Breast Cancer And How does Cancer Insurance Policy Help

Breast Cancer and How Does Cancer Insurance Policy Help

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the second most common types of cancer diagnosed in more than average women around the world every year. This is a chronic health issue which can spread and can cause major organs damaging if not treated on time. However, the good news is that with the breast cancer insurance policy assistance, you reduce a huge burden of expenses and tension for you as well for your family members.

Cancer insurance plans are much more comprehensive and multidimensional policy plans with a comparison to other health or other risk policies. It helps the insured to go through this long and complicated treatment journey free of mind with its great assistance and support at every phase of treatment.

With such insurance plans, the caregivers and patient only have to worry about the doctor visit and other necessary steps requires while undergoing this treatment procedure, nothing else. This happens because all monetary risks and worries are bared by such plan’s companies.

Breast cancer is one of the chronic health concerns which can develop at any point in time of a woman’s life and there is no fixed guarantee when it will hit your door. Most of the breast cancer victims are treated and recovered successfully but yes, it includes huge expenses for its overall treatment including screening test, medications, therapies or surgery which is the last option for the treatment.

This type of cancer develops in the breast cells which spreads very faster if remains undetected for a very long duration. The cancerous cells can easily invade other healthier tissues of the breast and make them cancerous too.

Also, it can easily travel to the lymph nodes under the arms area. So it is very important that as a smart precaution to prevent the growing risk of this cancer all women around the world should remain aware of its different signs or symptoms.

As earlier you contact the doctor its best for your health and the best thing is that early-stage treatment can prevent the danger of surgery which no woman would desire to have. However, in this difficult journey importance and role of cancer insurance policies are really appreciable.

Yes, it is the truth that most of the women neglect their own or self-health care which is not good for their life. Due to their this negligible behavior they avoid choosing for such insurance policies which they think is money wastage which is absolutely wrong.

When you go through the benefits and features of such insurance policies you will understand how much valuable and important it is for you as well as for your family members for whom you are precious. So there is no single strong reason to deny purchasing such policies for you.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

breast cancer insurance policy assistanceUsually, breast cancer doesn’t develop any noticeable symptom in its early stages of growth. However, in the long run, the affected person can feel a new lump in their breast area which was not there before.

In this context you must aware of the fact that all breast lumps are not cancerous, some of them develop for other temporary issues which disappear automatically with time. Still, for the safer side, it is advised to every woman whenever they feel any differences in their breast must consult with the doctor.

Breast cancer usually has many types and each of them develops with different signs and symptoms. Some symptoms of breast cancer are common in all types that you must remain aware of for preventing the growth risk of this chronic disease. Some common breast cancer symptoms are mentioned below.

  • Tightness in a certain part of breast just like lump which thickens tissues. This feels different than its surrounding skin surface to touch.
  • Mild to chronic breast pain.
  • Swelling in all or some part of the breast.
  • Bloody discharge may occur from the nipple.
  • Half or entire breast skin get reddish and pitted.
  • Inverted nipple structure.
  • A sudden change in the shape and size of the breast which is completely different than the normal state.
  • Breast and nipple skin gets peeled, flake and scaling occur.
  • Lump and swelling under the arms area.
  • Breast skin appearance gets totally changed than the normal state.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms or changes in your breast without further delay get an immediate diagnosis of your breast from the specialist doctor to prevent further growth of breast cancer if it is there.

Important Facts to Know Before Buying Cancer Insurance Plan

Cancer Insurance Policy HelpPurchasing of a cancer insurance plan is a very crucial decision and it should not be taken within a few hours or in a day. You must read all the terms and policies of the respective policy provider organization.

Must ask the respective counselor or the executive of the policy provider company regarding the benefits and coverage that the said policy will cover. Some important points that you must ask from the policy representative person are mentioned below.

  • If you are a person who has a prominent family history of cancer diseases or it exists in your mutation then you are the most eligible person who can look for such insurance or coverage policies. Without hesitation opt to choose one cancer insurance plan for you.
  • The most important thing that you must ask the coordinator while planning to buy the cancer insurance plan either for you or any of your family members is coverage and other services which the said policy company will provide after taking such policies.
  • Ask about the premium amount and its mode of payment and its payment schedule. Choose only that plan and payment schedule that would not bring an extra burden on your shoulder as the policy you are taking is for your security and mental relief not for extra-economic pressure.
  • If you have already any health insurance policy and there is an up-gradation feature lies in it then it will be best for you. You need to ask the insurance company whether they carry such traits or not as because under upgrading feature you can get a wide range of benefits which will cover not only the cancer risk burden but will pay many other health expenses if occurs.

In this case, you only need to pay some extra amount for the up-gradation. Moreover, people who have a lesser risk of developing cancer can benefit from this type of policy feature a lot.

  • The terms and policies of health insurance companies generally change very frequently. So make sure that you have a current copy of all respective plan related mandatory information.

This updated summary plan description will enable you to understand the way your policy works, its benefits, necessary contact details of the insurance company and step by step guide to claiming for the policy.

  • Nowadays all insurance company has their registered website where all minute details regarding different plan benefits, services, payment methods, disclaimers and reimbursement modes, and procedure remain mentioned in detail.

So make sure that you have your own login detail for such websites where you can get all answers of your queries instantly without the necessity to call an insurance company representative.

