Healthy Skin Care Tips for Older Women

Top 24 Healthy Skin Care Tips for Older Women

Most women are concerned about the onset of old age. Whether you are 50, 60 or 70, age can become just a number if you follow healthy skin care tips to ensure that you access a glowing complexion and channel your natural radiance. Environmental issues such as smoking, sun exposure, and stress hasten the aging process of the skin. But there’s a lot you can do to reverse the process and look beautiful on the outside, with a vitality imbued skin and a wrinkle-free complexion. While many dermatologists prescribe pills and potions, these simple skin care tips can ensure that your skin remains soft, and supple despite the onslaught of time.

Skin Care Tips for Older Women

#1 Consume a Healthy Diet

You are what you eat, and when it comes to skin care, it is quite literally true. The foods you eat play a more important role than the skin care products you apply on your skin, in actuality. A healthy diet is a positive fuel for the human body, serving to make the skin healthy, glowing and vibrant. While fads and diets are flavors of the month that come and go, with little impact on your weight but a lot of adverse effect on your skin.

Lose weight through these so-called healthy diets can only leave your skin looking sallow, discolored and unhealthy. Aim for healthy nutrition with low fat or no fat dairy products such as skim milk, cottage cheese, and tofu. These foods help in rejuvenating the skin.

Try berries such as strawberries and blueberries which are rich in antioxidants and prevent free radical damage associated aging. The body can be detoxed by having green tea daily. Essential food sources include greens as well as tuna and turkey. Sweet potatoes, whole grains, oils, nuts, and tomatoes can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

#2 Regular Exercise Is a Must

Exercise is an extensive workout for ridding the body of toxins. It helps with weight loss, mental clarity, stress relief and avoidance of medical chronic conditions such as cancer. Regular movement also ensures that skin remains healthy and improves in its quality and vibrancy on account of better circulation. Improved blood flow transports oxygen and nutrients to different parts and organs of the body. This includes the largest organ in the human body– your skin! More blood circulation means efficient removal of bad cellular debris.

#3 Raising Levels of Hydration

Skin loses its suppleness as women age. If you are concerned about whether your skin is looking older than your actual age, drinking lots of water and fluids is the key. Moisturize and repair skin cells by drinking seven to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. This lowers wrinkles and fine lines. Try freshly pressed fruit juice as well, with fruits like lemon, watermelon or strawberry offering a lot of benefits for your skin. If you are facing dry skin, try raising hydration levels by opting for a humidifier. Clearing the skin and ridding nasal blockages, the humidifier has a host of benefits for your skin. Moisturizers such as hydrating soaps and lotions can also help to undo cracking and flaky skin.

#4 Smoking Cessation

Smoking is associated with aging skin. Quitting smoking will not only add life to your skin but days to your life too. Smoking only 1 cigarette per day can constrict the flow of blood for as long as one hour 30 minutes. Once oxygen deprivation takes place, the ingredients responsible for making the skin supple such as collagen and elastin become limited. This is why people suffer from premature skin aging, dark circles under the eye and loss of the natural glow of the skin. Psoriasis and skin problems are another issue that smoking is linked to.

#5 Opt for Minimal Makeup

Not just air pollutants, but grime and heavy makeup can cause your skin to take on a lot of strain. Opting for makeup free skin allows your skin to recoup and breathe. Clean your face thoroughly while removing makeup. Opt for a good face mask or moisturizer too.

#6 Limit Exposure to the Sun

Another point is the damage sun exposure can wreak on your skin. The body needs sun exposure to get a certain amount of Vitamin D. Too much sun exposure means skin aging takes place prematurely. If sunbathing has been right up your alley, it’s what you need to change. Stay out of the sun during the peak hours from 10 in the morning to 4 in the evening. In case you need to go out in the sun at this time, wear adequate protective clothing, hats, and sunshades. Sun exposure is not the only way to get tanned skin. Opt for other more age appropriate tanning procedures.

#7 Wear Sunscreen

Opt for A Proper Cleansing Program
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Another critical skincare tip is to wear sunscreen daily whether you are going out in the sun or not. The best time to apply this sunscreen lotion is when normal skincare routine is completed. Opt for a sunscreen with sun protection factor of 15 or more. It should also shield your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Sun damage can result in embedded lines, wrinkles and brown spots as well as discoloration. Trying to find a sunscreen that is suited to the skin is important. Reapply the lotion once every 2-3 hours.

#8 Opt for A Proper Cleansing Program

Taking your face to bed caked in makeup can clog pores, reducing cell renewal and causing acne. For cleansing the face, you need to avoid harsh chemical soap, especially as you age through menopause and the skin is likely to dry. For cleansing the skin, a proper product is a must. Testing skin sensitivity on arms or necks before trying products on the face is important. Redness or bumps mean you need to stop using the product immediately.

#9 Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Outer layer of the epidermal tissue becomes thick over the years due to dead skin cells. Without exfoliation, it is easy to miss out on the glow and have skin that looks older than you are. For retaining that youthful glow, exfoliation is a must. Based on the skin and sensitivity it makes sense to exfoliate on a regular basis. Additionally, along with a gentle brush, exfoliating facial scrub can also work wonders. Purchase one online from a reputed brand for best results.

#10 Take the Time to Moisturize

Once you age, the skin loses its capability to moisturize itself. If you suffer from dryness of skin, cracking or flakiness, substantial moisturizers will be needed to ensure re-hydration of the skin. Once you have applied the moisturizer, it signals the close of the beauty care regime following washing, exfoliation, and application. In case you wear makeup, ensure that the product is dry before applying it. Using nighttime moisturizers can deliver more hydration to the skin while you rest. Oily or sensitive skin needs moisturizers that do not cause blemishes and reduce wrinkles.

