Making your Pregnancy Better

How to Ease the Discomforts of the Pregnancy Period

The journey of nine months during pregnancy is a period of discomforts and different types of aches that you have never faced before. This series of discomfort and issues are faced by every woman in this earth who is an expecting mother. So here we have come up with some tips for making your pregnancy better and more comfortable.

11 Tips for Making your Pregnancy Better

tips for making your pregnancy betterThe difficulties and concerns of the pregnancy time for every woman remain almost similar in this 9 months journey. It is the consistent discomfort of this special period of women life that fills fear in their mind when they think about their next time pregnancy. So in order to make this period comfortable and pleasing here, we have enlisted some prudent tips which you must try.

Use Body Pillow

C-shaped pillow
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One of the most terrific problems of the pregnancy period is the discomfort due to aches and pain in the ribs which makes your night sleep troublesome. No one can sleep with comfort if they cannot move their body as per their wish. This happens because your rib has to bear extra burden or weight on it, and week by week it becomes much more painful.

In order to ensure peaceful and comfortable sleep during the night time, you can take the support of body pillows. This pillow is especially for moms in their maternity period. It is absolutely prepared by taking consideration of their comfort zone so that their body will feel relaxation and comfort up to full extent.

Night time sleep of the expecting mother gets more problematic especially when they enter into their third trimester of pregnancy. In this particular period, the size of the abdomen and womb become so bigger resulting in the woman is forcefully bound to sleep only on the straight side.

However, when you use body pillow which is also known as a C-shaped pillow or prenatal pillow, it provides necessary space to your stomach and foot which fits in it nicely resulting in you can sleep comfortably for the whole night. Otherwise, you have to wake up in every hour of the night because of your abdomen, hip, and ribs aches and discomforts

Wear Loose Clothing

Wear Loose Clothing
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Your usual clothing and dresses of before your pregnancy time can cause more suffocation to you by causing discomfort to your body and mind. So in this special period, you should wear loose and comfortable fabric clothing only to prevent the chances of discomfort occurring due to wrong dressing sense.

Once you enter into the second trimester of your pregnancy time your body starts experiencing changes in it, especially in the abdomen area. When you wear tight or fitting clothes your skin every time remains in its touch which causes irritation and discomfort feeling. On the other hand when your cloth remains lose you feel free and comfortable all the time that makes your 9 months journey easy and peaceful.

Use Maternity Pants.

Maternity Pants
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As your body and figure are changing on every second day so it’s time to stay ready with your proper maternity clothes if you want not to compromise with your comfort zone. In this series, especial maternity pants play one important role as because it doesn’t stick to your abdomen area just like a normal panty.

You don’t have to wait for the third trimester for the shopping of your maternity pants as there is no meaning to keep your body in trouble and discomfort for several months. As soon as you are confirmed about your pregnancy news without making further delay you should invest in the special maternity pants which are made for this period only.

These pants are made up of elastic and Lycra so as per your body growths it stretches and give you space to feel free and comfortable all the time. Its special material will take care of your hygiene and care. So if you want to make your pregnancy journey better then you should wear only maternity pants in your nine months journey.

Overcome Your Indigestion and Heart Burn

All the women around the earth have to face the trouble of acidity during their journey of pregnancy as because the food that they consume in this period stuck in the stomach for a long time due to internal changes in the body. It slows down the process of digestion resulting in indigestion and heartburn trouble exists until the time of delivery.

Doctors often prescribe medicine to relieve your indigestion and heartburn related health problems but it only brings comfort for some time. However, with some healthy food intake, you can relieve this issue to a great extent and make your pregnancy journey more comfortable.

Whenever you have your meal you should eat right after some foods that can speed up your digestive process can prevent the heartburn and indigestion risk. Some healthy digestive foods include papaya, almonds, aloe Vera juice, honey with warm water, apple cider vinegar etc. All these foods will provide you relief by reliving your heartburn and indigestion health concerns.

Stay Active

Don’t start living a sedentary life just because you are pregnant as because as much you will mobilize your body your muscles and ribs will feel that much relaxation and stress-free. Most of the people give advice to the pregnant women for taking bed rest all the time and avoid their regular household work completely.