  • Make sure that your plan covers all follow up tests expenses related to your treatment such as lab tests, blood tests, imaging tests, etc. Without having all these special benefits don’t think to buy a health insurance policy.
  • In the cases of cancer treatment, it happens many times that necessity to visit other specialist is required on the basis of reference by the doctor or hospital where your primary treatment is going on. So make sure that your said policy has the plan to cover all different reference visits such as Reconstructive surgeon, Radiation oncologists, etc.
  • Keep all the hard copies and soft copies of the documents which were the part of your whole treatment tenure as you have to submit it while claiming of your insurance plan.

These documents include different medication bills, hospitalization bills, doctor’s prescription, different lab tests reports, therapies detail, and their prescriptions, etc. If you lose any of these documents you will not be reimbursed for the respective expenses.

  • Keep all the claim payment records stored in a safe mode as the necessity of these details arises at any point of time especially if you fall in any dispute with your said insurance company.

Maintain such records in your desktop or laptop such as your policy payment date, date of doctors’ visit, any pending claim detail or the record of late payment fees of such policies.

Though you can get these detail in insurance company websites too still for the safer side its best to keep these records with you separately.

  • Ask the insurance company representative whether they will reimburse all your treatment expenses after your payment to the necessary department first or they will pay it directly to the hospital or doctor’s office without letting you pay a single penny from your pocket even at the time of taking treatment.
  • In the cases where you require to submit all your bills for getting them reimbursed from the insurance companies, without much delay send all the required bills and documents immediately. If you find yourself unable to do this then take a favor from your friends or family member who can do this on your behalf.

As early as you will submit these bills and documents chances of reimbursement remain earlier than the usual time. Such companies do necessary verification for the authenticity of all documents and data you send, so it takes some time for reimbursement. That is why the early sending of these documents is important for you.

  • Make sure that you pay all the policy plan premiums on time as it will work on your favor when you will claim for reimbursement. Any delay premium payment schedule creates difficulty in the reimbursement process from these health insurance companies or organizations.
  • Many people think that buying two insurance plans will benefit them with dual coverage amount which is not true. If you buy two insurance plans from two different insurance companies it will not increase your coverage amount. Like having a comprehensive coverage plan and cancer plan doesn’t mean that you will be reimbursed for all your treatments.
  • For major health insurance policies, there is one special clause in their terms and documents known as Coordination of Benefits or COB. This is an important clause so make sure that you go through it before buying such insurance plan.

It remains mentioned in this that this insurance will not pay the amount if paid by some other insurer. This is because it is unusual for two different issuers to pay for other’s liability or coverage.

  • Under the condition of denial by your insurance company for reimbursement of your treatment expenses ask all detail query and reason of the nonpayment from the respective manager or higher authority responsible for the payment release.

This discussion will make your path easier as because if you have not submitted any of the document because of which your claim is denied then you can resubmit it again and get reimbursed.

Advantages of Cancer Insurance Plan

As per the recent study conducted by the British Journal of Cancer the rate of cancer patients has made drastic rise for both the genders in the last few decades. As per their report, the cancer diagnosis risk remains throughout the life which makes this disease much more chronic with a comparison to other diseases.

As the count of cancer patients is increasing like the rapid-fire same way new treatment techniques are getting invented to treat this disease from the root. However, this includes a huge amount of cost as well which makes for all cancer patients difficult to avail all these treatment benefits if they are economically weaker.

So considering all these aspects the cancer insurance policies are formulated in such a way so that the respective person or insured person has to bear only small premium amount as per their chosen payment mode and amount which is a great relief for both the concerned patients and their caregivers as well.

These policies are made up of multiple features and benefits which makes them different from other normal health care policies available in the market.

Though other health policies include covering all common major diseases including cancer as well the drawback of these policies is that it only reimbursed or pay directly for the hospitalization charges and exclude other follow up expenses like lab tests, screening cost, other doctor’s visit or reference visit costs, etc.

Moreover, in the cases of abroad treatment, these policy companies don’t make any payment which is the biggest drawback of these policies. This is the reason the necessity of special cancer insurance policy arises.

Cancer special medical policies pay all follow-up expenses and include all abroad treatment reimbursement facilities too which are very common among patients of cancer where they need to visit abroad for total treatment in the cases of critical conditions.

Another benefit of taking critical illness policies like cancer insurance policy over the comprehensive medical insurance which covers all the family members that it is quite cheaper than the later one as it contains only one specific disease.

The comprehensive medical plan, in general, doesn’t give coverage more than 5 lakh whereas critical illness policies offer bigger amount coverage such as 15 to 20 lakhs which is a great benefit.

The critical illness plan offers the benefit of payment of cancer treatment expenses from the very beginning stage whereas the comprehensive plans only pay when your cancer reaches to its advanced stages where uncontrolled growth of cancerous tissues detected which is another drawback of these policies.

Also, the premium amount is designed in such a way that it won’t put a big burden on the pocket of the insurer. Also, these insurance plans are liable to get tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Department.

However, the insurer must be aware that some kind of cancer claims are not payable which comes under special circumstances. Like these companies exclude the skin cancer claim from their benefits.

Apart from this if cancer is developed due to any sexually transmitted disease or condition such as AIDS or HIV then claims for these cancer treatments are not reimbursed. Any cancer growth due to a congenital condition, nuclear, biological or chemical contamination, pre-existing condition are excluded in these policies.

However, these are only limited drawbacks which cannot override the huge amount of benefits and advantages provided by these critical insurance policies provider companies.

So it is advised to every woman to go for a diagnostic test for cancer after the age of 30 to 35 as a preventive step, especially for breast cancer. Also, make your life and health secure by taking breast cancer insurance policy assistance.

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