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Best Vibration Machines – Top 5 Vibration Machines Review

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The latest innovation in fitness is the vibration machine. These machines have twin benefits of offering easy exercise and gaining quick results. Fun, simple to use and effective in toning the body and losing weight, vibration machines offer a host of benefits for the fitness enthusiast. This equipment is to maximize fitness and health benefits with next to no strain at all,  and the plates are used for vibrations that lead to contraction and relaxation of the muscles. This workout equipment does all the hard work for you and helps you to lose fat and gain curves.

Become leaner, stronger, and enhance your circulation system’s ability to function optimally. These machines save time. Workouts are just as effective, whether shorter or for a longer duration of time. Finding such machines is easy. But finding the best one requires a lot of strategizing and decision making on your part. You have to consider a host of features and factors like size and weight before making the decision. This guide will serve as a useful indicator of how to go about it.

Best Vibration Machines





Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine e1496429963769

Confidence Full Body Vibration Machine

330 lbs

600 W

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Workout Machine e1496430381203

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine

220 lbs

300 W

Merax Full Body Slim Vibration e1496430932126

Merax Full Body Slim Vibration

300 lbs

1000 W

G Force Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine e1496431573135

G-Force Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

400 lbs

1500 W

Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Machine e1496432397929

Xg10 Vibration Machine

330 lbs

250 W

Why You Should Buy A Vibration Machine


Vibration machines are an excellent choice for every fitness aficionado and are the perfect step to losing weight without following a rigorous diet. A vibration platform helps users to get into shape. Exercise becomes more comfortable to carry out and just more easily accessed.

With sales around the year, vibration machines are also more cost-efficient. Affordability and quality combine to yield an investment that boosts your future and is a smart way to be the best one can be.

If you are wondering which features or functioning of the vibration platforms are most vital, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.

Most people buy Whole Body vibration machines to improve their health. The most crucial factor to consider is that the benefits of whole-body vibration take place when waves from the platform draw a response from the body. While purchasing a vibration machine, you need to consider its efficacy and efficiency levels.

Vibration characteristics should be up to the mark, or the machine will not deliver on the health front. Benefits of vibration exercise are the result of enhanced gravitational loading attained by the platform being lifted. A stretch reflex is activated when the platform falls under you, and you move to ensure a stable landing.

Two critical factors to consider are how quickly the platform accelerates as it lifts and the frequency with which it vibrates. The platform acceleration rate during the lifting up influences the amount of energy burnt and level of exertion concerned. This exercise affects how muscular changes take place as a means of using the vibration machine.

Types of Vibration Machines

While many manufacturers use a lot of terms for describing the action of their vibration platforms, two main types are pivotal and lineal. As far as the pivotal machine type is concerned, the left and right sides of the platform on which the user stands to move up and down alternately around a central pivot point. It’s almost as if you stand on a seesaw. Lineal platforms are horizontal; the entire platform moves upwards and downwards.

Choosing between pivotal or lineal platforms is a question of your needs and requirements. Work with any machine though experts recommend pivotal platforms for most health benefits. This recommendation is because they directly work the g-force at optimal levels of frequencies to initiate stretch reflexes. Studies show the amount of vibration experienced in the head is also minimized.

How to Buy The Best Vibration Machine

One of the most important aspects to consider after the characteristics of the vibration The whole vibration machine can suffer a lot of wear and tear in very little time. Vibration is a problem when it comes to machinery, and there can be a real problem in electronics or moving parts. Investment in a vibration machine should, therefore, be backed by a solid guarantee.

Vibration machines have additional features that need to be considered too. Sub-optimal acceleration and frequency are not able to get the benefits of optimal vibration. Health benefits it offers are few. Here are the most important factors to consider while purchasing a vibration machine:

Size, Power Consumption, and Weight

Choosing an entire body vibration platform based on size, compactness, or just quiet operations is not wise. You need to consider multiple factors. You ultimately need a workout that brings out the power in your muscles. The vibration machine needs to release proper amounts of energy which is then transferred to muscles. Strength comes in the form of heat, sound, and mechanical vibration of the platform. This is a massive, loud, and energy powered machine for which you need to be prepared.