To some extent this advice is right but you cannot consider it as a final verdict and stuck on it completely by living a sedentary life throughout your pregnancy journey. As much as your body will move your metabolism rate will stay in an improved condition which is essential for you for the healthy and comfortable delivery of your baby.

Just because you are pregnant you cannot say goodbye to your normal lifestyle which you used to live before you were pregnant. Definitely, you should take care of you much more than before and should avoid few things like the lifting of heavyweights, prevents your body from exhausting and give yourself rest whenever you feel restless.

Apart from these precautions keep your body mobilized with small activities and little household works as it will keep your body and mind engaged in a positive way. On the other hand, if you are taking rest all the time and avoiding even small works of your house then as you get closer to your delivery time you will feel stiffness in the body which makes your delivery troublesome and much more painful.

Exercise Daily

Exercise Daily

Don’t give up your fitness activity when you get pregnant as small workouts and yoga activities are necessary to make your pregnancy better and comfortable one. Go for jogging or morning walk, meditate and do yoga every day and practice less stretchable exercise steps on daily basis.

These fitness activities will keep fit and healthy for both your body as well as the mind. You can ask your doctor too regarding your exercise and other fitness movements as they can guide you the better way that how you can you keep yourself active and fit without harming you.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is a popular form of alternative medicine in which the specialized person treats a health condition such as mechanical disorder by their hands with proper movements of the spine of the patient. So by taking help of the chiropractor, you can make your pregnancy time much more comfortable.

A hormonal imbalance which is a usual incident at the time of pregnancy make your ligaments lose so that the baby can easily fit into it. This change in your body affect to your alignment and risk exists of falling down due to little misbalancing, also it causes severe pain in the hips and pelvis area when you misaligned.

By taking help and support of a chiropractic care you can prevent such aches and body pain associated with your alignment. Also, it will make your delivery process easy and less painful. So if you want to get rid of the pain and troubles of your pregnancy journey then take the assistance of an expert chiropractor.

Stay Stress-Free

Stay Stress-Free

It is very important to stay stress-free for you as well as for your baby’s health too. Stressing is a usual phenomenon during the journey of pregnancy for different-different reasons.

Sometimes the stress can be metal and at the other time, it can be physical. Tension for the delivery time, future plans for the upcoming baby, stress from your surroundings (related to work or people) etc. a woman has to face as soon as she enters in the circle of nine months.

For making your nine months journey pleasing and comfortable it is quite necessary that you keep yourself far away from the factors causing you stress and tension. You should indulge yourself in healthy activities like games, fun work, morning and evening walk etc. to keep your mind stress free all the time.

Keep Your Body Well Hydrated

During the period of pregnancy frequent urination is the concern which every woman has to go through. This frequency of urination makes your body dehydrated very easily. So it is necessary that you should increase your water intake than the normal period (before pregnancy) for keeping your body hydrated all the time.

It is said that cold water during the pregnancy time helps to relieve aches in your muscles and keep your mind stress free. So as much as you can drink water to reduce the stress and pain of this nine months journey and make it comfortable and relaxing.

Follow Your Diet Routine

Diet Routine

When you are pregnant your body requires nutrient and food in the double quantity as because now you are not alone, one baby is also there who is dependent on your food intake for the growth and development.

So make sure that you are following a proper and healthy diet chart after consulting with your doctor. Your meal should be a balanced one with an appropriate combination of necessary nutrients which will help to nourish you and your growing baby.

Never skip your meal even if you are not feeling good on a certain day. Also, don’t keep your stomach empty for a very long period as it can affect directly to your baby’s growth and acidity problem may also increase to a great extent. Take small-small meals in each hour as it is essential to boost your health and to provide you proper support during delivery.

Prepare a diet chart on a paper and stick it in your kitchen or on your fridge or any other place where you cannot ignore it. Make a weekly plan in it and follow it week by week till the end of your pregnancy period. This healthy practice will not let you miss your diet in any condition and will make your pregnancy better with all respect.

