Smoothie Diet Program For Weight Loss

The Smoothie Diet Program For Weight Loss

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With the tremendous rise of obese or overweight people in the world, there is no lack of different diet or fitness programs that claim for speedier weight loss result. However what you should select and which program can actually aid in achieving your goal effectively should be your primary consideration otherwise you end up wasting your hardcore effort, time and money.

However, there is one diet program that you can rely upon as it claims to bring its result just in 21 days’ time and that is the smoothie diet. Under this diet plan, you can ensure rapid weight reduction in a much healthier way as here you get all your nourishment through fresh fruits and vegetables in the smoothie form.

There is no need to remain dependent on weight loss supplement powders or pills anymore as they claim for very big transformation but they are not free of side effects risks. So today we have come up with an effective solution with our review of the best smoothie diet for weight loss.

The 21-day Smoothie Diet is a life-changing program as under this program you can experience a drastic transformation of your appearance just within 21 days. So now you need not to wait for several months in order to get fit into your favorite one size smaller dresses. The wait and struggle ends today as right now you are about to get a perfect, reliable and effective solution that will transform your life forever. So let’s start this short informative journey.

What Is the Smoothie Diet?

best smoothie diet for weight lossThe 21-Day Smoothie Diet is a weight loss program that claims to shed your several pounds just within its 3 weeks tenure. Under this program, you need to replace some of your big meals with smoothies that will aid in easy and speedy weight reduction.  Smoothies are a part of a balanced diet so it ensures that you lose weight in a healthy way without getting nutrient deficient or hampering your health any way along with losing your unwanted body fat.

However how much you will benefit under this program with regard to your weight loss goal primarily depends upon the ingredients you use in your smoothie recipes, portion size and your overall eating pattern. So the result success rate may vary from person to person depending upon these crucial factors.

Who is the Creator of the Smoothie Diet

Drew Sgoutas is the creator of the 21-Day Smoothie diet plan which claims to offer rapid weight loss achievement just within 21 days or 3 weeks based on a smoothie diet routine. He is a health coach, not a registered dietitian who created this program with an aim to help his clients in their struggle to lose weight. In his e-book “The Smoothie Diet” you will get 36 super delicious yet easy to prepare smoothie recipes.

Apart from the recipes, the e-book contains a shopping list and a three-week schedule for you explaining clearly which smoothie the dieter needs to prepare each day. Apart from this Sgoutas also provide a detox plan with recipes as well as detailed instructions for replacing your meals for three days with three days smoothies recipes.

In this program though by increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet you get nourishment but you may fall short of protein if your diet is not well planned.

How the Smoothie Diet Program Works?

Smoothie Diet ProgramIn this diet program, the dieter needs to prepare and drink two smoothies in a day as a replacement for a meal. The third meal of the day depends on your personal preference. However for ensuring the success of your diet journey keep it low in calories even though there is no outer restriction imposed on you. Sgoutas also ask for taking advantage of one Cheat Day each week. However, he suggests consuming only out of the recommended food list on this day. The creator says that there is no harm to the repetition of this 21-day cycle at any point in time in a year or lifetime whenever you feel enthusiastic to lose some weight.

What to Eat in the Smoothie Diet?

The 21-Day smoothie diet plan ingredients vary but the base plan remains always the same. This diet program primarily discusses fresh fruits and vegetables along with some amount of protein and healthy fats to make your diet a balanced one. For one solid food meal of the day, you will get some guidelines in the e-book for each day.

The recommendation will be regarding what you are supposed to eat and some of the whole food healthy recipes. However, Sgoutas clearly says that if you consume too many calories in this particular meal of the day your 21-Day smoothie diet plan will not work the way as it should be or what you have expected from it. Also, you get some suggestions of high-fiber and low sugar snacks that will definitely keep you on track in this whole three-week smoothie diet journey.

What Makes the Smoothie Diet Unique?

In the 3 weeks smoothie diet plan you will get proven recipes that have worked successfully in achieving the target weight loss goal set by the dieter while they entered into this short duration weight reduction program. You get detailed explanations of recipes that you are going to eat in this journey which is simply the replacement of two meals of a day to continue for three weeks’ time. The creator of this program shares the same proven 3 weeks weight loss technique with you as he usually shares with his private clients.

The thing that makes this diet effective and unique is custom 3-week weight loss scheduled. You will get all the smoothies on a specific sequence and frequency with the aim of maximizing the output or results in the form of shedding your pounds each week.  It’s nutrient and ingredients ratios remain different for every other week to ensure that you keep on losing weight and even sustain it easily.

