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Sea Salt: Healthy Alternative for Low Sodium and High Flavor Foods

Sea Salt And Table Salt: The Differences

Photo By: Dubravko Soric/CC BY

The main distinguishing factor between sea and table salt is the processing, texture, and taste. Sea salt results from evaporation of ocean water or water from lakes containing saltwater with minimal processing. Based on the source of water, certain trace elements and minerals are left behind. The mineral adds color and flavor to sea salt. There are different levels of coarseness for sea salt.

Mining of table salt is from underground deposits of salt. This is more heavily processed to eliminate the mineral and has an additive for the prevention of stickiness and clumping together. While table salt is iodized to help maintain a healthy thyroid, sea salt is natural and does not contain any additives.

Why Sea Salt is Healthier

Sea salt and table salt contain the same nutrients. Despite this, sea salt is considered healthier. Dietary regulations for Americans recommend lowering sodium to lower than 2,300 milligrams per day. Human bodies are composed of over 72 percent of water plus 28 percent mineral salts and matter such as bacteria, protein, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Two oceans of water are found in the human body – the water inside the human bodies cells and the other sea is that of fluids existing external to the cells. Healthy growth is linked with a fine balance between volume of two water bodies, and balance is attained by salt namely natural, unrefined minerals.

The major differentiating factor between processed, refined common table salt and sea salt are that there is a massive impact on health, avoidance of potential additives that are toxic raising the chance of diseases not impacting the human body. Typical modern, refined salt can be a healthy food but industrial processing has seen to it that it is not. Much like factory-created, food products, salt is a major nutrient which has now become detrimental to human healthiness. Major salt generating companies mine the earth’s rock salt. At these high temperatures of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, the salt’s chemical structure undergoes a change to sodium chloride. This cuts down on natural salt’s high trace mineral content.

While table and sea salt have the same chemical components, bear in mind that sea salt has trace minerals which enhance taste and save you from health conditions as well.

Photo By:Roger Ahlbrand/CC BY
Photo By:Roger Ahlbrand/CC BY

Table salt which is processed not only removes the trace nutrient substances, it also puts additives such as fluoride and synthetic iodine plus an anti-caking agent. The most well known used one of these has side effects like digestion problems. It also has negative implications for those with liver and kidney disease. Many health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease have been implicated due to aluminum derivatives. These additives cause discoloring of refined salts, so bleaching agents are used for reinforcing desired white shade.

Refined table salt has been eliminated of natural trace mineral substances and contains anti-caking food additives, bleaching residues, synthetic iodine, fluoride and much more. Natural, wholesome food has been processed into pseudo food thought of as salt that leads to numerous health-related problems. If the wholesome food is valued as a pure, rich diet, and processed foods, as well as industrial additives, are avoided, you can expect a healthy outcome. Refining, processing, and bleaching of salts are a problem. Processing of sodium-chloride with artificial additives in salts ensures it lacks nutritional value.

Refined table-salt is a cause of Western epidemics of auto-immune disorder. Natural whole salt which is refined has additives that harm it. Most sea salt undergoes naturally harvesting and is sun-dried. It contains plenty of trace mineral substances and electrolytes easily absorbed by the bodies. Salt from sea beds undergoes mining, though brands can be processed to their bare minimum and contain trace mineral substances present in sea water. Refined salt contains 2 to 3 elements, while natural sea salt contains eighty mineral elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and much more. This is critical in tiny amounts for numerous functions in human bodies.

Benefits of Sea Salt: Taste and Health Both

Benefits of Sea Salt: Taste and Health Both
Photo By: Larry Hoffman/CC BY

These mineral salts plus electrolytes are key players in the production of enzyme plus an immune system, and thyroid function as well as adrenal. Compared to sea salt, natural salt is not a massive source of mineral substances. So humans face depletion rather than nourishment as a result of it. Sea salt contains more nutrients, and it makes for a healthy additive.

  • Sea salt stabilizes irregular heartbeats; it leads to high BP.
  • Sea salt causes excess acidification from cells in the human body to be extracted especially the brain cell.
  • Salt balances blood glucose levels and it is an element needed to combat diabetes
  • Sea salt also clears congestion of the sinus and this helps in asthma as well as cystic-fibrosis
  • Sea Salt, a natural antihistamine, is essential for prevention of muscle cramps
  • Sea salt is needed to make the bones structures firm
  • Sea salt also prevents varicose veins and spider veins
  • Sea salt is also essential for prevention of gout and gout-like arthritis
  • Sea salt also improves the communications and data processing of neurons

Mineral salts are health-boosting as they provide the body numerous mineral ions required to balance the functions and ensure healthy healing. If whole food, pure diet, and a better taste are valued, sea salt is the way out. Conditions such as gout, water retention, muscle cramps, and edema stand removed.

Photo By:Amazon
Photo By: Amazon

Balanced natural salt substances regulate healthy BP. Sea salt also treats fatigue due to adrenal glands and chronic fatigue disorder where BP issues are prevalent. Some sea salt can make a big difference to boosting energy levels.

It also stimulates HCL acid needed for bodies to utilize nutritious substances from foods eaten. This is essential for people whose diet comprises cooked foods, as this is rich in enzymes. Natural whole salt has been used as medicine for many years. It relieves asthma too.

This is essential for people where diet comprises cooked foods, as this is rich in enzymes.

Salt is essential for neuron conduction and preservation of neurotransmitter serotonin and circadian rhythm regulator melatonin levels in the brain. There have been numerous emotion based disorders such as high-stress oriented tendencies, depression, and anxiety. Natural salts can clean acid buildup in the brain which helps in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Natural salt can help with the loss of weight. Go on to gain weight if you choose refined salt. Sea salt can make a difference. The benefit for those who have opted for this salt is many.

Cravings for sugar are the consequence of eating an incorrect kind of salt as well. Eat plenty of sugar and refined iodine-rich salt and ripple effects will produce in the human body. Cravings will vanish in a short time period, but the damage of consuming sugary and salty foods can create a problem, harming blood sugar levels.

Medical studies will prove that soaking in seawater rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals can even provide topical benefits for treating different kinds of arthritis. In relation to the latest findings, it makes sense to avoid common, processed salts and opt for natural salts.

Refined, processed common table salt has added to every type of processed, packaged and preserved product one is eating. A majority of the cash is spent on processed foods that are packaged. Apart from pecuniary losses, there is damage to the health as well. Avoid excessive table salt and toxic additives checking the food labels of other items purchased.

Choosing a real, whole-food sea salt is worth it. Enjoy the taste and health benefits mineral balances from sea-water can bring to desired dishes. Sea salt is better than table salt. Table salt lacks beneficial minerals found in sea salt including iodine, magnesium and over twenty-one essential and thirty accessory minerals vital to health.

Benefits of Sea Salt: Taste and Health Both
Photo By: Joanna Osbourne/CC BY

All 3 electrolytes namely sodium, potassium, and calcium are found in unrefined salt along with other minerals required for optimal functioning of the body. Iodized, unrefined sea salt is a natural source of many minerals.


Natural sea salt has enormous benefits for the human body and it impacts physical health in multiple ways. Common, table salt is processed and refined because of which it is extremely harmful to the human body. Sea salt is the healthy alternative you should choose.

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