Alternative Asthma Treatments

Eight Most Effective Alternative Asthma Treatments

Asthma is a chronic respiratory problem which occurs due to blockage of the airways which carry air from and to the lungs. Due to inflammation or swelling people find it difficult to breathe smoothly resulting in breathing shortness and chest tightness occur. Though there are several medical treatments to relive this condition still you must try first alternative asthma treatments to get rid of it fast and naturally.

8 Best Alternative Asthma Treatments

The alternative treatment procedure for asthma disease is also known as non-conventional treatment procedures which include alternative remedies, medicines, therapies and different techniques which is proved effective in relieving the symptoms of asthma. Below we have enlisted the most effective non-conventional or alternative treatments for asthma.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise

It’s always better to choose natural measures or way to cure our health instead of fully depending upon the medical treatments as it is the natural procedures that can relieve your condition completely in a much more better way than the medicinal treatments that make your health completely dependent on them for the life-long in most cases.

So if you are suffering from asthma health concern and want a natural or non-conventional process to get rid of your current health condition then you must try breathing exercise which teaches you the way to breath such a way that it would become easier process and prevents your dependency on inhaler which in the long run becomes less effective than the beginning days.

Some effective breathing exercises include different yoga forms and Buteyko forms. There are special postures in these exercise forms that enable you to breathe easier way and relives the different symptoms of asthma dramatically within a few days.



Moxibustion is one of the traditional forms of Chinese medication therapy that helps to make your breathing process smoother and less painful. This therapy is used on people who are suffering from the chronic asthma health concern. There are several examples of this treatment process which shows the improvement in the lungs functionality and relaxation in the asthma symptoms.

Under the moxibustion, Chinese asthma treatment process dried mugwort or moxa is burnt on the particular part of the patient’s body. This treatment procedure for asthma is quite famous in the countries like Japan, Korean, Mongolia, and Vietnam. The result of this alternative asthma treatment is very positive and shows a drastic reduction of the necessity of inhaler by the asthma patients.



Acupuncture is one of the most renowned and effective alternative asthma treatment procedures which have brought amazing reduction even in the critical cases of asthma. This non-conventional treatment process was first invented in China to control the chronic asthma condition.

Under this treatment, process needles are inserted on different points of the body which is considered to correlate with asthma and it helps to improve the lung’s condition, hence make the breathing easier. Though there is no scientific evidence of acupuncture asthma treatment procedure that how it actually works but yes there are more than average evidence where this process has relived the chronic asthma condition in people.

Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is also known as halotherapy in which asthma is treated through the inhaling process in the salt surroundings or caves. It is seen around the 18th century that people who used to work in the salt mines or factories in the European countries don’t develop asthma diseases. So on the basis of that concept, this treatment process was invented.

In this therapy for getting relief from breathing trouble or asthma attacks, people used to inhale inside the salt caves as it reduces their breathing difficulties by making it easier and smoother. Also, it improves the lungs condition so that airways become clear to let flow breath properly. You can try this therapy at home only by bringing salt products for you such as salt inhalers or salt lamps.



The chiropractor is another alternative asthma treatment which includes spinal manipulation to reduce the asthma attack and its severity. This asthma treatment therapy is considered more beneficial in children. It helps to reduce the necessity of inhalers and other medicinal treatments for asthma.

However, its effectiveness and benefits on relieving asthma have mixed view as some people find it effective for them, on the other hand, there are people who don’t find any positive result out of its use.



Homeopathy is one of the popular forms of alternative asthma treatment procedure which treat this disease with the use of homeopathic medications. In this process, herbs are used in a diluted form to relieve the symptoms of asthma and it also reduces the number of the asthma attack.

This procedure for asthma treatment was first invented in Germany approx. 200 years ago as a non-conventional medication. Different medication form is used in this technique to cure asthma completely. Some medicines are taken in the diluted form and some of them are taken through pellets into your tongue in this alternative asthma treatment process.



Chihuahua is a very interesting form of treating asthma. It is believed that the dogs generally make sounds or wheezes similar to the asthma attacks, so on the basis of that this asthma curing process is developed. Under this therapy, it is said to keep dogs in the surrounding or at home of the asthma patients as it will take their asthma problem by absorbing it.

Also, it is believed that sleeping along with the dogs during the night time works very faster in relieving the symptoms of asthma. When a dog will stay in your close place it will absorb your asthma and this process will be faster during the night time.

Natural Therapy

asthma diet

Life becomes really very hectic and problematic when you consistently face trouble with your breathing. Asthma and other allergic reactions that cause breathing trouble can be relieved naturally by some necessary changes in your daily diet pattern.

Under the natural therapy full concentration is given on the diet plan to cure asthma symptoms and for making the breathing process easier. There are numerous diets that work as a natural remedy for reliving asthma-related problems. Also, it reduces the requirement of the inhaler by making your breathing easier and smoother.