Being a reputed health coach, Sgoutas has poured all his knowledge and experiences in this diet plan for rapid weight loss. He has thoroughly researched each ingredient and their nutrient properties in order to maximize the success rate and surety of this program at the end of this 21 days journey.

The dieter simply needs to replace some of the meals of a day with smoothie recipes provided under this program. Within a few days of its usage, you will see how remarkably your fats melt in pounds smoothly without any extra effort, still your energy level remains boosted every day.

Benefits of Smoothie Diet

Under 21-Day Smoothie Diet Program will experience dramatic weight reduction as well as other health benefits and this credit simply goes to its tight schedule that regulates your eating timing ensuring that you cut your normal meals of the day and replace them with a healthy nutritious smoothie. You can experience dramatic transformation in your body shape and overall health.

  • It helps you in losing 10 lbs to 40lbs (or more) of your weight just within 21 days.
  • This program is extremely flexible so as per your wish you can restart this 21 days program whenever you wish to lose your weight. Also if you like you can continue this even after 21 days of the program when it formally ends up.
  • The multiple varieties of ingredients including fresh fruits and vegetables used in the truly delicious smoothie recipes give an immediate energy boost, and the good thing about this is that you remain energetic throughout the day in spite of the fact that you are sacrificing your 2 big meals of the day.
  • The great nutrients dense smoothie not only benefit your health from inside but it also gives nourishment to your skin health as well. Your skin gets clearer, supple and toned when you start following this healthy diet plan.
  • As in the smoothie diet, you get only healthy fat and there are no additives used in its preparation so you also benefit your diabetes health. By controlling your blood sugar level to the normal state it ensures stabilized blood sugar level and prevents diabetes health risk.
  • When your body and tissues get better nourishment from your diet its benefit automatically reflects in your brain health and functionality as well. Your memory and thinking power get sharper once you start following this diet plan.
  • People have experienced better sleep quality as well as duration after following this 21 days smoothie diet plan which is really great as when your body gets enough peace and rest during the night you naturally wake up energetic and with a calm mind.

What do You Get?

On your order to 21-Day Smoothie Diet, you get following things-

  • You will get the Full 21-day Weight Loss and Health Improvement Program that Sgoutas uses for his private clients.
  • More than 36 super Delicious Fat-Melting Meal-Replacement Smoothie Recipes.
  • Shopping Lists for Each Week means altogether three weeks so that you can easily do the shopping work by showing this list.
  • In order to reduce and avoid the test and trial error risk while preparing the smoothie recipes, you will get Smoothie Making Tips and Preparation Guide. This will not only save your valuable time but energy as well that you otherwise have to waste in trial and error in the smoothie preparation process. Hence you can enjoy making these super yummy and nutritious smoothie recipes.

Apart from these things you will get the special benefit of two exciting bonuses mentioned below-

Bonus 1: Three Day Smoothie Detox

Bonus1This bonus plan really worth your earned money that you invest in this weight loss program. The detoxification work you can do even before starting your 21-day smoothie diet as prior detoxifying of your body will help in complete cleansing of your system so that you can easily grab the benefit when you start your smoothie diet program for speedy and effective results.

This detox plan is truly effective and beneficial as you can use it anytime you want to cleanse your body or system or want to shed off a few pounds quickly or to restart your body to bring it on track after a holiday when you enjoy all your favorite meals. After this 3-day smoothie detox, you will notice instant results in your weight loss goal.

Some of the users have managed to lose about 3 lbs in just three days of this detoxification program. In these three days, you will get three specially designed detox smoothie recipes replacing your normal meal of the day.  Apart from this, you will get a shopping list to buy all necessary things easily and as per your choice two recipe options as well.

Bonus 2: Quick-Start Guide

Bonus2This is really amazing and easy to go bonus plan. Sgoutas has designed this quick-start stuff for very easy reference for the users that can even be printed out and kept along with the hard copy every time wherever you go. With this guide stuff, you can start using this program immediately even without going through the long core guide.

It is a short and condensed version of the long core guide in which you will get a 3-week schedule, smoothie recipes, preparation guide, and shopping lists. This is a portable to-do list that will let you enjoy your fitness diet program immediately after you download it.

Apart from these goodies, you can enjoy this risk-free diet program for weight loss as you are also getting the assurance of 60 days coverage. That means for any reason if you remain dissatisfied or in between the program you feel that this program is not suitable for you, within this period you can claim for your money. You will get your refund once you send an email intimating the same completely hassle-free as no question will be asked from you. This feature makes it a completely risk-free program that every self-conscious person would like to try once at least.

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Will I gain back all the lost weight?

