Best Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis : Top 5 Review

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Whether it’s worn night or day or 24/7, a splint is a perfect cure for plantar fasciitis. With a splint or a brace, your foot sits at the base with the top of the splint just under the knee. Strapped into the plastic enclosure, it braces around the muscles of the calves and yet another place to hold the lower leg and foot tightly without bending the feet. Many doctors may recommend sleeping at night using a splint for curing this condition. Night splints immobilize the feet and ankle providing support for it. Plantar fasciitis causes a lot of pain, swelling, and inflammation, and along with therapies, night splints can be an additional source of support.

Plantar Fasciitis: Know More

This condition is an inflammation or swelling of the ligament connecting the heel bone to the toe base. It gets its name from the ligament which is known as plantar fascia. Heel bone or calcaneus and the metatarsals or base of the toes are connected by it. The most common cause of not just plantar fasciitis but associated conditions like Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, and heel spurs is inflexibility of muscles of the calves. An excruciating and severe pain is the result when the foot and toes bend upward. Close to 10 percent of the population has this condition. Many people suffer for 2-3 decades. The ligament, the plantar fascia covers the blood vessel layers, a set of nerves muscles and tendons under the base of the feet, but ahead of the tendon. For helping the feet maintain its arch, the plantar fasciitis works like a bowstring on the bottom of the feet. Fatty tissue covers the plantar fascia under the bone of the heel. As one age, the pad of fatty tissues becomes thinner and causes painful and sensitive pressure on the heels. The condition has a gradual onset and closes to one-third of all individuals have it in both the feet.

Night splints are recommended post the evening after getting home from a day of hard work. It is suited for improving the calf muscle flexibility. Exercises can also serve to enhance the strength, suppleness and elastic nature of the calf muscles. But night splints can help further. Here are the benefits of wearing night splints for plantar fasciitis.

Benefits of Wearing Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

Wearing Plantar FasciitisUsing a night splint stabilizes the feet to heal the plantar at 90 degrees of dorsiflexion. The dorsal surface is located at the front of the leg and the extension of the joint denoting dorsiflexion and causing the toes to move near the shin. Yet another dorsiflexion is the raising of heel while walking. This position causes the plantar fascia to ease when the first step is taken.

Additionally, Achilles tendon and muscles of the calves or gastrocnemius lead to plantar fasciitis and the night splint is just what you need to keep the muscle from stretching. Improvements take place while wearing a splint but it can take 2 to 3 months to heal the foot when the pain is no longer there. In the case of small aches and pains, the splint can prove beneficial.

The 2 basic types of night splints are the boot-shaped and dorsal. While the dorsal is created out of tough plastic that fits the shins and the foot top keeping a 90-degree angle, with the arch and heel pointing outward. The boot type resembles a shoe with a spine at the leg and calf back to fit under the foot. It extends more than the dorsal type.

These plantar fasciitis night splints are ideal for treating and relieving plantar fasciitis pain. While the splints attached to the feet, the ankle plus the lower leg are bound to ensure the feet and toes are pointing at a right angle. These can also be worn in the night when the plantar fascia or foot ligament minimizes stress on the swollen area of the feet.

While there are inconvenience and burden, working effectively is possible with the use of night splints. Many have discovered that wearing the splint each night causes no pain in the morning and decreased pain in the coming weeks. Those suffering from plantar fasciitis may find benefits in using the night splint as these permit the ligament tissues and muscles of the calf to be stretched to the extent where the pain is permanently eliminated. This is, even so, when the night splints are no longer worn, and these braces offer adjustability as per a proper angle. The dorsal or boot night splints are attached on the foot’s opposite sides.

The dorsal splints come with massive plastic support stretching to the shin and the feet’s top to hold it firmly in the right angle while heels and arches of the feet breathe freely. The splint ensures the toes move upward and the plantar fascia named ligament plus the Achilles tendon are stretched. For those with plantar fasciitis, any dorsal foot splint works well for long periods during the nighttime. For the night splint in the boot design, the size is larger than the dorsal splint. This brace is under the calf muscles, leg and extends under the feet instead rather than on its top, unlike the dorsal night splint. It permits users to ensure they adjust to various stretching angles. Users can try it at the minimum angle and slowly raise it.

Plantar fasciitis pain can be really tough to cope with, especially the first thing in the morning. Those suffering from this condition are always looking for not just relief, but curing the problem on a permanent basis. Night splints on the affected feet offer a wide range of benefits to support and heal the foot which is damaged in a short span of time. While the most common choice when it comes to night splints is the boot design, the aid which fits around the feet, angle, and legs to place and stretch the feet in the right position, ongoing impact of the burdened ligament is undone using dorsal splints as well.

