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Trachoma- Causes, Treatment And Its Prevention

Trachoma, also known as Egyptian opthalmia or granular conjunctivitis is a disease which is caused by bacterial infection. The disease is caused by Chlamydia Trachomatis, which is an obligate intracellular bacterium.  The infection leads to ocular morbidity in the patients and is also the cause of blindness. Trachoma belongs to […]

Hives Treatment: Natural Home Remedies

Picture this: it’s a normal weekday and you’re having a relaxing lunch with a friend when suddenly your neck starts to itch. You reach up to scratch it to get some relief and you feel it – a huge bump that wasn’t there just a few minutes ago. Already suspecting […]

How Bowel Cancer Affects Sexual Desires

Bowel cancer is the general term for colorectal cancer that is starting to grow in the large bowel. It is also called colon or rectal cancer depending on its area of origin. When you have cancer, the last thing that you might think about is having sex. However, smart people […]

Exercises For The Bedridden

Exercises For The Bedridden

If you look at the current situation of patients in hospitals nowadays, you will be surprised to see that the number of bedridden patients is increasing. You can also notice that those who are taken at home for palliative care are mostly bedridden individuals, too. There are many reasons why […]