Steroids Affect Sexual Life

How Steroids Can Affect Your Health and Sexual Life

Steroids are a liquid form of medicine which is injected through injection for relieving certain health condition. However, there are people who abuse it and without the doctor’s prescription apply it on your body which is illegal and calls for many side effects. The primary side effect that can hamper the health of its user is that steroids affect your sexual performance which is really bad.

However, while discussing steroids let just go to its depth which will better clear its concept. There is two type of steroids. The first one is known as Corticosteroids which is used to treat inflammation such as severe bronchitis etc.

Another kind of steroids is known as Anabolic steroids which are used for treating especial health conditions like AIDS, delay puberty and loss of testicular function. This is the dangerous form of steroids which can cause some major health hazards if it is used without doctor’s recommendation.

The Anabolic steroids are injected by the athletes and bodybuilders for improving their performance and for easily increasing the mussels which cause some short term as well as long-term side effects. This is the reason it is a concern of legal issue if used by someone without proper recommendation by the doctor.

Steroids Effect on Health

Steroids Effect on HealthAnabolic steroid denotes juice or roids which is a synthetic form of male’s hormone naming Testosterone. This hormone helps to change the appearance of its users. It is used by the mussel’s builders to gain mussels at the fastest possible time. Athletics uses it for improving their performance and some people use it for the faster recovery from a wound or injury.

Apart from the special medical condition, the Anabolic steroids are not allowed to be used by people but in the hidden way for getting different benefits out of it people use it without consulting with the doctors. So it affects your health badly several ways. Some effects are the short term whereas some effects are long term.

Short-Term Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Health

People willing to improve their athlete performance and speedy mussels gain abuse to anabolic steroids but this also gives an invitation to some short-term effects on their health which are mentioned below.

Long-Term Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Health

Abuse of anabolic steroids injection for muscle gain and some other purposes calls for some long-term bad effects on health that lasts for the longest time and not at all good for the overall health. Some long-term effects of anabolic steroids on health are mentioned below.

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Health

Injected anabolic steroids when enters inside your blood it increases your mussels unnaturally also it rapidly recovers your injury and boosts to your existing athletic performance but these dramatic and sudden changes are not free of any side effects. Along with these benefits and features you have to face some side effects which includes-

  • Development of breast tissue in men.
  • Hair growth in women in unwanted places.
  • Shrinkage of the testicles.
  • Frequent mood swing.
  • Irregularity in the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Voice deepening in women.
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Stroke.
  • Infertility.
  • Sudden heart-related problems.
  • Mania.

How Steroids Affect Your Sexual Performance

Sexual PerformanceSteroids are injected through injection which carries a synthetic form of male’s hormone known as Testosterone. This increases the quantity of this hormone in men’s body in an unnatural way which affects sexual performance badly. Some common side effects on the sexual behavior due to abuse of steroids are described below.

Reduction in Sperm Count

The abuse of anabolic steroids for whatever purpose, on one side it fulfills your desire to get mussels and improvement in athletic performance on the other side it hampers to the sexual performance of its users by affecting the natural production of sperm. Men who use it, their sexual life get affected due to the reduction of sperm count.

Reduction in Natural Testosterone Level

The anabolic steroids are the juicy form of synthetic testosterone hormone which lies in men’s body. When someone gets this hormone in an unnatural way through injection, it affects the natural growth and production of this hormone and later on it affects their sexual performance too.

Obstruction in Erectile Function

Erectile dysfunction is one of the primary outcomes of due to the abuse of anabolic steroids in men. Due to an overdose of this medication without the recommendation of doctors leads to a reduction in natural testosterone level or quantity. This, later on, causes obstruction in the functionality of erectile.


Infertility is the most dangerous outcome due to abuse of anabolic steroids in men and women both. In man’s, this causes reduction of sperm which is the primary element to get fertile. In the lack of necessary count of sperm, men remain infertile and it takes long treatment to get recover and to get back the natural production of sperm like before.

In women, the abuse of anabolic steroids affects their menstrual cycle and it gets haywire. Period or menstruation cycle is the primary element for a woman to conceive successfully in future as it prepares her for the fertility. So it’s quite natural that any disruption in this cycle will affect the women’s fertility.

Affects Breast

The abuse of anabolic steroids affects the breast size of both men and women badly. In men, the misuse of this medicine causes the growth of breast tissue in an unnatural way and this cause to increase their breast size just like a woman.

In women the misuse of this injection cause in the reduction of their breast size and slowly it gets smaller. This particularly happens because of changes in hormonal level in both men and women due to abuse of anabolic steroids.