Boot Night Splints: Benefits

This Boot Night splint has many features that enable it to ensure optimal stretch and positioning. This plantar fasciitis night splint helps in stretching through dual tension straps to raise the angle of the feet plus an optional wedge to provide an additional 5 degrees of flexion and offer the perfect test for the tendon.

Additionally, boot night splints offer security for the feet, as they are strapped around the leg, foot, and ankle. These boot splints are considerably comfortable footwear to offer you the best and most relaxed sleep at night. Some boots may take getting used to, but the benefits are enormous. Using straps to ensure stationary positioning of the feet, it also causes the foam interior to be breathable and soft.

This boot-shaped night splint is engineered to be different from the other categories in the market. Apart from providing foot dorsiflexion, the angle of the flexion can be easily adjusted to even 10 to 30 percent depending on what works well for you. While the external part of the night splint has a hardcover, the inner portion is soft.

Dorsal Night Splints: Benefits

These dorsal splints are a good alternative as they have a smaller size and are not as burdensome or restrictive as a boot splint. They also offer wider flexibility in movement while ensuring the toes are stretched up for dorsal flexion and offer a great deal of comfort.

These dorsal splints are also easy to walk around in because they are small in size. Additionally, the fabric of some of these dorsal night splints safeguards against the retention of heat.

This splint rides along the top of the feet and the shin, leaving the arch and heel free to breathe. It pulls toes towards the knee while ensuring the Achilles tendon and calf muscles are stretched out.

This splint is also lightweight and has a unique design.

Soft Night Splint: Benefits

Soft night splints look like socks worn on the foot over the heel. The splint strap runs from the tops of the ankle to the toes to offer the right level of flexion.

Why Use Night Splints?

Night SplintsPlantar fascia ligament is strained causing the arch support to lessen, in case of plantar fasciitis. This leads to swelling, excruciating pain and swelling. The reasons can be one of the following:

  • Pronation or rolling the feet inward while walking
  • High arches or flat feet
  • The tightness of Achilles tendon or muscles of the calf
  • Running, standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended time
  • Being on your feet always
  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Jobs where standing a lot is important

Night splints treat morning troubles and eliminate the inflammation and pain linked to plantar fascia injury. It can ensure you are firmly on the road to recovery. Designed to treat Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis, a night splint comes with therapeutic benefits based on the length of the plantar fascia. It stretches the ligament causing the foot to be held upward with toes pointing outwards.

Additionally, it strategically places the feet in a 90-degree dorsiflexion angle providing a constant and gentle stretch to the ligament plantar fascia while one rests.

It also provides relief from the pain the morning after. The plantar fascia stretches the Achilles tendon behind the heel and prevents contraction. Using this night splint ensures very little stress in the swollen area of the feet. Night splints, when continuously used, can prevent degeneration and lead to effective healing in a long time. It also helps in recovering from plantar fasciitis along a period of time and ensures everyone from sports athletes to the regular Joe can run like pros.

But the night splint’s success also depends on the quality, the type of sleep patterns you follow and complying with physician directives.

Medical Studies and Research About Night Splints

Plantar fasciitis night splints are effective. Comprehensive research shows that night splints are efficacious for those suffering from this foot ailment. Orthotics and tension based night splint is an effective way to relieve the pain and swelling caused by this condition. In one study with 14 patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, for more than a year, the treatment was undergone with NSAID medication, physiotherapy, and shoe modification. For those patients who performed exercises and used night splints, the recovery was successful.

Yet another research found that effective plantar fasciitis treatment involves the use of dorsiflexion night splints. A total of 37 plantar fasciitis patients for 6 months found that night splints are extremely effective. Plantar fasciitis patients were treated with just the night splints. The study results have found as many as 88% of the patients experienced improvement till the study completion. Another study performed to test the efficiency of night splints found that of the three control groups under the study, where one group used arch supports, another used night splints and yet another used both, found that those using night splints and arch supports were the most well healed.

The benefits of plantar fasciitis night braces are really beneficial. The first step taken post deep slumber is less sore or painful. Additionally, the night splint promotes ligament healing and stretches the plantar fascia, maintaining it at a 90-degree angle. It also alleviates heel pain and gives a sense of comfort.

Night splints were critical for those suffering from night splints, but these take getting used to as well. It’s a small hurdle to overcome for curing a wide variety of conditions. Night splints are cost effective and efficient when it comes to treating foot conditions. They hold the feet in a right angle, stretching the fascia to keep it from tensed positioning while asleep. These splints relieve the feet from spiking and aching pain first received when waking up. The night splint reduces swelling and causes less stress. Here are the conditions a night splint can treat.

