Lean Body and Healthy Mind

How to Get a Lean Body Along with Healthy Mind Naturally

A well developed and healthy mind exists in a healthy body and your body will only be healthy if it has proper weight and chronic diseases free. So we can say that both these aspects are interdependent or interrelated with each other to a great extent. Here we have gathered some effective tips for a lean body and healthy mind that will enhance to both these important aspects of life.

As old saying goes health is wealth and really it is the most valuable wealth of a human’s life as in the lack of good health even though you are a King of an emperor or the most beautiful person, all will seems useless as you cannot enjoy anything in the lack of mental peace and healthy physical body.

With the age, your thinking power, your wisdom and all your mental capability increase as a natural and divine gift but you cannot be sure of its growth if certain basic and important feed factors are not provided to you. A healthy growth and development in your mind, both your diet and your surrounding environment plays a vital role and impact it greatly.

That means a growing and healthy mind requires healthy nutrition through meal and healthy interface that you can provide via many things like by doing meditation, yoga, reading of good books, closeness with nature etc. These small activities help to develop your mind in a healthy way.

Now when we come at the point of a lean body, we must clear it first that it doesn’t mean to develop your external appearance and look, a slim and lean body also ensures that you are fit and protected from any diseases which are quite commonly associated with the overweight or obese body figure.

10 Tips for a Lean Body and Healthy Mind

Due to our busy daily schedule and overwhelmed work stress we often ignore the biggest priority of our life that is our mental and physical health. Both of it are badly affected by our bad routine of meal and ignorance towards nutrient-dense food products which is vital for the nourishment of body and mind. So to sort out this issue here we have enlisted some effective tips that will boost your mind and body.

Tips for Healthy Body Training

Take a Balanced Diet

Take a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is such which is consist of all vital nutrients like protein, vitamin, minerals etc. in equal combination for the healthy growth and existence of your body. It will not let you gain body fat instead it will boost to your muscles so that you will gain lean muscles, not fat muscles which ensure a smart lean body.

A properly balanced diet consists of a healthy fat, fiber, and protein which together are called the trifecta. These entire vital nutrients will play an important role in boosting your immunity power, lifting your growth power and keeps your body weight under control.

Take this healthy combination meal in your lunch, dinner, and breakfast and stay fit and energetic in all sectors of your life both physically and mentally. Also, this trifecta will prevent the risk of unbalanced blood sugar level, gaining overweight and cardiovascular health concerns.

Stay Mobilized

Stay Mobilized

Mobilization is the key to a healthy and energetic body. So as much as it is possible for you to keep yourself mobilized. You can do small moves by all your body parts even though you are sitting on your office chair. Like, move your neck, lift your hand, walk within your office flour so that none of your body parts get stuck and stressed due to long time sitting and concentration on work.

This will not waste your time instead it will lift your working capability by reenergizing your mind and releasing stress from your whole body. Apart from these other ways for keeping yourself more active and mobilized are uses of stairs instead of the elevator, walks in the morning and evening time etc.

As much as your body will remain active your metabolism rate will increase which is essential for your overall body functionality and good immunity power that will protect your body from seasonal diseases and will also burn extra calorie from your body which is important to gain a lean body.

Stay Away from Sugar Rich Foods

Sugar is one of the big enemies of a good health so stay far away from all those food products that contain both direct and hidden form of sugar. Sugar is harmful to your health as it affects insulin level hence the growth of diabetes, weight gain, high level of cholesterol etc. occurs as its effect.

Also, it reduces your metabolism rate which is a big negative impact on health. So for gaining lean and healthy body avoid the consumption of all sugary diets and instead of that use natural form of sugar which will not only add a sweet taste to your food but also will benefit you several ways.

Cardio Workouts


Cardio Workouts Without EquipmentCardio workouts are light, not intense like weight lifting exercise forms so these physical activities are safe and beneficial for people of all ages and health conditions. Gentle and steady movement during the cardio session just for 30minutes in a day is enough to boost your metabolic rate and your immunity power.

Also as per your special need, you can focus on a particular form of cardio workout that will boost your particular body part and will help to shape up your body as per your desire. Gaining over body fat is one of the primary reasons for the development of cardio or heart-related health concerns.

So you can prevent the growth of such health concerns or even if you are already a patient of cardio then also you can reduce your health issue with these simple but effective physical activities after consulting with the doctor.

Eat Dry Fruits


Dry FruitsDry fruits play a vital role in gaining lean body muscle as it simply tones your muscles and doesn’t increase your body fat which is the reason for gaining overweight. Dry fruits are a rich source of protein and fiber that keep your stomach full for long hours hence suppress your appetite naturally without deteriorating your health.

