Fitness for Pregnant Women

Best Fitness Program for Pregnant Woman for a Healthy Delivery

Workout during pregnancy period not only benefits to the pregnant woman but it is equally beneficial for her growing baby. It is the most effective tool to deal with all pregnancy time symptoms and difficulties. If you are pregnant and confused like what fitness program will be safe for you then read our blog to get tips of the best fitness program for pregnant woman.

Lots of internal changes happen as soon as you conceive successfully and the journey of nine months starts. In the initial first trimester the tendency and variety of symptoms are very difficult to deal with but with the progression, many initial days’ symptoms get vanished automatically. Still, you have to face other discomforts due to your body weight, especially in the abdomen area.

A fitness program keeps your body active throughout this long journey and helps to reduce the stress of several symptoms of pregnancy days like, back aching, swelling in legs, bloating, constipation, dizziness, morning sickness etc.

Apart from reducing all primary symptoms of pregnancy it also ensures that your body gets recovered and get active faster after your delivery. A well-trained fitness program during the pregnancy time ensures that a mother doesn’t have to suffer from immense pain and difficulties of delivery time by making the delivery process less critical.

Best Fitness Program for Pregnant Woman

Best Fitness Program During PregnancyThe workout is a great way to keep a pregnant woman fit and active throughout her pregnancy period and for faster postpartum recovery. If you are pregnant and want to stay fit without gaining much weight then try below-mentioned workouts that will benefit your overall health and make your journey easy and pleasurable.

Water Pool Workout

Water pool workout will not only let you make fun and refresh inside cool water pool but also will ease the discomforts of pregnancy period. Body ache is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy period which keeps a woman restless especially when it gets severe.

This workout form will provide you an opportunity to reduce your body ache with this single form of workout. This is particularly possible as inside the pool you’re all body parts needs to move including shoulders, arms, back, hips, thigh, and legs. So it keeps mobile and active all muscles and releases stress to grab the feeling of comfort and rest.

However, you need to be very attentive while performing different moves inside the pool as your baby might get affected if you make any rush or ignoring the fact that your body is not alone instead a baby is also there along with you. Apart from this also take care of slippery and curves of water pool to prevent fall and its associated traumas.

Walk Everyday

Walk Everyday

Walking is the safest form of exercise for a pregnant lady and the best part is that it can be conducted till the date of delivery even when your labor pain is started as it will make your delivery easy and less painful.

It is the healthiest way to keep yourself active and for stimulating your blood circulation throughout your body. Apart from this, another benefit of walking is that you don’t need to go any special place or a gym for doing it as simple walk towards a shop or a neighbor house all come under this walking exercise.

Treadmill Run

Treadmill Run

The treadmill is one of the most popular cardio workouts which are safe for pregnant women. Run swiftly on the platform of a treadmill and stimulate your blood flow and metabolism that will improve your immunity power which your body really needs in this particular time. However don’t be too fast while running on a treadmill as it can cause injury in ligaments which will increase your suffering.

Jogging is another way to keep your body mobile and an effective way to reduce muscle stiffness which mainly occurs due to over rest and sedentary living during the pregnancy time. Go for jogging in the morning and evening time for getting fresh air and fitness.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

Low impact aerobic moves are another way to keep a woman active and in healthy condition during her pregnancy. Move your body on light dancing moves to refresh your mind and body which is equally important to suppress the symptoms of pregnancy time like depression, body ache etc.

However, while performing aerobic moves take care of your body so that any health hazard will not occur due to your carelessness. Also, listen to your body if it craves for rest then stop at that moment instantly as extra pressure can cause dizziness and exhaustion.

Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing

As you go for walk outside of your home place for staying fit and to ease with pregnancy symptoms, one other workout that you can easily do within your home itself and that is to walk along your stairs. Yes, you heard absolutely right, climbing on stairs also comes in the category of workout which will boost your blood flow circulation and will relive from many health issues.

Stair climbing helps to reduce the body aches, swelling, morning sickness, constipation etc. by boosting your metabolism rate that will keep you energized by improving the immunity power which your body really needs at this point of time.

Regarding stairs walk make sure that you are not too fast; be gentle with your step especially when you enter into the third trimester of pregnancy. Also if you feel dizziness at a certain point of time then don’t force your body to move further, instead stop at that particular moment. Take some rest for a while and then have a rest on your bed.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training includes many effective workouts that will raise your heartbeat and stimulate your blood circulation level. However, HIIT is only suggested to those women who are already an expert in it and before their pregnancy too used to do such workouts.

However, still, it needs special attention and care otherwise a small misbalancing can cause you a big trauma. Make sure that you have discussed with your doctor before practicing any HIIT as the doctor know better about your current health status and can guide you for your betterment.