Plantar fasciitis can cause stabbing and mind-numbing pain at the base of the feet near the heel, once one wakes up.

Achilles tendonitis which causes a mild ache at the leg or heel back after physical activities such as playing sports or running. Pain worsens when such activities continue.

Foot drop where there is difficulty lifting the foot’s top, causing it to drag on the floor when one walks. This takes place in only one of the feet.

Bunion Pain occurs when there is a large bump on the toe and redness as well as thickening of the big toe.

Boot style night splints offer traditional support for plantar fasciitis and are more durable. Dorsal splint styles offer comfort in sleeping on account of soft material and straps stretch toes outwards to provide the right angle. Night time movement is also greatly facilitated through the use of dorsal splints. Dorsal splints and soft splints are used for less injury.

While using a night splint is beneficial for combating plantar fasciitis, it is important to choose the right size, be clear about how to use the splint carefully, wear it consistently and you’ll get relief from pain. With most people being on their feet a lot of hours in the day, plantar fasciitis can put a strain on activities like working, exercising or performing every-day tasks in the house. Resting your feet, using ice, stretching and wearing the right shoes are extremely beneficial along with the night splints.

Maintaining the right position allows for a constant and gentle stretch of the plantar fascia. It also stretches the Achilles tendon near the heel’s back which prevents it from contraction. Individuals using night splints wear them for relief and users generally reduce the time spent wearing night splints as symptoms are alleviated once these braces are worn for a period of time. These night splints offer maximum benefit. Night splints are used in combination with other types of pain treatments like NSAID, physical therapy and orthopedic devices.

Night splints exert a lot of benefits, maintaining the length of the ligament plantar fascia while the person rests. Consistent and constant use of night splints helps to maintain the stretch while lowering the stress within the plantar fascia and other inner muscles. Patients need to adhere to night splints for a minimum of two weeks. Many patients need to get used to the night splint. While some podiatrists differ when night splints are introduced as treatment, recommending its usage as a primary means, while others resort only if corticosteroid and exercises for stretching do not produce the outcomes sought. Other doctors advise the use of stretching and night splints as a passive measure.

Plantar fasciitis night splints can minimize heel pain in the morning and during the day. Here are the benefits of plantar fasciitis night splints in general.

#1 Get the Best Position to Combat Morning Pain

These night splints help to keep the feet at a 90-degree dorsiflexion angle which stretches the plantar fascia. While the main reason for plantar fasciitis is an excessive burden on this ligament, this right angle position offers the best relief and soothes the pain over time.

#2 Stretches the Achilles Tendon

These night splints also stretch the Achilles tendon. Plantar fasciitis is caused by stress and strain on the tendon. Reducing the pain or getting rid of it completely is possible as a well-stretched tendon can be the perfect remedy for plantar fasciitis.

#3 Stretches the Muscles of the Calves

Tense muscles of the calves also cause plantar fasciitis. Night splints work on calf muscles to ensure a stretch. This can have a soothing impact on the heels reducing the pain. As this condition results from pressure, using the night splint to support the ligament and the muscles ensures that the calf muscles undergo less pressure and the condition is cured.

#1 Cramer’s Dorsal Night Splint


cramer's dorsal night splint
Photo by: Amazon

This Cramer plantar fasciitis night splint has a lot of benefits. The Cramer company was founded in 1918 and is topping the field of sports medicine since its inception. This night splint is the best cure for plantar fasciitis, as it comes with a lot of benefits.

What It Claims

This dorsal night splint is used for combating plantar fasciitis and associated conditions like heel and arch aches and pains, tendonitis and provide support for nighttime sleep. it’s nonslip fabric also permits easy breathability and sweating is never a problem. This night splint is easy to adjust and wear. Its unique clamshell design provides the support your feet need to remain in a neutral position, preventing the shortening or contracting of the muscles and providing support to the arch for quick healing. In case the ankles or feet swell, the straps can be easily loosened so that your foot is comfortable. Additionally, the clamshell design has triple stitching to make it resistant to losing its elasticity apart from providing the best support.


Supportive Splint

This rigid yet comfortable supportive splint ensures that the foot and ankle remain at right angles. This splint is super supportive and can be attached securely, apart from being easy to fasten.


This splint comes with a 14-inch strap that is extremely adjustable. The splint is also easy to wear with heavy socks. The splint is worn at night, permitting the Achilles tendon to stretch when one sleeps. Walking with the splint on is easy too.


The splint weights around 7.2 ounces and is 5 inches tall. It is perfect for those who want a mobile, portable splint. The dorsal splint also has a small sized interior holding the foot in a neutral position. This stands in the way of contracture and eliminates pain. With minimal weight and a massive construction, this splint is super easy to wear. It also offers minimum heat retention and offers restful sleep.