Some effective and healthy diets for asthma curing includes foods containing Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, caffeine, omega 3, fatty acid, magnesium, probiotics, antioxidants etc. You can take this healthy content either in the form of food, drink or as a supplementary too, whichever way you feel suitable to have it.

Tips to Avoid Asthma Trigger and Allergens

alternative asthma treatmentsAsthma is one of the chronic diseases which may occur due to a genetic effect or can happen due to environmental factors. Whatever the underlying reason for this troublesome disease it is essential for everyone to avoid the factors and allergens triggering the asthma attack. Here are some tips that can help you in avoiding the triggers and allergens.

Air Conditioner or Air Filtration System

Air pollution or dust existing in our surrounding environment triggers very fast to asthma symptoms however this condition can cope up by installing the air conditioner or air filtration system at home. This electronic device will trap or hiders the entry of pollen, dust mites, mold, and other allergens.

AC and other air filtration system have the capability to capture even a smaller size of dust, mites, and pollen. Apart from this, you can use these devices as obstructive methods too for avoiding the entry of such type of allergens. You can relive your asthma attack with this technique or if yet you have not developed the asthma problem you should always stay alert that your house will remain dust free.

This you can do by properly cleaning your house, keep your windows closed especially when the nearby area is rich with bushes and shrubs that contain mites and dust.

Avoid Pet Dander

Pet dander is considered as one of the primary triggers for the asthma attack or disease. So as much as possible avoid the contact of pets with feathers or furs as dander exists in huge quantity in this part of pets.

Always maintain proper hygiene if you are very much fond of pets. Pet grooming and regular bath reduce the pet dander in an effective quantity, so there will be a very lesser risk for the generation or growth of asthma.

Use Humidifiers

MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
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Usage of the humidifier at your home place plays an active role to reduce the allergens of asthma, but yes it needs to be used in a very safe mode to get optimal and best result. Humidifier releases the water vapor thus it increases the quantity of moisture content in the air.

It is seen in many cases that people suffering from asthma problem get relieved of its symptoms when moisture content in the air is increased. While using humidifier some precautions need to be maintained like make sure that the moisture content in the air is in limited quantity as an over or increased moisture content in air may cause the growth of dust mite resulting in worsening the asthma condition.

As per the health association of America, the temperature of humidifier between 30 to 45 is best for avoiding the circumstances of dust mite growth. Also, the humidifiers should be cleaned properly from time to time otherwise it can lead to the growth of mold which can trigger asthma problem.

Always use demineralized or distilled water in your humidifier otherwise if you will use normal tap water then the possibility exists that the mineral content of these water may lead to the growth of bacteria which is unhealthy for you.

Renovate Your Living Place

Renovation or effective changes in your living room can relive the nighttime symptoms of asthma to a great extent. It is the dust and common bacteria existing in our belongings such as pillows, bed sheets, curtains, carpets, blinds, mattress etc. that triggers asthma.

You can avoid the triggers and allergens in your living room by properly covering all your belongings and change the covers on the time. Instead of using carpets on the floor make your floor of wood and linoleum which are permanent flooring. Does proper dusting of your bedroom before you go to sleep. These healthy practices will prevent the asthma triggers.

Prevent Mold Growth

Birth and growth of mold play a very important role in elevating the symptoms of asthma. Mold mainly grows in the damp or wet areas of your house, so it is necessary that you are always cleaning these places and sprinkling the insecticides to avoid mold spores.

Some primary damp areas of the home where mold spores are bathroom, kitchen, moldy plants and firewood area. These places mainly contain the risk of mold growth, so you should always take care of these wet areas of your home place to avoid the trigger of asthma.

Identify Your Triggers

While discussing asthma triggers and allergens we must say that it varies from person to person like the same thing can be a triggering factor for someone and it will be ineffective on another person except for some fixed asthma triggers.

It is essential that you yourself identify it very prudently that what things and place and the environment are elevating your health condition. It may include both inside and outside of your home place. It happens sometimes that when we come in the contact with certain things our condition get worse.

Once you have identified your triggers, without making further delay remove it from your home place and avoid its contact even you are out of your home. This prudent trick will help you a lot to improve your condition by reducing the asthma attack and usage of inhaler very frequently.

Clean on Regular Basis

Be very consistent while cleaning your living place, yards, and surrounding areas of your home so that there will be no chance for the growth or spreading of dust, mold, mites, weeds, and pollen. From time to time change your belonging which is dust-prone and prevent the stagnation of water both inside and outside of your home place.

With all these preventing measures you can protect yourself from the asthma attack and its symptoms. All the alternative asthma treatments measures mentioned in this article are quite effective in treating asthma-related health concern; however, it is always advisable to consult with a doctor before applying any of the technique.

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