Shrinking Testicles

Shrinkage in testicles is seen due to the abuse of anabolic steroids in men this, later on, affect to the sexual performance badly. The effects of abuse of anabolic steroids on sex drive can be removed or reduced by avoiding this medication permanently but it takes time to get back in the original or natural position of the affected person. How long you were in this medication and what doses you have consumed affects to your recovery time.

Different Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a state or condition in which pennies does not get firm to have a successful intercourse. Occasional ED in men is quite common and this particularly happens due to a psychological effect, mental unrest etc. If the ED becomes frequent to someone then this is not a normal health condition and this requires medical attention to treat it and in order to understand why this is happening.

However, you can get rid out of your frequent erectile dysfunction by applying some preventive method. This urges to get rid of as later on, it can be a reason of your importance.

Stop Taking Anabolic Steroids

The anabolic steroids are prescribed by the doctors in order to treat some special health conditions like AIDS etc. As it has the capacity to enhance body mussels and other benefits so many people abuse it without consulting with the doctor which later on become a big reason for erectile dysfunction or importance.

For getting back to your lost sexual empowerment stop taking this medicine further. Though it will take some time to get back the lost sexual efficiency, slowly your sexual performance will be normal.

Control Your High BP and Cholesterol Level

High blood pressure level and high cholesterol level affect badly to sexual performance by causing erectile dysfunction. By damaging to the blood vessels which transfers blood to the pennies the condition of erectile dysfunction arises.

If you are suffering from frequent ED then do a checkup of your blood pressure and cholesterol level as these affect directly to your sexual performance. Under the condition, it is found that BP and cholesterol both are more than the normal limit then take necessary medication and avoid things that cause these health conditions. As soon as all these health conditions reach the normal level the ED can be controlled.

Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking is bad for your sexual health and this is one of the primary reasons of erectile dysfunction. Smoking leads to damage the blood vessels which circulate blood to pennies that helps in erection and intercourse.

For getting rid of frequent ED stop smoking immediately. It is been proved in surveys that people who quit their smoking have a firmer erection and better sexual life.

Control Your Body Weight

Overweight or increasing excessive body weight affects the overall health of the affected person. This hampers to normal living of the person. The obesity further causes to type 2 diabetes which can damage to some nerves inside the body.

Under the condition, if the nerve circulating blood to pennies get affected or damaged due to diabetes then it can cause erectile dysfunction. In order to avoid this condition keep yourself fit by using different weight controlling methods like exercise, healthy diet, changes in lifestyle etc. A normal body weight level not only will prevent several bad health conditions but will also prevent the erectile dysfunction.

Recheck Your Regular Diet

Your regular diet plays an important role in erectile dysfunction so recheck your diet chart whether it is completely good for your sexual health or not and if any changes are needed then do it without further delay.

Don’t consume foods which cause to increase your body fat or the food items which leads to increase your cholesterol level as because high body fat and increased level of cholesterol can damage to the blood vessels which circulates blood to pennies for preparing it for firm erection.

Also, unhealthy diet is bad for a man’s heart health. Blockage in arteries arises due to wrong or unhealthy food consumption which can even cause heart attacks. This blockage also affects the blood circulation into pennies which is important for a successful erection.

Include only those food items in your diet chart which is good for your heart health as it will help to maintain normal blood circulation in your body hence no further ED will occur if you are following a proper diet chart.

Go for Walk

Some healthy changes in your current lifestyle can prevent a lot the risk of erectile dysfunction. Every day go for walk at least for 30 minutes as this will help to boost your blood circulation level and will also improve your sexual performance.

ED primarily occurs due to slow or improper blood circulation to pennies. With regular walk in your daily life can diminish the chances of unsmooth erection by keeping the blood circulation towards the pennies in a normal condition.

Also, you can include some moderate exercise in your lifestyle as till will help in stimulating your blood circulation hence your sexual health get protected and improved. Especially men at their middle age facing ED can be benefitted a lot by including these healthy habits in their regular life.

Stay Away from Risky Sex

Always stay away from the risky sexual posture as it can cause damages to pennies hence normal erection doesn’t occur. Some sexual postures are not normal and effects to pennies health badly by tearing it internally which needed medical attention to get relieved.

Like other body parts, pennies do not consist of bones but there exist two strong fibers which can be torn off if the sexual position is causing abnormal pressure to it hence it can be bent or later on it will not erect normally. Also, the tearing causes intense pain and scarring. This internally can damage the blood vessels supplying blood to penis hence erectile dysfunction occurs.

For prevention, yourself from ED always avoid risky sex as little time pleasure can affect your further sexual performance.

We hope this article has cleared the concept regarding how steroids affect your sexual performance and other bad effects on health. So always choose a natural way for improving your physical structure or other desires of yours otherwise this shortcut way can throw you in a terrific bad health condition.

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