Bad Habits That Are Keeping Your Weight On

Atypical Bad Habits That Are Keeping Your Weight On

Bad habits do not take very little time to form and develop but it’s too hard to get rid of them once you get habituated or addicted to any habit that is not good for your health and life. These bad habits can impact any area of your life however, here we are discussing atypical bad habits that are keeping your weight on.

We all want slim-trim, fit, and celebrity kind body look but not all of them are blessed with the same. Also what we see in celebrities regarding their physique and fitness, is not just a creation of one or two days. They put their hard effort towards them to achieve it and incorporate healthy habits that feel difficult to follow over time but still they maintain it to balance their weight to the desired level.

That means possibilities are there for you as well to get rid of your fluffy body, and excessive tummy fat that simply hampers your personality. The only thing that you need to focus around and maintain it persistently is to point out your bad habits and take active steps to move towards healthy habits and maintain them throughout your life without failing.

If this much thing you will manage in your life then all the barriers on your way to lose weight and keep it off will fall down forever. So let’s begin with our list of those top atypical habits that people generally have that are continuously contributing to your body weight slowly and gradually.

6 Atypical Bad Habits That Are Keeping Your Weight On

atypical bad habits that are keeping your weight on

You Often Skip Your Meals

One very common mistake that often fitness conscious people make either intentionally or unintentionally is by skipping their one or two big meals of the day mostly the first meal of the day i.e. breakfast with the expectation that skipping these meals will help them in reducing weight much faster. Trust me friends this is one of the primary leading factors that contribute to your body fat and weight thereon.

Sometimes under the household work pressure or due to morning time rush to reach office or workplace on time often people forget to have their breakfast. In this condition, though you are not skipping your meal intentionally but due to the circumstances, still it forms a habit or in more precise terms a bad habit over time.

Later on, you don’t get a hunger for your breakfast as your body gets accustomed to this kind of routine only where you do not have your breakfast meal at all. So before this bad habit gets typically tough to get rid of. So take action proactively in this regard if you are actually concerned about your body weight and want to control it at your desired level.

Many times people intentionally skip their meals either of breakfast or dinner meals with the hope that cutting these meals from their daily life routine will help in reducing weight as well as maintain your desired level weight, which is absolutely wrong. Remember when you skip your first meal of the day it directly impacts the energy level that you need to use to accomplish your general life responsibilities.

Another vital thing is that an empty stomach creates bloating issues very easily which increases your area of concern by increasing the size of your tummy making it look unimpressive. Also, an empty stomach is likely to create binge craving in you hence, you start eating anything unhealthy to satisfy your uncontrolled craving. Apart from this when you keep your stomach empty till your lunchtime you are likely to eat much more than you would generally eat in the normal condition as your hunger level increases two times this way.

Hence, the target for which you were making this sacrifice remains unfulfilled in some or other ways. People who avoid their nighttime meal are more likely to get a craving during midnight or late night which they satisfy by eating unhealthy snacks which is a typical contributor to your body weight. So for all these reasons you should never skip your meals even if you are too busy and it must not be your habit at all.

You Do Not Maintain Caloric Goal

Another typical mistake that often people made and that interferes with their success rate to reduce excessive body weight is that they do not maintain a notebook or a journal to note down their daily caloric intake. This way you can have and maintain a definite caloric goal that makes your path easier to lose weight as well as to keep it off to the desired level.

Hence, those who do not have any caloric goals often end up with persistent weight gain in spite of their other efforts that they put to reduce their weight. Keeping a definite caloric goal is as important as managing your finances by noting down your weekly, monthly, or yearly expenditure details from minute to large ones.

As your target is to reduce weight and maintain it to a certain limit that you have set for yourself so in this context, you need to have full control over your everyday caloric intake as this is the main diet factor that causes you rapid and persistent weight gain problem. This is the reason why from time to time new calorie diet plan comes in the market that claims to reduce your weight drastically within a month or like that.

However, your target doesn’t end up with losing your weight by following a hardcore restricted caloric diet plan in one or two months. Rather than that your responsibilities increase too high once you achieve your desire body weight level as now you need to maintain the said weight till your remaining life which is only possible when you have a caloric goal.