Use Chair with Footrest

Chair with Footrest
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During pregnancy, you will face some or different type of trouble on each day of this nine-month journey. So it is essential that you find the right way for you to ease all these troubles to improve your comfort zone. Chair along with footrest can make your sitting posture comfortable and pleasing.

Generally, when you will sit on a chair for a long time even for half an hour, you will experience swelling in foot and pain in your back and abdomen area. In spite of that, you cannot avoid sitting completely in your pregnancy time as it is essential for keeping your body mobilized and good blood circulation rate.

For the comfortable sitting, experience keeps one pleasing chair in your room so that you can lean on it whenever you wish. Also, keep one comfortable stool near the chair for your footrest when you will sit on the chair. This will prevent the problem of slow blood circulation rate, swelling, and pain.

Why am I so tired?

This is because your body is undergoing a major construction task, it is creating a new little you and much of what you eat is not fueling your body but that of your tiny creation. It is important at this time to replace the proteins that you are using for your baby so that you will have some for yourself.

Some suggested foods to renew energy:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Cottage cheese
  • White lean meat
  • Dried beans, peas, legumes
  • Tofu
  • Cheeses
  • Soy milk
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts, peanut butter

You want to work out, what can you safely do?

During the eighth through the fourteenth week, it is important to not overdo physical activity as the pregnancy is rather delicate during this stage. It is recommended that exercise consists of breathing and relaxation techniques and that they are practiced along with nature walks. It is best to avoid anything too strenuous until this point. Actually being able to resume a more strenuous work out will coincide with the time of the pregnancy when you awaken to feel renewed energy. Yoga has some excellent work out programs geared with baby and mother in mind.

What can you do about the nausea?

If you are saying “every time I look at food, think about food or smell food I want to throw up!” you are experiencing morning sickness. Mind you, morning sickness is definitely not limited to mornings. It seems like a long stretch of endless time. There are some tips you may want to try to relieve this constant feeling and if they do not work, be certain to ask your doctor for a safe alternative.

  • Eat several small meals a day. Not allowing yourself to become hungry has been shown to help.
  • Have something to eat upon awakening.
  • Get up slowly in the morning allowing for time for the tummy to settle.
  • Avoid greasy, acidic, and spicy foods.
  • Avoid strong odors as your sense of smell may be heightened at this time.
  • Sometimes the iron in your prenatal may trigger nausea. Ask if you can take a lower dose, or take it when going to bed.
  • Sip fluids frequently and if you have been vomiting you may want to replace fluids with a sports drink containing glucose, salt, and potassium to help replace the lost electrolytes.
  • Try an acupressure wristband.
  • Talk to your doctor about the safety of ginger capsules.
  • Try relaxation and meditation techniques
  • Get enough rest.

Why am I so emotional?

There are some major hormonal changes taking place, and emotions are much closer to the surface at this time. Pregnancy is a very physical and emotional time in life but much of the hormonal changes will be settled pretty much after the third month. Try to avoid undue stress as these incidents can make you more weepy and irritable at times. Focus on the wonder that is being created within you. The yoga breathing and relaxing techniques will also assist you in feeling calm and more at peace with yourself while reducing fatigue and assisting you in becoming more in tune with your body’s needs. Becoming pregnant may force the mother to take stock of things in her life and examine areas she would like to grow in. It is a time of self-examination and growth and if her life mate is experiencing the same thing it is a wonderful time to begin a very productive journey.

See your doctor regularly.

Knowledge is also very beneficial at this time because for an inexperienced mother to be some of the things happening to her body can be very frightening, for example, cramping may signal to an experienced mother a sign of normal growth, but to an inexperienced mother to be, it may signal danger to the baby or herself. It is important to see a doctor or midwife regularly, have family support, and become as knowledgeable about pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing as possible. You are about to undertake one of the most important tasks of a lifetime.

Giving birth to a child is a blessing for women from the God side but we cannot avoid difficulties of the nine months period completely but yes, our tips for making your pregnancy better will definitely work positively and make your pregnancy a pleasing and healthy experience.

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