Durable and Sturdy

The triple stretch strap acts as a perfect safeguard against loss of grip and provides exceptional nighttime support. It also translates to more breathability for the feet and the splint is also durable while being less bulky. It secures the right or left feet in neutral position to ensure relief from plantar fasciitis.

Created with the hard plastic material, this night splint offers the sturdiness to keep feet in the position and is carefully molded sans rough edges. Plastic sections surrounding the feet is open at the base so it can cover the feet on either of the sides. This also offers ease of adjustability. It also provides correct fitting.

Unique Clamshell Design

Cramer makes this dorsal splint with a unique design shaped like clamshells for keeping the foot in a neutral position to support heels and preventing contracture. The clamshell is also perfect for offering feet comfort and durability to ensure the splint serves for a long time. It offers unique straps that are triple stitched preventing stretching to ensure maximum support.

The brace offers enough length as a result and can fit either of the feet. It comes lightweight with a low profile and minimal retention of heat for the best comfort. The dorsal night splint offers the best budget deal for those who want comfortable support. It comes with a specially designed shell known as the small-anterior clamshell. This dorsal clamshell ensures the feet remain in upright position to fend off contracture and support the feet arch.

No Bulk

The night splint is known for being less bulky and offering greater comfort. It is created with less excess weight and bulk. It also comes with additional cushioning to make it ideal for the winter months. Extra, additional cushioning provides greater comfort from this night splint.


  • This night splint for plantar fasciitis comes with additional soft cushions resulting in less irritation and greater comfort.
  • This durable splint holds the leg in a single position
  • It does not appear bulky and also is extremely light in weight.
  • Straps offer triple stitched flexibility to ensure zero stretching and providing fit and reliability in terms of support.
  • It also comes with a clamshell design to keep the feet in place and ensures durability.
  • Additionally, the versatile fit means it can be worn on both feet.
  • The splint also provides least heat building up courtesy its minimum heat retention as one sleeps to provide optimal comfort.
  • It also relieves the pain caused by foot ailments like plantar fasciitis.


  • This night splint is extra large so it can be a problem for those with thin, narrow or small feet.
  • It can also slip while sleeping.
  • Splints cause feet to go numb if adjusted too tightly.
  • It requires considerable adjustment for the best fit

Final Verdict

This Cramer night splint for combating plantar fasciitis comes with a versatile clamshell design and a lightweight body that lacks bulkiness. The cushioning on the splint is an added benefit. The split is durable and resilient, offering the best deals. The thick and triple stitched straps of this night splint also ensure a comfortable fit.

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#2 Bird and Cronin’s Night Splint

Bird and Cronin Night Splint
Photo by: Amazon

This Bird and Cronin night splint is a wonderful support for those facing plantar fasciitis. This night splint comes with nonslip fabric so that there is no discomfort or lack of ease walking on tile or hardwood floors. The splint has the functionality and aesthetic value to provide relief from pain and foot distress. Whether one has plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendon, this heals the pain by dealing with the problem.

What It Claims

The night splint offers the perfect stretch and consistency to ensure the feet remains in mild dorsiflexion. The splint is comfortable and lightweight and fits both right or left feet. Additionally, there is no natural foam rubber latex. This night splint is medium-sized and the side straps can be pulled up for increasing the angle. The splint comes sans a wedge. So, the straps can be loosened if the foot numbs or tingles. The foam is also easy for washing as it is made of lycra. This foam breathes up and does not retain heat. Additionally, foam padding in the straps provides comfort across the flexor tendon. Center straps offer ease of removal with a releasing buckle.


Comfortable and Supportive

The night splint is designed to offer a consistent and comfortable right-angle stretch to the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia. It holds the feet in a level of gentle dorsiflexion to ensure ligaments and tendons get the support they need to heal.

Lightweight and Mobile

This night splint is perfect for those who want lightweight support. Its shell is easy to support and it has a removable soft padded cover for additional comfort.


The foam wedge offers a removable support that inserts and lifts the foremost part of the foot for an additional five percent stretch. The padded straps with the loop hook closure permit ease of use and removal. The splint offers relief for morning pains caused by an overburdened plantar fascia. This night splint comes with zero slippage sole to ensure the foot is stretched across the night in dorsiflexion posture.

Adjustable Flexion Straps

This Bird and Cronin Night Splint offers the best plantar fasciitis support on account of adjustable flexion straps that enable the ligaments and tendon to be gently stretched.

