Best Diet Tips For Getting Six Pack Abs Quickly

Getting fit and healthy at the same time is one of the challenges faced by men these days. Having a lean body, six pack abs and toned muscles takes a lot of time, effort and hard work in order to achieve it. Even Hollywood male celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans have to undergo with the same process before achieving the ideal body they have now.

Although it may take some time, having that six pack abs is achievable. Aside from the right fitness goals and proper mind set, exercise plays an important role to get that abs quickly. There are various workout routines that can aid every man in getting that abs such as overhead bench squats, push-ups, abdominal crunches and lunges. Also, cardiovascular exercises like walking, running, swimming and biking are very effective.

Besides exercising, having a healthy diet is also vital in order to attain six pack abs quickly. Men think that since they work out everyday, they can eat anything they want and still maintain their physique. Unfortunately, that’s not the proper way to go. You can still have a chiseled body despite eating a lot as long as you take the right amount of food and nutrients needed by the body.

What to Eat

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds ate at least 2 to 3 hours everyday and yet, he has the body that every man is jealous of. What’s his secret? According to personal trainer Phil Learney, eating six times a day is necessary provided you have the right intake of food. Apparently, fruits and vegetables are not enough in supplying the nutrients needed by the body. For instance, calories are very important to make sure your metabolism won’t crash. And every time you work out, increase your calorie intake so that your body has something to convert on into energy which you can use during your exercise.

Eating 6 plus meals a day can cut into time thats usually spent doing other important things. For those on the go, there are healthy meal replacement options. Check out these Shakeology ingredients to see all the vitamins and nutrients that you should expect in a meal replacement shake.

Protein is also important in achieving six pack abs since it aids in the growth and function of the body. It also helps boost your metabolic rate by keeping yourself from feeling hungry and at the same time, prevent the loss of muscle mass. You can get protein from eggs, tofu, cheese, almond, soybeans and quinoa.

Most people think that carbohydrates should be reduced in order to get that healthy body. That is not true. Carbs should make up 65 percent of your daily calories and is the main source to pump up your body and give you the right amount of energy to last through the day. When there are not enough carbohydrates in your body, there is a tendency for your energy levels to drop, increase in metabolic rate and make your body crave for food. Carbohydrates can be found on fruits and vegetables, milk, grains, seeds and legumes.               

Fats are also essential in getting that six pack abs however, it should still be limited. You can get the right amount of fat from olive oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, flax seeds and nuts. Nonetheless, fats should be avoided before and after work out since it tends to slow one’s digestion of food.

Fiber should likewise be included in your diet since it makes you feel full and at the same time, aids in digestion thus helping you control your weight. According to some experts, 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day is the recommended intake. Foods such as berries, wheat bran, whole grains, oats, fruits and vegetables and cereals are good sources of fiber.

Other foods you can eat includes sweet potato, avocado, salmon and tuna which are good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, low fat yogurt, broth-based, low calorie veggie soup, leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, fish, chicken, lean meat and brown rice. And after every work out, drink around 40 grams of carbohydrates and 30 grams of protein shake in order to stabilize your blood sugar level and hormonal system as well as help your body regenerate tissues.

What Foods to Avoid

As much as possible, stay away from refined, processed and artificially sweetened food and drinks to keep yourself fit and healthy. Products that are labeled as “low carb” or “sugar free” are more likely to make you fat because of the artificial sweeteners and additives contained in the product. Chips and soda are also unhealthy and will hinder you from achieving your fitness goals.

Too much fried food should likewise be avoided. If you can, cook your meals by baking, steaming or grilling the food since it is safer and healthier compared to fried ones.

Cheat Day

After that heavy work out and strict diet plan, give yourself some reward by allotting at least one day for cheat meal. Eat anything you want, however do not overfeed yourself or go overboard by eating lots of junk foods or any other unhealthy meal. What you can do on this day is to increase your calorie intake or carbohydrates for example. You can drink juice however; limit it to just one bottle. And despite this cheat day, still maintain discipline in yourself.    

How to do it

Drinking at least eight glasses of water is essential in helping you work on your six pack abs. Other than this, protein should always form part of you every meal by including fish, chicken, eggs or lean meat on your diet. When you feel like eating in between meals, it is better to take fruits, nuts or peas rather than any other unhealthy snacks or sweets or worse, starving yourself.

During work outs, your meals should be focused on protein and carbohydrates and as much as possible, limit fat intake to a maximum of 7 grams only.

In carving out your work out plan, proper exercise that is according to your own preference and style and right diet should always go together. But the important thing to remember are to set realistic fitness goals, prepare yourself of the sacrifices and hard work you have to undergo and of course, discipline. Discipline is very important otherwise your fitness goals and dreams of having that six pack abs will no longer be a reality.

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