Things You Need to Do before the Baby Arrives

12 Things You Need To Do Before The Baby Comes To Your Lives

Couples try to conceive keeping age, work schedules, timings and seasons in mind. But, control is the last thing you have when it comes to the birth of your little one. As the first few weeks of fetal development are critical, as this can influence the formation of everything from the face to the heart and limbs. Before trying to get pregnant, it is therefore important to give up drinks, smoking and instead use multivitamins such as folic acid to boost your immunity. Here’s what you need to do before a baby comes into your lives.

What You Need to Do before the Baby Arrives

#1 See Your OB

Your gynecologist is the best person to regularly visit during different points in the birth process. Your OB will see you during the first trimester around 8 weeks to establish viability, confirm the fetus count and run time-sensitive testing procedures. This will give you good estimates about when to expect your due date.

#2 Be Alert About Your Cravings

Early pregnancy is the time you are most likely to crave rest and certain types of foods. Cravings and morning sickness are not a cause for concern unless you cannot keep anything down or you crave non-edible items.

#3 Assess Your Readiness for Childcare

The best time to study and evaluate readiness for childcare is before the baby is born. Start too early and you will most likely face a barrage of questions and concerns before you can settle down on infant care, babysitters and childcare amenities and facilities at your workplace. But this is critical so that your child can have the best facilities once he or she comes into the world.

#4 Keep Workplaces in the Loop

Don’t hesitate to inform your boss and take maternity leave. In fact, these are critical for your child to get the best. Unless you are mentally, emotionally, and professionally prepared to have a child, you should not opt for pregnancy.

#5 Prepare for the Baby’s Room

Prepare for the Baby’s Room
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Think up the color for the nursery, the name of your child and register in the sixth month, a time frame that is perfect. Do all the shopping for your baby shower and other essentials now, when you have plenty of time. Set up files for bill payment, recipes, clean areas for storage and more. Being organized is your best option so that your baby remains comfortable and happy.

#6 Adjust the Car Seat

Proper installation of the car seat is essential and you need to have your car inspected before the baby rides home. Prepare for a few weeks and locate the best child seat fitting station to suit your needs and locations.

#7 Find the Perfect Moniker

What’s in a name? A rose would smell just as sweet by any other name, goes the saying by Shakespeare in one of his most immortal plays. But the truth is that a name is an important reflection of your identity and who you are. So get out there, surf the web and even buy a baby name book if you need to.

#8 Stop Work

Women who are pregnant need to check with their doctor if they can work. Some women may be suited to working till the last minute. But it is medically advisable to stop work if you can and if the time factor is not a pressure, you can easily handle this.

#9 Check for Fetal Position

Another important thing is to check with your doctor if our baby has moved to the anterior position where the head is near the birth canal and facing your back. Most babies are settled in this position but 1 in 25 often come out from the other end in breech position.

You need to check if your baby is also not in the occipital posterior position. If your baby is in a wrong position, schedule an external cephalic version with your doctor. One such version has a success rate of 50% in correcting the birth position. Taking walks and stretching your calves can also support the uterus and pelvis, This can create more space to ease the baby’s birth position.

Tweak the way you sit if your baby is in posterior position. As per medical advice, sitting with the spine straight can help rather than leaning in such situations. If you are having a posterior baby, you may suffer back labor which can be alleviated by using a birthing ball. if you opt for an epidural, try various positions as you dilate. Let the water break on its own.

#10 Exercise Frequently

Exercise Frequently
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Pilates is really recommended during pregnancy. It strengthens the transverse abdominis. This wraps around the middle section. When activated, it moves well during pregnancy and childbirth. Research has found that mild and gentle exercise during pregnancy can indicate greater activity levels for your child. Walking is another wonderful exercise to keep your body in balance as you reach your big day. Walk for at least half an hour in comfortable, natural and fresh air surroundings.

An exercise ball can also be your new best friend for exercising during the pre-labor period. Using an exercise ball can strengthen your lower body for natural labour. Simple exercises are also there to keep the lower back loose and the pelvis flexible such as forward leading inversion, pelvic rocks and more.

#11 Right Sleeping Position

Once twenty weeks is reached, sleeping on the back is out. This can cause problems such as breathing, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure, decreased blood flow, digestive system issues and more. Sleeping on the left side is the best because it ensures blood and nutrients reach your baby. It also helps to place the baby in the optimal anterior birthing position. Extra pillows need to be used for support. Keep your pelvis balanced and your tummy plus shoulder aligned. Full body support can also be had through pillows.

#12 Take a childbirth course

Enroll in a childbirth course such as the Bradley Method. These classes can be a real boon, especially for first-time parents. Also be alert on factors like C-section, epidurals and drug-free methods of pain management. You need to be well prepared to cope with all the issues that arise during the course of pregnancy. Finding strength and focus is important. Increase your flexibility and boost your stamina. Think positive thoughts and learn how to best help your baby and yourself during the pre-birth period.


Dealing with the problems that arise and finding easy solutions before your baby is born is important. From nutrition to pain management, Lamaze classes to pre-natal exercise sessions, there’s a lot you can do to make the process easier. Keeping fitness goals and well-being in mind, work your way through the pre-birth period armed with knowledge to make informed decisions. Remember, your baby needs your help right from the date of conception. Be there for your little one and secure his/her interests through effective management and attention to even the smallest details.

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