3D Molding

Additionally, the 3D molded strap offers maximal comfort and has foam padding in all the right places. For additional comfort, the interior offers a lining made of lycra which ensures breathability and easy maintenance as well. It’s lightweight, low-profile shell casing and centerpiece straps are an added bonus.


  • This offers additional adjustable flexion straps to ensure the plantar fascia is gently stretched.
  • The night splint also has padding in all the right places, making it even more comfortable.
  • The Bird and Cronin’s night splint comes with a lycra lined interior and makes it easy to breathe and wash.
  • These night splints also come with a lycra lining that ensures ease of maintenance and comfortable foam padding.
  • The shell has a lightweight, sturdy, breathable and low profile frame that makes for ease of use.
  • The slip-resistant sole is perfect while moving around the hour and wearing it.


  • This Bird and Cronin night splint is super costly.
  • It also causes sizing problems for some persons.
  • This splint can also retain heat sometimes.

Final Verdict

This is a Bird and Cronin night splint specifically designed for dealing with plantar fasciitis. It heals the tight and constricted plantar fascia ligament, muscles and tendons. The night splint additionally has lycra interiors and lining apart from foam padding that makes it easy and comfortable to use.

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#3 Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint by Vive

Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint by Vive
Photo By: Amazon

This is a soft night splint for plantar fasciitis. This is a unique product for those looking for a super soft splint that can keep plantar fasciitis at bay. The splint has a unique and versatile design making it possible to try on either foot, It also has a padded wedge for leg elevation to reduce inflammation and offer comfort.

What it Claims

This plantar fasciitis curing night splint is adjustable with strong straps. This extra-soft splint can be customized, therefore, to suit the size and contours of your feet. The additional soft padding comforts aching feet and its lightweight breathability makes it perfect for using overnight.


Alleviate Pain

Providing support for a neutral foot position, this soft splint lowers swelling and pain caused on account of plantar fasciitis. Apart from this, the night splint also lowers pain caused by drop foot, bunions or Achilles tendonitis. The splint stretches the foot through the night to alleviate painful first steps at dawn. This splint also comes with a studded foot massage ball for countering the pain.

Removable Wedges

This night splint comes with removable foam stretch wedges that tailor the stretch for additional pain relief with 2 comfortably padded stretch wedges. It is fashioned out of soft foam, with each foot in proper positioning for optimal relief. The wedges can be separately used or together or even removed. It is bespoke night splint support for offering personalized pain relief.

Diverse, Versatile Design

Additionally, the Vive Night Splint comes with a design that is versatile. There are 3 wide adjustable straps and the latex-free night splint adjusts to men as well as women. The straps are additionally created with strong fastener matter that ensures splints remain in place all night without sliding or twisting. The splint is designed in a versatile way to be aligned on either foot.

Soft Padded Lining

The night splint comes with a hardy shell padded with foam that offers breathability. It is also covered with additional soft material for amazing comfort. It is removable and washable. This lining is very soft and breathable, and it prevents any type of skin irritation, blister, abrasion, and rash.


The Vive night splint comes with a warranty so buyers can opt for this brace with confidence. Based on the condition’s severity, this item needs to be assessed and decided as a treatment mode. In case it does not meet the requirements of the patient, this Vive night splint comes with a sixty-day warranty so you don’t have to worry about the sizing etc.


  • The Vive night splint has a wedge with secure foam padding that enables an increase in comfort and foot elevation.
  • The sturdy strap is in place to securely hold the position and provide users with a customized fit.
  • Vive offers splints with additional padding for optimal comfort.
  • The brace can be worn on any leg with versatility as its key feature.
  • It is made of lightweight and breathable fabric that permits wearing the night splint for long hours without any trouble.
  • It is also available in a lot of sizes for different users.
  • The fit is comfortable
  • Such plantar fasciitis night splints combat feet pain as well.


  • The splints do not come with soles so being extra careful is important.
  • The arch needs to be raised and additional padding on the heel would have made it works better.
  • It does not have enough straps to maintain security as one period of sleep.
  • The brightness of color makes cleanliness and maintenance harder.

Final Verdict

This Vive soft night splint offers the perfect relief for alleviating inflammation and foot pain. It comes with a rigid structure and a soft padding. The night splint stretches the feet gently and maintains a neutral position to lower inflammation and pain in relation to plantar fasciitis. It is also useful for curing conditions like drop foot and Achilles’ tendons. The splint comes with adjustable wedges for stretching and elevating the feet for optimal positioning and pain relief. These versatile splints can be used with or in the absence of socks on the left or right foot. The Vive soft night splint also comes with a foot massage ball.

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#4 Mars Wellness Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint
Photo by: Amazon

This Mars Wellness posterior splint comes with all the essential features to combat plantar fasciitis pain. The splint comes with adjustable padded straps.

