Best Foods for Cutting Down Weight

Best Foods for Cutting Down Weight Fast and Naturally

Nowadays excess body fat or weight is a very common concern that you will find every 1 out of 5 persons are affected. However, to lose this unwanted fat you should never rely on or try fad diets which though make very alluring promises but on the real ground, the picture seems totally different. However, you need not be discouraged as there are some healthy and best foods for cutting down weight fast and naturally.

The best thing about the food list that we have included in this health article is that it will no way compromise with the daily nutrition needs of your muscles and bone. It will focus to control and reduce your excessive craving issue by keeping your stomach fuller for longer duration as well as develops the feeling of satiety with only little portion intake.

That means the result will be totally reasonable. So no risk of disheartening that you have to suffer from fad diets false promises that claim to give dramatic results without considering the ultimate health goal which needs healthy fat reduction without deteriorating your bones and muscle health and fitness. So let’s begin with those top list of foods that works very faster and naturally on cutting down those extra, unwanted pound from your body.

10 Best Foods for Cutting Down Weight Fast and Naturally



Cinnamon is a popular spice that is often used in recipes to enhance its taste or flavor. However, this magnificent spice has a lot more to offer you in its treasure for your health boost. Being rich in powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, it helps to keep your blood sugar level in a stable position and also prevents hunger-induced spike. It gets possible because this particular antioxidant is known for its ability to alter body composition as well as for improving insulin sensitivity. Hence, prove effective for reducing your weight naturally by controlling your hunger pangs.

In a study that was conducted on mice in Japan, it was found that the mice that ate cinnamaldehyde, a compound that gives this spice a flavor loses belly fat much effective way than the ones that do not have this ingredient. This shows the effectiveness of this medicinal property-rich spice for reducing your body weight especially fat from your abdominal area which is the primary area of concern for any overweight or obese person.

You can include this spice in your health-diet in many ways. Like you can sprinkle in your morning tea that gives kick boost to your metabolism that is needed to burn excessive body fat faster or can mix it in oats or any other diet whichever suits you better.

Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepper

This is another spice that tastes great and is loaded with many beneficial health benefits including benefits for reducing your overall body weight. As per one study report conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition daily intake of cayenne pepper aid in speedy abdominal fat reduction by stimulating your body’s ability to convert consumed foods into energy.

This gets possible because of a special compound called Capsaicin existing in this spice. The cayenne pepper intake also helps in suppressing your appetite especially untimely, excessive cravings which are the primary contributing factor of weight gain. In one study men who consumed this spicy appetizers ate 200 fewer calories in their next meal.

To get this amazing benefit for your weight loss goal you only need to consume a pinch of this spice in your daily meal plan. You can include this great spice in your food in several ways like you can sprinkle it on your salad, or season boiled eggs, meats, and grilled fish with it. Hence, it will enhance the taste of your regular diet dual along with giving sufficient support to achieve your ultimate health goal that is the fat burn and weight loss.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber which is a popular nutrient that is known for reducing belly fat as well as body weight. It contains a specific fiber that is known as resistant starch which helps in controlling and preventing obesity health concern.

It is also known as slow-carb which means it digests slowly in your stomach and stays longer and takes longer time to digest. Hence it keeps your stomach fuller for longer duration that aid in controlling your appetite as well as portion size in the next meal of the day.

It all gets possible because of powerful antioxidants called carotenoids that helps in keeping your blood sugar level stable and reduces insulin resistance that supports your body’s ability to convert calories into energy instead of storing it as fat. Hence, this way it cuts your already accumulated fat in the body and prevents further fat accumulation.

As it stays longer in your stomach so keeps you energized even if you do not have your next meal or have it in little quantity. Hence, by providing enough level of energy it ensures that your workout or fitness routine does not interrupt even though you are on a diet plan for weight loss. Also, it is a rich source of Vitamin A, B6, and C that provides you a good amount of energy that you can utilize for burning fat and toning your muscles at the gym.



You must like the sweet and tangy taste of berries but along with its good taste, this delicious fruit is also loaded with vital properties that help you in cutting down your unwanted weight fast and naturally. It contains polyphenol antioxidants that not only help in burning fat from your body but also prevent its further formation.

It also gives you energy so that you can workout for longer duration without getting tired or lethargic even after the completion of your fitness class. It is known for stimulating blood flow to different muscles group that helps in reaping the benefit of workout in a much effective way. In a study on mice, those were given daily three servings of berries managed to reduce fat cells in their body by 73%.

As it is highly delicious in taste and easy to use in any smoothie or as a topping on other morning time diets so you won’t bother to include these tasty berries in your everyday diet routine. Along with good taste, you get benefited from its high fat-burning potential.

As per one study report published by the International Journal of Obesity, it is said that berries are a vital source of resveratrol an antioxidant that has the capacity to convert unhealthy white fat in mice into beige fat i.e. a calorie-burning fat. Hence, it has the potential to reduce obesity risk by 40% in high-risk group people.

Another benefit of berries is that it is a healthy replacement for your cravings for sweets as it contains natural sweetness that is not as harmful as a portion of food loaded with added sugar. Hence, in all respect, it is going to benefit in your journey to weight loss.



While on a diet plan for weight loss in a natural way you must include all kinds of food that can provide versatile nutrients to your body in enough quantity. In this list whole grains keep an important place which is a healthy source of carbs.

Though your goal is to cut your calories but this doesn’t mean that you stop eating carbs completely which is also essential for health like other nutrients. The target should be to ingest less than you burn so that there would be no risk of fat accumulation.

