fico

    I drink coffee two to three times, daily without sugar and cream. I knew it had benefits such as energy and staying alter and staying regular, but I had no idea that coffee prevented early death. Also, I love Brazil nuts. I glade to hear they are a good source of selenium.

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