Natural Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual periods are those times when woman become weak and vulnerable. This is because at these times, they may end up losing a lot of blood. Thus, menstrual period should progress rather smoothly. However, if the women suffer from some menstrual cramps or other problems, they may suffer from pain and agony. Menstrual cramps are quite troublesome problems. A number of women may suffer from menstrual cramps at some point of their lives. It is essential that the problem of menstrual cramps and pain is solved with suitable medication. However, there are some natural remedies for menstrual cramps.

Here is a look at the reliable solutions for Menstrual Cramps:

Natural Remedies Menstrual Cramps

Tested And Tried Solutions

People should know that problems like menstrual cramps have been existent since the ancient times. This means that people have hit upon a number of natural substances and remedies. Thus, these remedies will work even in today’s scenario. One of the best natural remedies for menstrual cramps is heat. However, heat is used in different forms in other substances.A hot bath or shower has been proven to be effective for cramps.Hot compresses will also prove to be a good solution to menstrual cramps.Hot drinks like tea, chocolate and coffee are known for curing cramps for women.

Herbs and Herbal Tea

Herbal TeaHerbs and medicinal plants found in nature are the best way to cure the problem of menstrual cramps. The herbs are known for providing an effective and long-lasting solution for the problem. These herbs do not have any side effects and adversities. The essential herbs include commonly used herbs like ginger and mint. Making ginger or mint tea can help to provide a great relief and respite from the problem of cramps. A cup of warm team with ginger and mint will be one of the best natural remedies for menstrual cramps. Thus, you can try it out.

However, your options for herbal solutions should not be limited to mint and ginger. There are other herbs as well which will act effectively against the problem of cramps during menstruation. In fact, it is quite easy. There are a number of health supplements made of natural herbs. These substances are known for providing a healthy and reliable remedy for the problem. The medicinal supplements contain the herbs and other natural components that will act effectively and produce great results. The best thing is that these herbal supplements are without any drastic side effects and adversities.

Natural Minerals

Minerals and vitamins are nutrients that will help to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. These minerals can be easily found in a number of food substances. The following are the main minerals that will be some of the natural remedies for menstrual cramps: Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.

Calcium is a mineral that is present in a number of natural remedies for menstrual cramps. One of the richest sources of calcium and essential vitamins is milk. Therefore, if you take enough of milk, you will get enough quantities of the mineral known as calcium. Thus, you need to drink more milk to get rid of the problem of menstrual cramps.

Potassium is yet another mineral that boosts circulation and aids in restoring the blood lost during menstrual periods. A number of healthy products like fruits, dry fruits, soybeans, bamboo shoots, cereals like bran, parsley, etc. are some of the best things for gaining more potassium levels. You can have bran with milk for your morning breakfast. Or you can have more of dry fruits and nuts which contain rich sources of the nutrient known as potassium. Meat and fish also contain adequate quantities of the mineral known as magnesium. Thus, these are also prescribed in proportionate amounts.

Magnesium is another very important mineral that aids in curing the problem of menstrual cramps. This is because it is also universally found in a number of products and foodstuffs. The mineral of magnesium is something that can be found in good amounts in leafy vegetables and dry fruits and nuts. Thus, taking these substances will be enough. Also, magnesium is a solution that also helps the women to digest the other minerals like calcium and potassium in the body. Thus, magnesium is another of the main natural remedies for menstrual cramps.

Vitamin B

The main problem of menstrual cramps is that the muscles of the crucial organs suffer from pain and atrophy. Thus, the muscles should be given the best nutrition. One of the best things for the muscles of the pelvis and other parts is Vitamin B. This is because this water-soluble vitamin helps to enhance the flow of blood. Thus, the muscles of the body will become suitably toned. Thus, if the muscles are toned and well-built, there will not be any risk or danger of menstrual cramps for women. Thus, Vitamin B can be found in natural food substances and food products.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is the name for a whole family of herbal daisy plants which are known for having a number of benefits for health and fitness. Chamomile was wrongly believed by doctors to be unsuitable for women who are pregnant or having periods. However, recent research has revealed that Chamomile is actually a good remedy for menstrual cramps. The best thing about this herb is that the leaves can be mixed with tea to make a healthy drink. Thus, Chamomile tea is another of the natural remedies for menstrual cramps and other problems and issues.


The main cause of the menstrual cramps in muscles is that it is due to contraction of muscles. Thus, if you want the muscles to expand and become fit, you need to do some toning exercises. These exercises will end up making your pelvic and abdomen muscles fitter and well-toned. Some gentle exercises would be recommended. However, caution should be taken that you don’t do some heavy exercises which may further ruin the whole process of smooth menstruation. Thus, such gentle exercises will prove to be some other natural remedies for menstrual cramps and other problems of menstruation.

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