What It Claims

This night splint is an invaluable asset for keeping plantar fasciitis at bay. The dual tension straps also ensure that the splints remain at the right foot angle and flexion so positioning the feet is easy. the splint also offers lightweight padded relief. Keep your feet pain free with nonslip tread, removable wedges, and washable padding. The open design also keeps feet dry.


High Level of Comfort

The three padded straps with buckles ensure that the foot remains stationary and the straps are adjustable to tighten as per the level of comfort. Setting them to a tightness ensures the feet are securely set in place. Increased foot angle and flexion result with dual tension straps to ensure increased comfort for a maximum stretch to relieve the pain.

Low Profile Shell

This lightweight night splint offers a comfortable fit. The sturdy, breathable low profile shell works best for treating plantar fasciitis. Additionally, the open design of this night splint ensures users remain dry and cool.

Freedom from Pain

The night splint is the right way to combat plantar fasciitis. It keeps the ankle free from pain overnight. It also helps in stretching the plantar fascia ligament and the calf while patients rest. The plantar fasciitis stretch enables reduction of foot pain, inflammation and muscle contracture.

Easy Maintenance

The splint features a breathable, sturdy shell along with padded straps that make tension adjustment easier. The straps also permit the increase in flexion and foot angle for immediate pain relief. But what really works, when it comes to maintenance, is that the washable covering made of lycra does not just keep skin dry, cool and comfortable but also is easy to maintain.

Can Wear For Longer Periods

The night splint is an excellent way to cure plantar fasciitis, but it also has another interesting feature. The strap pressure is just right so that this Mars Wellness night split can be used for long periods without any hassles.


  • Located on the external part of the feet, the night splint allows the strap to be looser.
  • Wearing this night splint and sleeping for long hours is easy.
  • The night splint is lightweight and can be worn without a sense of encumbrance.
  • Plantar fasciitis can be effectively combated using this night splint.
  • As these posterior splints come in 3 different sizes, finding the splint with the perfect fit can be easy.
  • The low profile offers sturdiness and breathability.
  • It comes with an open splint design that keeps feet fresh and dry.
  • Slipping is not a problem because the bottom or base has a no-slippage tread.
  • The straps are adjustable to provide the best fit.
  • The splints have padding and a wedge that can be removed.
  • The padding can be washed making the splints easy to clean.


  • Straps running across the feet makes it tough to remove easily.
  • They can create discomfort while one walks wearing them.
  • The straps are too short for regular sized feet.
  • The device is uncomfortable for wearing and the foot feels immobile and jammed within minutes of placing the night splint.
  • The straps are not well designed, and the splint itself is large for narrow or thin feet.
  • Night splints are made well but the manufacturing of the strap system is poor.
  • Holding the fastener onto the buckle while cranking it down is important otherwise the former pops out.

Final Verdict

This posterior splint comes in as many as three different sizes and the straps are adjustable to offer ease of wearing. The splint itself has padding and removable wedges, offering the best fit. The splint comes with no-latex foam that offers skid-free movement. It also comes with an open splint design. This splint also has a sturdy and breathable set of straps and a padding that comes with removable wedges. All in all, it makes for an excellent purchase to combat plantar fasciitis.

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#5 StabilityAce’s Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

StrictlyStability Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint
Photo by: Amazon

This supportive night splint has over 4 different sizes for both genders. So you can have the best fit for your size. This splint is also latex free when it comes to the foam padding for dealing with various foot issues. This Stability Ace night splint is handy for easy adjustment and quick removability.

What it Claims

This Stability Ace night splint comes with removable wedges and padding, making it perfect for professional athletes and runners to combat plantar fasciitis. This results in swelling and irritation. Repeated strain can lead to ligament tears in the arch as well. For this reason, this night splint offers perfect support for extreme cases where people find standing or walking tough and suffer from tremendous and persistent foot aches and pains.


Perfect Complement to Other Treatments

This night splint supplements treatments like physical therapy, special exercises, and ice massage. A night splint which is designed to stretch the ligaments, muscles, and tendons while you are resting, this night splint reduces inflammation and even makes the first step in the morning easier. Using a splint also helps in keeping foot ailments at bay.

Convenient Sizes

When it comes to multifaceted foot support products, there is no need to look further than these night splints sold in 4 different sizes. It provides the best fit and the ideal stretch. While the splint can be worn on either foot, it has stretch wedges which come in 2 sizes providing the gentle dorsiflexion at the preferred angle. It does away with pain and aches.