Motor Size

Many factors are involved in the engineering of the vibration platform. Motor size is an accurate predictor of the duration of operations. Check the manufacturer warranty and vibration specs to get a precise idea of the performance factor.

Platform Size

Another factor that varies is the platform size. Few exercise positions result if the platform size is not optimal. Medium-sized platforms are not a bonus because acceleration is only produced at a more substantial platform size. More significant the platform, the harder the machine has to work, however. So, increased platform size can impair performance beyond a certain point. Devices need to be checked for the vibrations that yield health benefits.

User-Friendly Features And Appearance

It is easier for manufacturers to opt for vibration machines that look nice. But engineering one that produces top acceleration rates at an optimal frequency is a must. Design elements are just one part of the picture. Which machines produce the vibration that gives the health benefits you need is the moot point here.


When you consider which vibration platform to purchase, the cost is an integral part of the equation too. The value indicates the capabilities of the machine. It is not uncommon to find tools that are not optimal even though their price is high. So, you should consider value for money rather than the purchase of a cheap machine.


A critical aspect of the vibration platform is the speed of acceleration which should be at least 10g and frequency at which vibration takes place (which should be around 20-45 Hz). If the machine does not meet these specifications, it won’t offer the health benefits one wants.

Steps to Buy The Best Vibration Machine

Few things are more critical than personal health and fitness. Most people would argue that health is wealth, So you need an own fitness machine that can operate optimally and get you the performance you need. Much like any other type of product, numerous manufacturers offer different products.

#1: Consider Goals and Budget

Before a product catalog is perused, or online Amazon site is checked for the best machine, sit and think about your goals and budget too. Consider your training needs and how much you can afford to spend on a vibration machine. What are your aims? Are you looking to improve physical performance by building muscles and improving explosive power levels, or are you aiming for weight loss? Start a vibration training machine even if you want relief from health conditions. Set a budget and stick to it. Much like any other fitness equipment, vibration machines are available at different points of price. Don’t pay more than you need to. Fancy jargon should not impress you. Real power and features are what matter.

#2: Consider the Features

The function of the platform in terms of its vibration amount and type is essential. You need to choose a machine that produces the right vibrations. Look and feel of the vibration machine is essential, but so are other factors such as attaining your goals. For this, you need to consider the following.

Vibration Type

The first important aspect to understand is that there are different types of machines which are pivotal or lineal. Depending on whether you want a pivotal motion or a lineal one without the central pivot, the purchase should be made. Pivotal machines pivot around a specific point at the center, which replicates the walking motion with the foot moving up and down. Lineal mechanisms remain on the same plane throughout.
While the pivotal machine ensures that the body moves more during use, lineal machines create a massive impact. This is because both sides of the body are simultaneously engaged.

Acceleration Plus Frequency

Other important factors that offer health and fitness benefits are the frequency and acceleration of the vibration. Muscles are strengthened by application of acceleration and mass; With a vibration plate platform, your weight is the mass and oscillations are the acceleration factor. Acceleration is measured in G units, and the higher it is, the more gravity causes your body to work harder. The frequency of vibrations are measured in Hz, and the optimal results means, you need to choose a model that has the best acceleration of a minimum of 10 g. Frequency should be no more than 50Hz.

#3 Consider Energy Consumption, Noise Level, and Size

While it is the performance that counts, you need to accelerate enough while producing the right vibration frequency. Models which are smaller or claim to make less noise don’t have the power to deliver the results one needs. Don’t purchase a vibration machine that has less energy consumption because of sure signs that it is expensive and useless, making it a wrong choice.

