How to Make Bone Broth

How to Make Bone Broth – Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth is one of the healthiest, delicious and luxurious recipes which is prepared by simmering poultry bones, beef, and many vegetables. It gets its aromatic color and taste during its long-simmering hours which requires an immense amount of patience to ultimately enjoy this delicious food.

Though basically bone broth is a restaurant recipe but you can also make bone broth at home by following some special steps which ensure that you get the same aromatic flavors in your prepared bone broth at home.

Some people confuse broth with stock but they are not the same recipe. The vital difference between both these recipes is the exact amount of time given for the simmering process.

The cooking of stock can be finished in only about three hours maximum whereas broth has to undergo a long-simmering process of 24 hours or even more. The broth is prepared by simmering bones and meats (which are not roasted) of an animal or fish.

Animal bones, the connective tissue of cattle, or chicken or fish which is boiled into a broth and simmered with spices, vegetables, herbs for more than 20 hours complete a restaurant-style bone broth recipe. There are several promising reasons why you would like or you must eat this healthy diet.

It is loaded with versatile nutrients which it derives from its vital ingredients which include both animal and plant sources of nutrients which are the ultimate need for the improvement and maintenance of human health.

You probably have noticed a very big stock-pot of bone broth or stock simmering for hours and hours in the 5-star restaurants. It is an excellent source of minerals which helps in boosting your immunity power and digestive health.

Being rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus it boosts your joint’s health and teeth health. Also, it is a rich source of high-quality collagen that nourishes and supports your skin, hair, and nails.

Especially for sick people, this works as a tonic to make their condition better in the quickest possible time by boosting their immune system and its functionality. Also, it is considered helpful in eliminating cellulite because it supports smoother connective tissues.

Tips to Make Homemade Bone Broth in Five Simple Steps

make bone broth at homeBone broth is prepared by simmering animal’s bones as well as tissues at least for 10 to 12 hours along with fresh vegetables, spices, and herbs. Though its preparing process doesn’t involve your active intervention as it is needed in other cooking recipes still it’s cooking process seems hard because of its long hours simmering step.

So to relieve these issues today we have come up with some easy or simple steps by following them you can make your bone broth ready within 15 minutes brewing time. However, the only condition is that the ingredients and right cooking tools are readily available to you.

The cooking time may vary depending upon the type of vessel you are using to prepare this recipe. So follow the below mentioned easy steps to prepare bone broth at home with the same aromatic taste as you get in the restaurant without investing your much time.

Step 1: Add the Bones First

For preparing bone broth first you need to add bones. If you are using a two-gallon pot then use 3 to 4 pounds of bones in it. The number of bones will vary depending upon the size of your gallon pot.

Place your bones in to pot and fill the gallon with the filtered water leaving 2 inches of your pot vacant from the upper side.

Those who are using beef bones can even roast the beef bones before adding these bones into the container and filling with water. However, this step in not compulsory even if you are making beef broth.

However, using roasted beef in this recipe adds a richer and darker aroma in the final product.

Step 2: Add Some Sort of Consumable Acid

Though this is a very crucial step in this recipe, it is often forgotten by people. So it is advised to follow this step strictly without failing. Adding an acid of some variety helps your used bones in resealing its essential nutrients such as gelatin and collagen.

For this, you can add a few tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar whichever feels god to you. Leave your bones with water and acid minimum for 30 minutes time before turning on the flame.

Step 3: Add All the Veggies

Once you are ready to cook, add all the vegetable scraps into the water. For this, you can use vegetables like onion, carrots, garlic, celery, and a few bay leaves.

Adding these roughly chopped veggies ensures that your recipe will be rich in versatile nutrients to make your broth more delicious and healthy as well. In order to get a richer flavor of your broth, you can also add some chopped jalapeno or ginger or even both of these aromatic ingredients.

Step 4: Boil the Ingredients and Set the Timer

After mixing all the chopped healthy veggies it’s time to turn on your stove to its high flame until it reaches a rolling boil. Once the ingredients get boiled well, lower the heat and keep it on gentle simmer flame.

Cover your pot partly so that the steam can be released easily from time to time. Now it’s time to set the kitchen timer between 6 to 24 hours which will actually depend upon the quantity of liquid you used initially and the extra amount of time you are left with.

Depending upon the set duration on the timer the broth will reduce its quantity and can even be too little at the end if you overcook it. Whether you are using a slow cooker or stovetop, in both the cooking methods you need to check your broth on an interval of six hours to ensure that your broth is not reducing too quickly.

If you are using the pressure cooker method then set the cooker to two hours. With regard to adding sea salt, it is up to you whether you want to add it during the cooking process or while you add the broth in the cooking.