Useful Add-Ons

This product is available with a spiked small massage ball plus 2 different wedges set. This spiked massage ball can be rolled along the heel and arch, after being placed under the arch of the feet to ensure easy support of the plantar fascia and make the healing process faster. Additionally, the wedges refer to small pieces of foam at different angles. Designed to be added to the splint, they add padding to the foot’s ball between the splint and the padding. Additional stretch is also provided to help with Achilles tendons or tight muscle calves along with plantar fasciitis linked pain.

Easy Maintenance

The splint comes with washable lycra padding so that one does not have to worry about the hygiene part. Wearing splints to bed is easy with this brand because the covers are washable and it’s easy to remove the sweat. This plantar fasciitis night splint is among the best in the market. It has a lot of support for reducing swelling and doing away with muscle contracture. The night splint is sturdy and lowers the pain linked to plantar fasciitis.

Useful For Curing Foot Ailments

This plantar fasciitis curing night splint has a padding made of comfortable latex to offer relief from the heel pain, foot pain, as well as plantar fasciitis and associated conditions like Achilles tendonitis. These splints can be worn every night and are ideal for warding off tightness in the calf muscles. Additionally, the splint supports the feet’s arch, encouraging effective healing. Minimal burden and a lightweight yet durable construction is the reason this foot night splint works wonders for those with plantar fasciitis.

Gently Stretching the Calf

This night splint helps in holding the foot in neutral position across the night. It stretches the plantar fascia ligament and calf muscles during sleep. This gentle stretch reduces contracture and muscle inflammation.

Lightweight Breathability

This splint can be manufactured using material that is lightweight, breathable, sturdy and comfortable. The splint has three padded straps that enable the feet to become immobilized. It also comes with washable lycra covering resulting in maximum comfort and cool against the feet.

Additional Safety

Splint comes with non-slip sole tread adding the element of safety when one awakens in the morning.

Alleviates Heel and Foot Pain

This StabilityAce brand plantar fasciitis night splint alleviates pain in the feet and heel. It works well for treating minor aches and pains. The model also comes with two stretch wedges and a handy massage ball for additional relief. The splints are easy to put on with clips and are light and airy using materials that are breathable. Customers can choose from a wide variety of splint sizes and avoid surgical boots that are heavy and tough to wear.

Holds Feet in Neutral Position

Using the night splint in neutral position ensures optimal comfort and immobilization. To make the splints more comfortable. stretch wedges can be used based on comfort levels. This Stability Ace night splint offers amazing value for the price. Additionally, it offers lightweight comfort and comes with a lycra covering that is washable and cool against the skin.


  • This splint can be worn in either foot with ease.
  • The padded buckles offer support while one rests.
  • It is present in different sizes for men as well as women.
  • A foot massage ball is also provided when these splints are bought.
  • The lightweight night splint offers extra comfort.
  • Wearing and removal of the night splint offer a wide range of simplicity.


  • The night splints may be larger in size than convenient.
  • Wearing this splint and walking with it on is out of the question
  • There may also be sleeping difficulties while wearing the splint.

Final Verdict

Trouble walking and pain are some of the symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis. Treatment methods also include surgery, but night splints such as these can complement the treatment. It can also be combined with orthoses equipment or compression shoes and socks for the optimal benefit. These night splints are present across a wide range of different sizes and offer comfort and stability, making them a good purchase.

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How to Use A Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint?

The plantar fascia, a thin ligament has protective tissues that run from the heel to the toe base. As the tissue becomes swollen, it can cause pain and stiffness in the feet. This pain is there in the morning and posts extended the period of inactivity. Plantar fasciitis is a problem caused by wear and tear. It is more likely in women, though males can also develop this condition. This night splint is a shin splint. It sits atop the feet, but also over the lower leg and ankle. It is worn at night when asleep with the means of stretching the plantar fascia.

Once the ligament undergoes stretching, it can lead to less tension and more relaxation. The sufferer undergoes less pain and by keeping the plantar fascia relaxed, it speeds up the process of healing and prevents damage. Night splints work post 12-13 weeks. Wearing the splint while resting or performing some other activity is viable. You can wear the split for a certain time period and gradually increase your tolerance to wear it for extended periods of time.

Beating this medical foot ailment requires a lot of remedies. So you can supplement night splints with heel support inserts, top quality footwear, and proper fitting. Those who are overweight can lose weight while long-distance runners can perform exercises that impact the foot heel and rest feet for a long time period.

The splints are not designed for use while walking or running generally. So make sure you remove your splints in case you need to move around in the night. These splint runners or users report varying and different advantages. Users, including professional runners and athletes, report different experiences to post the use of these night splints as the advantages change from one person to another. The night splint should be positioning your feet in a right angle to stretch the fascia and lighten the morning steps. Additionally, the tendon and calf muscles need to be supported so that the foot ailment does not worsen. It is a more effective and affordable way of managing common foot problems. The ability to ease pain and assist in the healing of the ligament is important.

