Weight Training Common Mistakes

5 Weight Training Common Mistakes

Has your weight training stopped or became less effective? Couldn’t lift more weight although you already use supplements? Getting bored easily without seeing the expected result? If the answers are yes, you may have done one of these 5 weight training common mistakes. By recognizing and fixing them, your session t the gym will be more fun effective.

Doing routine weight training intensively doesn’t guarantee good results if you still do the following 5 mistakes.


Basically, weight training us an anaerobic activity which means it will be effective if you use your strength/power in a relatively short period. The longer the weight training is, the less strength you use, so it’s less effective.

A lot of people doing weight training think that every training regime must be done in many sets and it causes them to take so much durations doing it. Well, this is a mistake. To increase your muscle mass, pay attention to number of sets you have to do for each muscle group. Small muscle group need 6-9 sets while the big ones require 9-12 sets (warm up excluded).


Having not too much spare time sometimes causes peolr taking short period of training. Eventually, the training session becomes less effective because they tend to do repetition quicker than it’s supposed to be by using movement momentum or movement bounce. This could cause injury and trauma to the muscle tissues, tendon, and ligament. Not to mention the shorter interval between sets that will lead to wrong lifting technique.

There are ways to fix this mistake. First, train with good repetition tempo which means don’t take little time doing it. Start with 2 counts for positive moves and 3-4 counts for the negative ones. If you don’t have much time, shorten your session by reducing the amount of training type or sets. Second, avoid short interval between sets.


Everything you do in the gym won’t give any result if you don’t know the roper technique. Doing proer technique is more than just impersonating the biggest guy in the gym. The point is: moves may look the same, but feel in the muscle may differ. This is where you have to master the mind-to muscle-connection. Focus your mind to make the muscle absorbs the weight you lift.

However, before you can connect your mind to your muscle, master the lifting technique first. How to do that? Simple. Just ask the instructor at your gym (good gym must have instructor) to show the proper technique. It is better to have your own personal trainer. Do everything slowly. Don’t push yourself to add more repetition until you can feel your muscle moves like you want it to.


Our body is unique. It always sends signals or message as a feedback for us to listen to, evaluate, and obey. It is our responsibility to recognize those signals so we know when our body is exhausted or not ready for a training session. Not listening to those signals will cause our body to “protest” by getting sick or getting injured.

One of effective ways to recognize those signals is by counting your heartbeats the minute you wake up in the morning. If it exceeds 10% above normal, it means you don’t have a quality rest at night. It’s better not going to the gym when it happens. How do you know your normal heartbeats? Just count your heartbeats right after you wake up for 3 days in a row. Add those numbers and divide it by 3.


To increase muscle mass, load size is a key indicator that should be improved consistently. There is a heavy load you can lift with proper technique, but there is also a heavy burden that you can not lift properly. This is one of the main causes of muscle injury.

The solution is to always pay attention about technique in every session. The addition of the load force should only occur in accordance with the ability of the muscles themselves so you can lift if with good technique. If you like to have any kind of training on First Aid, CPR, and AED , visit here.

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