Another important thing that you must care while you are planning for the HIIT workouts that to avoid any such workouts which include frequent direction changes, pick up only a very moderate amount of weight, don’t jump or run faster etc. These preventive measures will not affect your health negatively and enable you to gain the highest benefit out of your HIIT workout practice.



Pilates is another stretching workout which will help you to control your increasing bodyweight during the pregnancy time. This Gym workout will tone your abdominal muscles and will help to reduce your back aches as well as enables you to put pressure during labor pain.

Make sure that you are practicing the pregnancy favorable Pilates which will be a low or no impact workout, not a high impact workout that can even cause a trauma. All its moves will make your body more flexible and will ensure an easy delivery.

As soon as you feel discomfort in any move stop then and there only for avoiding any issue. Also, tell your instructor about your pregnancy so that he can guide you regarding safe moves of Pilates.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling

Cycling is a form of workout that you can easily perform safely and you don’t even have to go outside for practicing it as here we are particularly focusing on indoor cycling that you can easily get in any gym.

The gentle spinning of your legs at your own pace and comfort level will not let you feel exhausted and discomfort even though you have spent a good amount of time on it. Make sure that you have done the adjustment in its handle as per your comfort level so that whole pressure may not fall down on your spine causing pain later on.

Don’t be very fast and go by slow rhythm and stop further spinning under the situation you feel exhausted or dizziness to get a comfort level.



Yoga is another form of workout that can reduce your pregnancy-related symptoms and make your delivery process easy and comfortable. Deep breathing, mind focusing and relaxing poses of yoga will help to suppress your back ache and most importantly will prevent the risk of depression and other metal concern which also develops during the pregnancy period.

Yoga poses which involve high intensity and inversions such as headstands, handstands must be avoided as you are not in a position to conduct such poses right now. Talk to your yoga instructor about your pregnancy so that they can suggest you only those yoga that will accustom with your current situation.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is another form of workout that you can perform in your pregnancy days in the gym. It will tone your muscles and will not let your body to put on excess weight. Make sure that you are using a lightweight not a heavyweight as it can cause a risk for you.

Benefits of Workout During the Pregnancy Time

Prenatal exercises work amazingly to improve the health of a pregnant woman who is likely to suffer lots of trouble both physical and mental because of sudden changes in the body. A growing baby needs space and nutrition and in this struggle, your body suffers from a new symptom and difficulty each month till the time of delivery.

As these symptoms and difficulties are natural and for the betterment and growth of your baby so you cannot rid of it completely. Still, exercise at least for 20 to 30 minutes on each day of the week will relieve your difficulties to a great extent. Apart from this, it will also reduce to complications during the labor pain.

If your body is not supporting regular workout then you can plan for it on every interval day so that the rhythm will exist as it is and your body will stay active and healthy which is important at this particular phase of your life. So let’s discuss below some essential benefits that you most likely get with workouts during the pregnancy time.

  • Prevents mood swing problem and ensures pleasing mood all the time.
  • Boost the energy level.
  • Improves sleep quality. Ensures long hours and sound sleep during the night.
  • Reduces a backache and overall body pain.
  • Reduces the swelling, bloating and constipation health issues.
  • Prevents pregnancy time depression risk.
  • Prevents the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • Enables you to cope up with the labor pain. Also reduces the possibility of complications during delivery time.
  • Tones your muscles and prevents over weight gain.
  • Enhances your posture by making you more flexible.
  • Speed up the recovery process after delivery.

Exercises that Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

As your body is carrying a growing and underdeveloped baby so your responsibility is double at this point in time. You have to be very careful since the day you get to know about the pregnancy news as even a trifling mistake can cause a big trouble for you as well as for the growing baby. So while doing exercise you need to be very attentive and must avoid some activities that can harm you.

  • Intense forms of workout that need an immense amount of effort and energy.
  • All those exercises must be avoided where chances of falling exist to a great extent.
  • Workouts in which waist twisting movement is required while standing should be avoided.
  • All types of workout which involve fast changes in the movements can cause a trauma.
  • Movements, like bouncing, jumping, skipping and hopping involved, should be avoided.
  • Any workouts form where the risk of abdominal trauma exists must be avoided.
  • Workouts must be avoided in days in which weather is not favorable like in extremely hot and humid environment.
  • Under any exercise, breathing must not be held for a very long period of time as it can affect your health instantly.
  • Exercises in which bouncing and stretching are performed at the same time should be avoided for safety.
  • Exercise must be stopped at the moment you feel exhausted.

For relieving the persistent symptoms of pregnancy and for complication-free delivery every pregnant woman must try these some best fitness program for the pregnant woman which are safe but also keep consider some associated safety factors to prevent any trauma and unfavorable situation.

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