How to Choose the Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

Best Plantar Fasciitis Night SplintsWhile plantar fasciitis is a common problem, relief is possible if the right treatments are in place. Forgetting optimal relief and elimination of pain, you need to have all the information about the night splint in order to choose the best. Forgetting the best night splints, here are the important factors that need to be considered.

#1 Type of Splint

The first point to consider is the type of splint you can purchase. There are dorsal, boot and soft night splints. While these are for the same function of alleviating plantar fasciitis linked pain, they have different structures and appearance as well as features and properties. You need to choose the best among them.


The dorsal night splint comes with a plastic support running along the upper part of the foot or the shin. This plastic support helps at holding the feet at right angles and leaves the heel and the arch free to move. The splint stretches the plantar fascia by ensuring the toes point upwards and this causes the tendons and calf muscles to stretch.

The pros of the dorsal splint are as follows. Leaving the arch and heel free ensures breathability. Additionally, the hard plastic support holds the feet together in a firm way. Additionally, it has high-quality durable materials and the splint offers a great deal of comfort for longer durations.

But the dorsal splints are not without their drawbacks. These night splints come with massive straps that can lead to excessive sweating. Additionally, foot slippage results on account of the design. The splint cannot be adjusted to different angles of stretching.


The boot-shaped night splint is even larger, as against the dorsal night splint. The spine is ascending at the leg’s back and the design ensures it runs beneath the foot rather than moving above it. It is a unique night splint because it permits users to make adjustments to stretching angles for starting at lower levels and gradually increasing it.

The boot-shaped night splint varies in terms of stretching angles. It is also easier to wear and offers a huge amount of comfort. Easy maintenance is also a plus point of washable boot night splints.

The boot-shaped splint, however, can exert pressure on the toes. For narrow or dainty feet, these splints are too large. It isn’t easier to walk while putting them on.

#2 Degree of Comfort

It is important to remember that the splint remains attached throughout the night because this is the way to ensure it is helpful. In case the brace or night splint lacks comfort, it will not be easy to fall asleep wearing it. While splints need to maintain the right position, it is also critical to purchase keeping the comfort factor in mind. Consider the padding or cushioning and softness oft he lining. The system of straps on the splint should also have some means of protecting the secure closure with the leg to prevent any type of irritation.

#3 Extent of Breathability

Essential airflow is needed for all the splints you choose to buy. The best night splints for plantar fasciitis offer comfort and optimal breathability. You need to ensure excellent quality of sleep, and this is only possible if the night splint allows air circulation and prevents sweatiness. An ideal splint should have an open design or mesh material to permit air to flow in and out.

#4 Look For the Right Size

Many splints come in different sizes, while some come in a regular one size. Irrespective of which of these you choose to buy, getting the right fit is important so that your splint’s mechanism adjusts to this. Straps for adjustment should remain in the correct point to firmly hold the leg and permit the right degree of tension.

#5 Check For Maintenance

There are so many different kinds of night splints. One should ensure that the splint is washable and easy to maintain. A good splint is made of a material which can be easily cleaned and you need to check if the splint is machine washable.

#6 Consider the Cost and The Reviews

Another major factor which must be considered when you set out to purchase night splints for combating plantar fasciitis is the price. Go for a splint that fits well, offers comfort and suits your budget. Read customer reviews so the experiences of other users are considered before you take the plunge and buy the brace.

#7 Consider the Weight

A splint that is lightweight permits easy and comfortable movement. Lightweight night splints such as dorsal type ensure easy portability and better mobility. A less bulky design also offers comfort.

#8 Take Air Circulation into Account

Choosing a brace that permits air circulation enables your feet to be able to breathe, minimizing discomfort. Dorsal splints facilitate air flow as well.

#9 The Right Design

You need to choose a brace fitting the feet comfortably to protect against slippage. An ill-designed splint prevents the feet from stretching so there is no relief from the pressure. A splint that offers the best design should be designed to keep you safe, offering thin straps, reducing inflammation, permitting adjustable design and offering the best fit for your feet. From the posterior or boot shaped design to the dorsal design, each comes with its own share of plus and minus points.


These night splints offer a great option for instant pain relief from plantar fasciitis. It may take some days to get accustomed to the stretch from the splint and getting used to the design is important. It needs to be worn for some hours at a time and then, once one gets used to it, it can even be worn for longer durations. Modern night splints such as those covered by this review are suitable in so many different ways. From soft padding to ease of use, the comfort of design and breathability of fabric, each of these night splints offers maximum comfort and pain relief.

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