Artichokes Are a Good Choice for Weight loss

As we all know that eating foods low in calorie and sugar is absolutely necessary if you wish to lose weight. However, finding tasty yet healthy foods to eat while you plan to diet can be challenging. If you are in search for such types of foods let me introduce you with ARTICHOKES. It is nutrient-rich vegetables and is an excellent source of fiber. And as it said, dietary fiber dramatically assists with weight loss. Such fibrous artichokes are dieter’s delight. Traditionally, artichokes were used as a remedy for liver and gallbladder problems.

Artichokes extract

Artichokes extract known as choleretic stimulates liver and increases bile production. The vegetable also contain Cynarin found in the pulp of the leaves that improves bile flow and increases the bile acid secretion. The formation of micelles in the gut is due to bile acid which promotes the processing of dietary fats. Cynarin helps in digestive process and also strengthen the liver and gall bladder function.

Artichokes are a good choice for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, artichokes is a good choice as they are low in calorie and thus make a healthy dietary choice. The amount of calories present in this vegetable depends on the size of the artichokes. For instance, a medium sized artichoke has approximately 60 calories per serving. On the contrary, large artichokes have 76 calories per serving. As you see, both the sizes are well under 100 calories artichokes can be a healthy food choice and can be used to replace unhealthy snacks like chips and cookies.

Fiber-filled artichokes for weight loss

Fiber rich artichokes help to curb appetite and keep your food cravings satisfied long after eating. Your body cannot digest fiber easily and therefore can keep you feeling full. Such feeling of fullness helps to avoid overeating and keep your body weight under control. In addition, artichokes cannot be easily chewed and require sufficient time to eat. This allows your mind and body adequate time to register that you are getting enough food to make you full. Besides making you lose your weight, the high-fiber content in artichokes help to maintain a clean and healthy digestive tract.

Artichokes extract and supplements

Besides, if you are interested in taking supplements, artichokes extracts is found in a number of weight loss supplements to help you reach your weight loss goal. These supplements promote fat digestion and metabolism and also aid in promoting the secretion of bile which is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. As it enhances the production of bile, it is likely to support you lose water weight. Moreover, this super-vegetable acts as a natural laxative and eliminates unwanted waste and toxins from the body and ultimately help to accelerate weight loss.

Artichokes pills- are they safe?

You can also check for artichokes capsules and pills not only as a weight loss strategy but also for stimulating digestive and eliminating organisms. The pills act as hepatoprotective effect and are diuretic and laxative. They help in disposal system and purify the digestive health. Such a system is highly beneficial to gain a perfect body. However, consult a doctor before taking artichokes pills and capsules. The dosage should be given according to particular characteristics as well as your body weight. Usually it is recommended to take 6 capsules daily in the form of three doses after meal. Also those with serious health conditions should take advice from physician before taking artichokes supplements.

The amount of artichokes to consume on a day

But the question is how many artichokes should you consume on a day? As an alternative to unhealthy snacks consuming two to three artichokes per day is ideal. For a medium-sized artichoke, consuming approximately five artichokes is considered healthy. However, this vegetable should be eaten along with other important major food groups as varying your diet will ensure that you maintain  a healthy lifestyle for a long period of time.

Where do you get artichokes?

Is it difficult to get artichokes? Not at all, they are grown in abundance in the United States and are easily available in the market. Ideally, look for heavy artichokes that come in soft green colour and tightly packed with enclosed leaves. To get delicate flavour, look for bronzed or frosted leaf. You can also find baby artichokes from the side thistle of the plant. If you buy artichokes stored them in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator. Add drops of water to prevent them from drying out. However, never wash artichokes before storing them in the refrigerator. It is best to use them within a few days of your purchase.

How to prepare artichokes?

There is a particular way artichokes should be handled.  Always wash them under running water. Take out the outer and lower petal and trim the sharp edge off of the outer leaves. Boil or steam the vegetable for 20 to 40 minutes until the center petal pulls out easily. Artichokes can be versatile and can be served hot, cold or at room temperature. They are best served as appetizers dipped in sauces and mayonnaise. However, lemon juice or olive oil is best to use as the monounsaturated fat in olive oil can help in weight loss management.

Besides, if you think eating only artichokes can give a healthy body, then you are wrong. Artichokes should be a part of your healthy diet. Drink plenty of water, fruits and green vegetables to stay hydrated. Do not get influenced with the junk foods found all around us. They are simply good for nothing. They can satisfy your hunger for the time being but will never benefit your health in the long run. So the choice is yours!

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