Here one crucial point that needs to keep in mind is that having caloric goals doesn’t tail you to follow a very restricted level caloric diet plan throughout your life. No, we are just saying that what you eat in a day, you must have proper knowledge about the calorie that you receive from your whole day meal plan. So that you can maintain it persistently every day that will help in keeping off your already reduced weight.

Calories are one important source of energy for your body so it is as important as other nutrients are. However, when you follow a caloric goal then your body gets only the amount of calories that you spend in a day. Hence there is no room left for surplus calorie that accumulates in the form of fat in body especially, in the abdominal area which gives you a fatty look.

So leave your typical habit of ignoring your daily calorie count instead of that maintains it as a priority for the sake of your fitness goal. However, while maintaining caloric goals for you which usually done for a quick weight loss goal you must not get obsessed with the caloric count as in that condition it can cause more harm than good for you. Maintain it seriously for getting a quick weight loss result and then follow it in a healthy limit so that you can maintain your already reduced weight to that definite limit.

You Drink Too Much in Flow

While drinking alcohol, beer, wine, or soft drinks you go in flow forgetting about your health goals. See drinking these hard or soft drinks is not bad if you have them in a controlled way in a limited and recommend quantity. However, most people typically drink excessively without thinking as after taking one or two glasses of the drink their senses especially the brain stop working actively. Resulting in they do not stop until they hangout fully.

This doesn’t mean that you are a hardcore drinker but the problem is that while having these drinks you losses your control over you that makes you drink excessively. As alcohol or other hard drinks contain a high amount of calories so it plays an important role in keeping your weight on, in spite of all the hard efforts that you put towards losing your body fat and weight.

People who are obese or overweight especially those who face immense difficulty in reducing their excessive weight must avoid the consumption of these drinks until they get sure about them that they will not cross the healthy and recommended limit of these drinks.

Similarly, soft drinks are high in sugar content which is another leading contributor in your way of persistent weight gain. So you should try to avoid taking these soft drinks completely from your diet routine. However, if it is not possible for you to leave their intake completely then make sure that you have them on an interval day or two to three days in a week in a very limited quantity so that it won’t interfere in your fitness goal negatively.

In this way, you can save your liquid calorie limit and utilize them for having some healthy food that contains a little number of calories but is vital and beneficial for your health as well as for your fitness goal. Hence by quitting this bad habit of drinking too much in the flow while surrounding with your peer’s group especially in parties you can easily manage to reduce your weight, as well as can keep it off to a certain limit.

You Ignore Portion Control

One more bad habit that contributes to your persistently increased body weight graph is that you do not practice portion control while deciding your meal plan for the day. Keeping your portion size the same, you cannot expect to reduce your weight in spite of your persistent effort towards it in other forms.

In the lack of portion control, you are likely to consume more than the necessary amount of calories in a day which is no way going to help in your target goal and your weight will keep on increasing. By reducing your portion size you can easily control your daily calorie intake as most of the foods remain high in calorie or most of the food contain calorie in low or high content.

Often people eat excessively while they are around any distraction. Like while watching your favorite show or live telecast of cricket match it is usual to cross your expected portion size. So sit away from distraction while having your dinner meal at night. In this regard practicing mindful eating, habits can work very effectively in controlling your portion size to a healthy limit. Under the mindful eating, you enjoy each bite of your food. Your full concentration remains on your present work and that is eating, so your focus remains on your food served on your plate.

Another trick that you can apply to cope up with your bad habit of ignoring your portion control is by using smaller size plates and bowl so that it contains a low quantity of food that naturally reduces your portion size. Other than that drink one or two glasses of water before having a big meal of the day as this will fill your stomach half before you eat even a single loaf of bread or portion of rice. Hence you naturally eat less than other days.