#11 Opt for Anti Aging Products

Another important way to ward off the wrinkles is opting for anti aging products that harness the healing power of nature. Be clear about your skin tone and choose a product that can benefit your skin in multiple ways. For example, if you suffer from skin dryness, opt for aloe vera to make the skin soft and smooth. Fine lines, brown spots, and wrinkles can be banished by choosing products with Vitamin A and retinol. These components rejuvenate and help the skin for rebuilding cells.

#12 Choose a Good Under Eye Cream

Choose a Good Under Eye Cream
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Another important area of your skin that shows early signs of aging is the under eye area. Because of this reason, it is critical to include a top under eye cream in your toolkit. Skin and eyes become thin and fragile when prone to wrinkle formation, redness, and puffiness due to age. A good cream can solve these problems.

#13 Use Warm Water Not Hot

To wash your face, you need to use warm water instead of hot. Using hot water prevents hydration and causes dryness and premature aging. It also leaves your skin dull and dry. When you have to cleanse or rinse your face, use lukewarm water. In testing the degree of heat, choose the skin on the back of the hands, forearm or elbow for sensitivity to the temperature.

#14 Lower Stress

Try stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation. The stress and exhaustion lead to skin troubles. In fact, too much stress can cause breakouts, bumps, and rashes too. Meditation exercises such as pilates and yoga is perfect for managing and releasing the stress. This also improves blood flow and the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

#15 Use Gentle Treatments

While cleaning and moisturizing your skin, you need to be careful and use gentle movements. Applying creams, lotions, makeup or moisturizer can make a difference. Soft brushes, delicate sponges, and applicators help to avert skin irritation. The epidermis is thinning as age advances, so you need to be careful in the manner of treatment. In cleaning or applying makeup use soft fabric or a gentle touch to avoid skin irritation.

#16 Go For Facials

Go For Facials
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A facial is a great way to detox your skin. The benefits of facial treatments are plenty. It eliminates toxins, assists in stimulating collagen production and removing skin dirt and debris. Facial treatments can improve the circulation of the skin, especially in women beyond age 50. What type of facial treatment is best for you is based on the specialist’s verdict. Choose an expert for suggesting the best facial for your skin. Anti aging facials, massages, peels, and creams can prove beneficial whether you opt for a salon or home usage.

#17 Shaving or Tweezing is Better

These are preferable to get rid of hair growth. Added benefits than other hair removal methods are there. For example, these remove excess dead skin and permit moisturizers to be absorbed into the skin. Chemical treatments can prove harsh for an aging skin.

#18 Go Natural

Another important thing to do is opt for skincare and makeup products that are organic and natural. Avoid over processed ingredients or adverse chemicals. Choose products made from natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil tea tree oil, lavender and other herbs.

#19 Don’t Soak For Long

Soaking in a bath can reduce stress following an exhausting day, but it can harm the skin if carried out longer than needed. If you cannot give up the habit of a long soak, opt for nutrients in the water for hydration and nourish your skin. Try salt scrubs, moisturizing agents and oils to get good results. You can even use moisturizer post the bath to ensure continued skin health.

#20 Choose the Right Cleanser and Moisturizer

Another key to healthy skin is to choose a cleanser, moisturizer and skin care regimen suited to your skin. Choose from a range of skin types. Oils skin is when people have fewer wrinkles as they age. For sensitive skin, products need to be tested before use. As you age, the skin becomes drier. This is because the skin undergoes lessening of oil production and cell turnover. This is more so after menopause. Using the proper cleansers that don’t sap the natural moisture of the skin is important. Don’t use hot water, instead of for lukewarm. Use cream enriched cleanser that is suited for dry skin. Thick oils and moisturizing lotions also lock in the moisture. Consider skin care products rich in herbs and hyaluronic acid, for helping

#21 Peels and Laser Therapy

Once you reach a certain age, you need laser treatment to get rid of scars, lack of even texture, sun and age spots. Light chemical peels also improve skin texture and tone, besides reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Opt for a series of these to strengthen the skin.

#22 Opt for Skincare Using Right Ingredients

Estrogen treatment can fuel the skin and slow aging. When estrogen levels plummet at the time of menopause, the skin needs to hydrate and produce collagen. HRT can come to your rescue. Old skin also suffers from loss of natural lipids like cholesterol and ceramides which add to dryness and inflammation. So opt for either HRT or bioequivalents for drastic changes in the skin post menopause.

#22 Skin’s pH Levels need to be checked

As we age, the skin’s outermost layer which is acidic becomes alkaline and weakens the moisture barrier. This leads to dryness and sensitivity. To improve the moisture content, opt for probiotics which can hydrate skin from within and prevent free radical damage. Incorporate foods like yogurt and kefir in your diet. Take supplements like lactobacillus for best results.

#23 Switch to Oil Based Beauty Products

From serums to cleansers, oils are perfect for the older age group. Creamy cleansing lotions deliver a moisture boost. Ordinary C serums can sting the face and cause hyper pigmentation. Opt for oil based products for the best results.

#24 Look After The Neck

They say the neck shows the first sign of aging when wrinkles and grooves appear here. Because necks are thick skinned and prone to sagging, wrinkles and dryness, it is essential to apply a thick cream twice a day every day and one or two night, you can even try retinoid o the neck which uses ceramides based cream to offset skin damage.


From a firm neck to healthy facial skin, there are a lot of signs of well looked after skin at old age. Older women need to be alert on scores such as skin aging prematurely and actively work for healthy skin in old age. Choose the best and most natural products to create the perfect look and radiate your inner charm and beauty effortlessly. Having a skin care regimen in place is equally important. While accessing a miracle fountain of youth is not possible, keeping your skin soft, healthy and supple using these tips and skin care methods is easy.


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