Step 5: Straining and Storing

Once the cooking is done you need to strain out the liquid and store it in the freezer using a glass jar or the ice cube trays. Eat them whenever you want to eat bone broth after brewing the stored bone broth in your freezer.

Bone Broth Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

It Helps in Protecting Your Joints

You can boost your joints health and prevents aging-related joint health issues by consuming bone broth. As the bone broth is a rich source of gelatin which breaks down into collagen in your body, known for its importance to your joints.

The continual usage of joints in your day to day life activities causes shrinkage or reduction (wear down) in the joints cartilage. Resulting in it creates an extra level of stress on joints which increases your risk of joint damages especially with an increased level of pressure on them.

However, the good news is that this cartilage reduction problem can be well managed with good gelatin supplementation as it increases the amount of collagen in the joints tissues and strengthens them naturally. Also, it provides protection against unnecessary stressing on your joints. For getting the food sources of gelatin, bone broth is the most ideal option.

Helps in Relieving Osteoarthritis

Some special nutritional compounds existing in bone broth not only help in maintaining your joints health but it also provides relief from the signs or symptoms of osteoarthritis especially to the people who are already suffering from this disease.

As per one study report published by the Nutrition Journal, the collagen gathered from the collective tissue of chicken have the ability to improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis issue in knees area of the body.

Thus the consumption of bone broth by the people affected with this disease can help in easing some painful symptoms such as intense pain, stiffness, restricted body movements that interfere with their day to day life activities.

It May Aid in Weight Loss

This highly nutritious meal is not only good by taste but it also has amazing health benefits. Being rich in high protein content it may help you in losing your body fat or weight. It can easily satisfy your hunger even with its small doses and make you feel fuller for longer duration naturally. Hence prevent your frequent cravings for calorie-rich foods which can easily increase your body fat level.

As per one study report published by the Journal of Renal Nutrition, an average cup of chicken bone broth contains an extra amount of protein than an average cup of regular chicken broth.

Hence its shows its effectiveness over other usual soups for developing the level of satiety and for restricting your calorie intake level easily which helps in losing and maintaining your body weight.

It May Promotes Your Sleep Quality

Sleeping disorder or insomnia issue is a very common health problem nowadays and it is considered as the root cause of several diseases growth because in the lack of proper amount of rest during nights your body is prone to be a victim of many diseases.

If you are also the one who is suffering from this major health concern then bone broth consumption can help you a lot with its special amino acid content. The amino acids existing in bone broth are considered helpful for promoting your sleep quality naturally.

As per the trusted source’s study report, the amino acid glycine is an effective therapeutic option for improving your sleep quality and for developing the normal sleeping pattern of 7 to 8 hours at night.

By drinking the bone broth as your dinner meal you can ensure an easy option of getting glycine to your body which will help you in falling and staying asleep easily and peacefully.

Reduces Inflammation and Heal Gut Health

Bone broth is also healthy for people who are suffering from certain inflammatory bowel disease or gut syndrome. This gets possible because the amino acids content especially glutamine existing in bone broth aid in the digestive function of your body and relieve inflammation and other gut health issues.

As per one study report published by the journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care Trusted Source, with only glutamine supplementation, many intestinal concerns and barriers existing in humans and animals can be healed easily.

Thus it shows the importance and benefit of consuming bone broth by the people suffering from intestinal diseases and leaky gut issue which slows down the body’s digestive ability. Also, it boosts your digestive function so that even in the future you won’t get a victim of any minor to major gut health issues.

It is found in researches that people who diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, their body lacks amino acids. So in such cases by drinking bone broth on a regular basis one can easily fulfill the scarcity of amino acids level in the body and also it will relieve this inflammatory health condition.

Increases the Level of Collagen in Body

The long hours simmering process of body though feels time-consuming but it ensures that all the vital nutrients part of animals’ bones and connective tissues of meat would release completely in the ultimate prepared meal.

This low heat and the slow cooking process breaks down all parts of its ingredients and collect a very healthy level of collagen out of it that your body can easily avail by sipping this delicious and highly nutritious bone broth soup.

Collagen is the most vital protein for human health as it not only helps in maintaining your skin health and beauty but it is equally important for your brain and bone’s healthy.

Gelatin which is another nutrient existing in prepared bone broth is a type of collagen that helps in improving the digestive function of your body. Hence it boosts the natural healing ability of your body by increasing the level of collagen and gelatin with every intake of bone broth.

People who consume this nutritious food on a regular basis experience a drastic improvement in their skin, and joints health as it helps in firming your body skin, increases elasticity and strengthens your joints.

So to avail these amazing and versatile health benefits for you as well as for your dear ones make bone broth at home with only a few steps as guided above in this article.

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