Fill a big area of your meal plate with healthy vegetables, salad, and other nutritious food than the high-calorie size recipe. Practice the eating balanced macronutrients which include good fats, proteins, and complex carbs in your every meal. In this way in spite of reducing your portion size you no way get nutrient-deprived which is the root cause of different disease growth. In this way, you will reduce your portion size ensuring that you won’t put on your weight anymore.

You Eat Out Frequently

An atypical bad habit that many people have is that they eat out too frequently. That means they have less interest in homemade food either for lunch or dinner. Instead of that, they prefer to order on call from a restaurant to eat some spicy, unhealthy meal.

Eating out some times in a month is ok. It doesn’t hamper your health or fitness routine. However, problems occur when you get addicted to eating outside on a very frequent basis. This is the reason why it is said: “bad habits die hard”. So become you get a victim of this bad habit that is constantly adding in your weight gaining trend of your body persistently, take a proactive action to cut out this habit completely.

What goes wrong with frequent eating out habit is that you can’t calculate exactly the amount of essential nutrients that you eat in a day. Hence, in the lack of control over your daily carbs, fiber, protein, and fat intake you cannot even imagine a smooth going diet and fitness plan essential for reducing your weight as well as to keep it off.

However, you can resolve this issue by concentrating on more homemade foods with natural or organic ingredients as in this way you remain fully aware of the level of macronutrients that you are having through your diet intake. Hence, you can increase or decrease some portion of ingredients to make it more healthy and effective for your journey to reduce weight faster.

Also keep in mind that if you have a habit of eating untimely when you are not supposed to eat technically like after dinner, while at work, airport, or any such places you are likely to eat something unhealthy. In such conditions, people mostly crave sweet foods, highly processed snacks, etc which directly keeps your weight on no matter how much hard effort you put for toning your muscles and reducing your excess body fat.

To avoid this kind of snacking you should always carry healthy, homemade snacks with you whether you are watching a movie, waiting at the airport, or want to eat something after your dinner meal. Some healthy snack options include homemade sandwiches, freshly cut fruits, veggie salad, homemade fruit juice, or smoothie.

One important suggestion that you should always keep in mind is that never make your tension and boredom be an excuse for you to eat snacks or an extra meal in a day. In this way, you will not only manage to get rid of your habit to eat out too frequently but also avoid the issue of consistent weight gain.

You are Not Having Sound Sleep

Last but not the least, atypical habit that is keeping your weight on is that you do not sleep well at night. There are hundreds of reason that is affecting the sleeping quality and duration of more than average population around the world. Whether it is excessive stress or tension of personal or professional life, workload, late-night surfing of social media, etc anything can impact the quality of sleep during night which is as essential as eating a nutritious meal in your day to day life.

Initially, people face difficulty in sleeping for two or three nights but if it is not managed on time people get habituated to sleep lately or most of their nights spend sleepless, tossing, and turning on the bed. Lack of sufficient sleep is one of those crucial factors or bad habits that are keeping your weight on in spite of your other efforts towards the goal of losing a good amount of your body weight.

Your sleeping quality and duration play an important role in the weight management plan. So it is very important that you streamline your sleep pattern by making it fixed and consistent. Make sure that you sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours every night without failing. There must be no awakening at midnight otherwise it will not be counted under quality sleeping pattern.

You can do several things to relieve your this bad habit of staying restless or sleepless every night which is the root cause of rapid weight gain directly or indirectly. Maintain good sleeping hygiene in your bedroom that will help you in getting sleep on time and will keep you sleeping throughout the night.

A good night sleep helps in eliminating other bad habits like late-night craving for snacks which mostly remain unhealthy, reduces bloating problem and let you awake with full of energy that you utilizes for your morning time fitness routine for losing a marinating a healthy weight.

Lack of sleep also increases the secretion of cortisol hormone in the body that regulates hunger and stress levels. So to avoid the persistent fat or weight gain problem you must remove this typical bad habit from your life completely.

As you want to reduce your weight and keep it off so it is vital that you eliminate the above mentioned atypical bad habits that are keeping your weight on by disturbing your digestion, boosting fat accumulation rate and by making your metabolic function sluggish which are needed to work in proper condition for managing your body weight to a healthy level.

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