It is found in researches that those who eat three to four servings of whole grains daily like oats meal have 10% lesser stomach fat than those who eat a similar amount of processed white carbs such as rice, pasta, and bread.

Hence, while controlling your daily calorie intake you should cut your daily white carbs intake not whole grains carbs like oats which is good for your health and stamina level that you need to burn more amount of fat at a much faster rate. One study says that it is the high fiber and slow-burning feature of whole grains food that promotes the feeling of satiety and controls your cravings and portion size without much effort.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolates

No doubt we all love to eat chocolates but with the fear of gaining some more amount of weight we often control our craving for the same. However, this is not true with the dark chocolates especially the one that contains a high amount of cocoa content. If you are pretty bored with your strict diet plan then it’s time to change your mood with a treat of dark chocolate that tastes amazing and also stimulates your goal to fat burn.

A study by the Louisiana State University researchers determined that when you eat chocolate then it is fermented by the gut microbes existing in your stomach that stimulate the production of gut-friendly polyphenolic compounds that stimulate your body’s fat-burning ability as a fuel. Also, it controls the genes associated with inflammation concern which is one of those factors that lead to fat accumulation and weight gain.

Eat dark chocolate alone or you can add some healthy, seasonal fruits with it that stimulate the fermentation power and ensure more release of vital compounds that aid in a faster fat burning process. While purchasing dark chocolate for you chose the one that is rich with 70% or more of cocoa content as these cocoa-rich dark chocolates have the highest concentration of polyphenols antioxidant.

Wild Salmon

wild salmon

Fishes such as wild salmon are one of the healthiest sources of lean protein that helps in your muscle buildup and more muscles mean more amount of fat burn at a much speedy rate. So to ensure the success rate of your weight loss goal naturally you must include wild salmon in your diet plan which is among the best foods for cutting down weight.

Apart from providing you with a good amount of protein which is considered an effective nutrient that aids in easy fat or weight reduction, it is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that contains an anti-inflammatory property which works as a fuel for burning fat. Also, this fatty acid content prevents further fat accumulation in the body which proves helpful in reducing or controlling your weight.

Being a rich source of lean protein and healthy fat it controls your cravings for unhealthy snacks or foods very effectively. Hence, prove beneficial not only for reducing weight but also for keeping it off for a longer duration in a very safe and natural way.

Drink Coffee or Tea


Though this is not a food but a drink still it is vital to include here in the list of top foods that help in cutting down your weight faster and naturally. A cup of joe in the morning not only gives a quick boost to your metabolism for a healthy start but also helps in controlling your cravings for food for longer duration without letting you feel energy deprived.

Caffeine existing in a coffee is a natural diuretic as well as it is a rich source of antioxidants that protects your body against cell damages. Hence, ensure healthy weight control without affecting the health of your cells anyways. Dietitians suggest to have up to 400mg of coffee in a day for a healthy and easy weight reduction.

However, those who do not like the taste of caffeine can also prefer drinking tea such as green tea, etc in the same amount as suggested above for the coffee drink in a day as tea is also a diuretic. For tea lovers its best to drink herbal tea which usually remains loaded with many potential health benefits such as dandelion tea, fennel tea, etc.

Drinking a tea or coffee at least 400mg in a day works as a great metabolism stimulant that helps you in burning the highest possible calories in a day and ensure speedy weight-reducing just within a few week’s time.



This green leafy vegetable is all time recommended food option by the health specialists because of its high versatile nutrients essence that nourishes your health in every possible way. However, among its diversified health benefits its effectiveness for cutting down weight or body is one.

Spinach is the rich source of energy lifting nutrients such as Vitamin A, folate, and iron that helps you in staying energetic throughout the workout session. It also works on your excessive craving problem by controlling your appetite. This way it reduces your daily calorie intake which plays an important role in uncontrolled weight gain.

Spinach contains a compound called thylakoids that stimulate your body’s fat-burning ability naturally. In a study, it was found that women who took thylakoid supplements continually for three months experienced a reduction in their hunger by 25 percent along with reducing 11 pounds weight than the controlled group. Hence, it is worth including spinach in your weight loss regimen for a speedy and effective result.



One of the most typical food habits that keeps your weight on, in spite of your other efforts towards losing it is unhealthy snacking throughout the day. Yes, it is true that apart from the big meals of the day we often need snacks in between to boost our energy level but this necessity must be fulfilled with a healthy snack such as almonds that remain loaded with protein.

A handful of almonds are a handy snack option for you no matter wherever you are you are about to go. As per the Journal of the American Heart Association, eating only 1.5 ounces of almonds every day is enough to reduce your belly fat and leg fat in a much faster way.

All credits go to essential compounds existing in almonds that stimulate the fat-burning ability of your body and ensure quick fat and weight reduction. Also, it prevents further fat buildup or accumulation, especially in the abdominal area. Almonds contain a compound called L-arginine, a fatty acid that ensures excessive fat burn while you workout to build your muscles.

This is one of the cheapest and healthiest snacks that you can include in your daily routine. Eating just a quarter cup of almonds continuously for 6 months can help in cutting down an effective amount of weight. Hence, beneficial for people who are overweight or obese for faster and natural weight reduction.

Foods for Cutting Down Weight

Final Verdict

Being obese and overweight is a very common issue nowadays however, if you are also the one who is struggling hard with this problem then you must include the above mentioned best foods for cutting down weight fast and naturally in your diet routine.

These foods are excellent sources of protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients that are very filling so keep you satiate for longer duration and ensure fat and weight reduction without any added effort. However, for getting results you must be consistent and be patient as these are natural tricks to lose weight so will take time to bring its result on the ground.

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