Prepare for Your Cosmetic Surgery

How to Prepare for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Once you’ve decided to undergo plastic surgery and selected an excellent plastic surgeon, you might think you’re guaranteed a fantastic result.  In reality, another key player in ensuring a successful outcome is you. High quality plastic surgeons will greatly reduce your risks, but they can’t be present during your recovery period, which is when you take the reins. Non-adherence to post-surgery guidelines could lead to serious complications such as emergency bleeding or other issues that necessitate emergency surgery or could permanently affect your final results.

Inspect Your Vitamins and Supplements

One of the major risks during surgery is an unpredictable and harmful interaction between the anesthesia or drugs used during surgery and any medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements a patient may be taking.

These complications can span from minor discomforts to potentially fatal events. Individuals preparing for cosmetic surgery should have their surgeon approve all their medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements at least a fortnight before the operation to circumvent these risks.

There might be a necessity for some patients to cease taking certain medications before surgery. If this pertains to you, consult your primary care physician to confirm that discontinuing your ongoing medication regimen won’t pose any health risks.

Align with Your Menstrual Cycle

While it’s permissible to undergo plastic surgery during your menstrual cycle, some patients prefer to plan their surgery around their period. If you intend on doing a Labiaplasty Surgery, check with your surgeon if you suffer from:

  • Severe menstrual cramps
  • Increased skin and breast tenderness
  • Hormonal acne
  • Intense headaches during your period

Dealing with these symptoms while recovering from surgery could exacerbate your discomfort. Discuss your menstrual cycle with your plastic surgeon to determine the most suitable and comfortable timing for your surgery. Remember, the stress caused by surgery could potentially alter or postpone your regular menstrual cycle.

Time Is Important

The healing process for most plastic surgeries typically spans three to six months. For scars to fully mature, it could take even longer. If you have worries about the final result, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor about the details. Your plastic surgeon can provide insight into whether your healing is progressing.

Factors such as surgical trauma (which is temporary), individual anatomical differences, infections, and swelling can affect the results. If you notice them beginning to thicken, discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Do Not Smoke

Quit smoking or at least reduce your intake significantly before your surgery. The speed of healing impacts the visibility of your scar and since nicotine hinders healing, it leads to more pronounced scar formation. Typically, smokers experience more visible scarring post plastic surgery. Most surgeons refrain from conducting facial procedures on smokers due to the heightened risk of noticeable scarring.

Be Squeaky Clean

The period leading up to surgery is the ideal time for thorough cleanliness. Ensure you shower both the evening before and the morning of your operation, using an antibacterial soap to clean every part of your body. In addition, wash and condition your hair during this time.

Many women opt for a low-maintenance hairstyle, such as braiding, lasting several days. If your plastic surgeon has recommended or prescribed a particular soap for skin folds or a specific shampoo, make sure to use them as directed.


Cosmetic surgery is a decision made for your own self-interest, not to appease a spouse, partner, or parent. Your body is permanent, so treasure it. Your level of comfort with your chosen surgeon is vital, surpassing nearly all other factors. Cosmetic surgery is more of an artistic endeavor than a scientific one, necessitating a joint effort between the patient and doctor to secure the sought-after results.

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