Instead of investing your money in unhealthy junk foods or highly processed foods buy nuts and nutrient dense seeds from the market which are not only a good source of taste but also good for your health. Eating a handful of nuts and seeds improves your immunity power and rejuvenate your body and mind without gaining your weight.

Fill Your Plate with Different Color Veggie

Fill Your Plate with Different Color Veggie

Vegetables especially green leafy vegetables are a healthy and natural source of nutrient which is important for keeping your body healthy and fit. Apart from this green veggie, another health boost that you can get easily is by including vegetables of a different color as you might not be aware that each color of the vegetables denotes for a specific nutrient.

So make sure that your dinner and lunch plate is filled with the healthy combination of different color veggies such as red, yellow, orange and green. This will enhance your meal quality and help you to get a toned and lean body with lesser physical effort.

Have Fresh Fruits

Have Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, folic acids and minerals which are altogether important for a healthy body in several ways. You will be surprised to know that simply a fresh fruits eating habit on daily basis can prevent the growth risk of several chronic diseases such as cancer, heart issues, diabetes etc.

Also, a good combination of healthy fresh fruits enhances your skin beauty by adding natural glow and shine to it. Apart from this, it protects the sun damaging which is the biggest enemy of a healthy skin. Instead of having unhealthy snacks as your small meal you should have these fresh fruits as your healthy snack for ensuring lean and healthy body.

Chew Slowly

Many people don’t know the real technique of eating that prevents them to get their desired body weight and shape. Your eating habit and way ensures that how your intake is going to affect your health. As per the health nutrition specialists, those who want to gain weight should chew their meal faster and in the reverse case when someone is willing to reduce their weight should chew food slowly.

Chewing a food in slow motion has several health benefits and it makes your way easy to gain a lean body easily. When you chew a food slowly your body is getting the complete nutrition as you are melting it properly and forming a liquid of food in the mouth. This will boost your digestive system.

Apart from this slowly chewing means your stomach gets filled early even though you have not finished your whole meal by satisfying your hunger in this slow chewing process. That means a natural suppression of hunger which helps in reducing over body fat or weight.

Drink Plenty Water

Drink Plenty Water

One important and vital tip that should not and never be missed while discussing the ways to gain a healthy and lean body is to increase the water intake. Yes, you heard absolutely right, increase your water intake for gaining a lean and healthy body.

Water is a natural and God gifted source of energy that lifts up your immunity power, boosts your metabolism rate and most importantly keep you hydrated throughout the day. Have at least 7 to 8 glasses water every day. It will nourish your health and keep you active and energetic throughout the day.

Tips for Healthy Mind Training



When it comes to mental health boosting the first and most recognized treatment that has gained popularity worldwide is to practices meditation. It is a way to lift up your concentration level by focusing on a single point with cross feet on a calm and peaceful place.

At least 20 to25 minutes meditation in a morning time is enough to release all your mental stress and pressure and will take you in the world of eternal peace and serenity. People who have a concern of forgetfulness, weaker memory, anxiety, and depression can relieve these chronic mental health concerns by practicing meditation on daily basis.



Just like meditation, yoga is also equally effective in raising the concentration level of mind and provides an immense amount of peace and calmness even though you are suffering from a chronic stress or any mental health hazard.

Yoga poses are best for both your physical and mental health as along with boosting your mental health it will also resolve your several physical health concerns like digestion issue, over-weight, blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol problems.

Though yoga poses are a little bit difficult and it is not as simple as the meditation still its benefits for mental health are enormous. However, with regular practice, you will get comfortable in it and will find less difficulty while performing it.

Sound and Long Hours Sleep in Nights

long hour sleep in night

Nighttime sleep is not only important for giving relaxation to your body and muscles which remains tired out of the whole day’s rigorous work and activities but for mental health too it is very crucial. A peaceful and long hour sleep is important for releasing your mental stress and for releasing healthy hormones in your body that boost to your brain system and increases its efficiency.

Make sure that you are sleeping at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night for keeping your mental health in boost. It will not only increase your productivity but also improves your mental strength so that you can face any difficulty in your life and workplace very easily.

Take Nutrient Dense Foods

Take Nutrient Dense Foods

A healthy nutrient dense food not only impacts your physical body but also uplift your mental health. It helps to make your mind sharper by increasing its efficiency to understand and remember lots of things. Almond, fresh fruits, veggies, health drinks etc. can boost your mental health by keeping it calm and stress-free.

For a fit and healthy body as well as mind everyone must follow our tips for a lean body and healthy mind which is consist of all effective and natural measures and based on experience.

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