No, just like other diet programs you will not regain your lost weight again if you take care of a few things. The creator of this program says that it is not a quick fix, instead, it is a complete life transformation program to keep you slimmer and healthier forever. He says that after you end with this diet program your brain will naturally get adapted with it even after 21 days you will like to consume smoothie in your meals.

You can have smoothies even after this journey in order to keep your weight off. He added that one of his clients says that after stopping this diet plan his cravings for junk food and snacks naturally reduces resulting in him managing to sustain his lost weight.

How to continue after 21 days if I want to lose excess weight?

You can easily continue the smoothie diet plan even after 21 days for as long as you wish to reduce your body weight. This is absolutely a healthy diet plan so there is no health risk even if you continue after 21 days which is the basic duration of this program. What guidelines you have followed in these 3 weeks’ time can be continued for more than a few weeks and even for months. Every additional duration you will enjoy at the same pace as you have in the initial first three weeks.

Is this program suitable for people who remain busy during the day time?

Yes, of-course this program is absolutely perfect even for those who remain busy during the day time. Most of the users of this program belong to this category only who have a very busy day time schedule like working mothers, mothers with fully dependent kids, etc. For such people, only this program is designed so simple that you can understand it instantly and start following it.

It takes no time to prepare its super simple, nutritious recipes. In fact, while preparing your smoothie you can do some other tasks side by side to utilize every fraction of a minute. As per your wish, you can enjoy the smoothies immediately after prep or can carry it with you so that you can have it later on.

Is this diet plan suitable for Type 2 Diabetes patients?

Smoothies are the best way to grab the essential nutrients existing in whole fruits and green vegetables which are truly healthy for diabetic patients. The green smoothie made with different fresh green vegetables is a healthy source for replacing your unhealthy diet pattern and lifestyle.

In fact, the nutrient existing in a green smoothie can even reverse the effect of your unhealthy lifestyle routine that contributes to diabetes progression. However, as the creator of this program is not a doctor so he himself advises consulting with a doctor first before incorporating this diet plan if you are a diabetes patient.

Does anything come in the mail under this program?

No, this program is fully digital-based so you will not receive anything at your doorstep. You can start using it immediately after you make the payment. As soon as you do shopping for the 1st week you can start using this program. You will get its files in the PDF form.

Once you check out everything you can download everything immediately in your mobile, tablet or laptop for further reference. That means no waiting time is associated with this program. You can enjoy its benefit immediately after you finish purchasing.

What if it doesn’t work on me?

Though this program is for 21 days only but you are getting coverage for 60 days. That means after following this diet plan if you feel dissatisfied with its result even though you have followed it exactly as it laid then you are free to ask for your refund.

You will be asked no question and will get back your refund in your account within 60 days of the coverage period. Customer satisfaction is the first priority of this program and this is what makes it a fully risk-free weight loss diet plan.


You can immediately access and download this product once you have made your payment. It is available worldwide with a 60 days refund guarantee in case you feel dissatisfied and inform the same within this period. Different modes of payments are available so hassle-free purchasing experience. It costs only $47 but currently, you are getting an extra 10% discount under a special bonus. So you only have to pay $37 to get this amazing product to get a sure sort weight loss result that you can easily sustain for a longer period and in a very safe and effective way.

Click on the link below to place your order right now-

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Side Effects

Generally, the smoothie diet program has no side effects but it is crucial that you keep it in mind always that the detox diets are not meant for some people who are affected with certain health issues or conditions. Also, this detox diet is not for pregnant women, nursing women, children and people with special health conditions. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor first before starting any diet plan for weight loss for ensuing your health safety.


  • In this smoothie diet program, food tracking and calorie counting are less.
  • The focus lies around having more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You get a well-elaborated shopping list containing smoothie ingredients for each week. This ensures a hassle-free grocery shopping experience.


  • High in sugar content, as even a smoothie prepared with pure highly sweeten fruits can cross the normal limit of sugar for health.
  • Preparation work is very time-consuming.
  • It doesn’t provide a sustainable weight loss results.
  • It is not supported by Science.
  • You may fall short of healthy fats and protein as most of the smoothie diets recipes lack them.


In the end, we can say that the 21-day Smoothie Diet for rapid weight loss is really an effective program for people who are looking for a quick fix, yet safe program. It keeps your mind and body energetic and healthy during and even after the completion of this journey. And the 60 days refund guarantee is really cherry on the top.

However don’t expect a sustainable result, as like any other common weight reduction diet program when you stop following it you may again regain your weight if you start following your old unhealthy lifestyle routine. If with all these facts acceptance your mind is fully set to start this program then surely you are welcome to try the best smoothie diet for weight loss.

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