#4 Motor

The motor is a critical part of the machine too. It indicates the power of the engine and its capacity to deliver high rates of acceleration.

#5 Plate Size

Vibration machines with large plates or platforms give added space. This permits a more expanded range of exercises. But acceleration and frequency can both be negatively impacted by large plates. So in the end, you need to understand that there is a tradeoff and choose the optimal size. The smaller sized plates ensure that you can concentrate or tone the body. Tightening and elongating muscles and administering muscle therapy, upper body workouts are performed, and base features strengthen, leading to a steady vibration. So now you can get the benefits of a complete exercise in ten minutes flat.

This has a fully digital screen and remote for selecting varying vibration speeds and setting the timer, so it works well at improving the balance and minimizing the cellulite. It works exceptionally well on the surface and can be used for homes and apartments too. A reliable machine overall is perfect in more ways than one.

Top 5 Picks and Reviews

#1 Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

#1 Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform
Photo By: Amazon

This fitness machine can help you to slim down and enhance overall health. This excellent machine by Confidence is a perfect choice. Created keeping both male and female users in mind, it features tension cords and arm rails. Give your body the full workout it deserves to shed pounds and tone muscles.


  • Wide Range of Exercises

The Confidence machine is excellent for butterflies, arm raises, and more upper body exercises. It is perfect for oscillating motion works to lower cellulite, enhance circulation, and improve bone density. For a toned look and stamina, choose this beautiful machine.

  • Speeds Up The Exercise Process

Another plus point is that the machine helps to slim down and enhance overall health. This machine is an excellent choice for speeding up exercise. Delivering results in just 15 minutes of use each day, this has a reasonable price tag.

  • Design Strength

Another benefit is that this has a sturdy, robust base and a slim style so that it does not rock, while not in use. It offers a digital screen to display stats such as the number of calories burnt, minutes worked out for and more to get the most from the sessions. A functional machine for those focusing on weight loss, it is perfect for dedicating to exercise.

  • Variance in Speed Settings

Confidence Fitness offers a 1.5 hp motor and a considerable pivotal vibration during use to the plate. The user can choose from around fifty-speed settings and subtle, though felt changes in settings point to exercise which gradually builds up in intensity.

  • Sturdy Build

The Confidence Vibration Platform is a reliable equipment piece. The platform is 15 by 21 inches and made from dense, molded rubber. The machine has a weight of seventy pounds, which indicates that makes it tough to move once it is established. It comes with two wheels making the Confidence Fitness portable.

Twin yoga straps are included in the vibration machine. This allows for a wide variety of workout routines.

  • Value For Money

At a budget price, the Confidence Vibration Platform is above average in cost. This is on account of the quality of each of the parts. Extra yoga straps are included with the WBV. This vibration machine is considered durable and reliable for the cost it incurs.

  • Performance

The Confidence Vibration Platform has a 600 W motor that gives rapid oscillation of movements. The platform swings between the right and the left side. Oscillating movements help to improve balance and reduce weight as it replicates walking and jogging.

  • Sound Levels Low

This vibration machine is also associated with a reasonable noise level. Sound levels are low enough, so using the Confidence Fitness is useful in this context. It is a quiet and silent performer. It has a low and high setting to influence how intense the vibration session can be.

  • Easy to Use

This model has a centrally positioned, easy to study display unit. When users track speed or other vital information, the inbuilt tracker creates critical data such as elapsed time, pulse rate, and BMI.

Automatic shut off following 10 minutes of operation protects burnout of muscles and prevents users from overworking of muscles or too much dehydration. With an overall base dimension of 27×27 inches, the vibration plate is raised and a bit smaller.

  • Capacity

The machine has a 330-pound weight capacity. Confidence Fitness Slim has yoga resistance straps and maintains stretch positions following the vibration of the device. Confidence Fitness Slim offers exceptional support and portability too.

  • Power

The 600-watt motor provides a considerable level of pivotal vibration; This compact model has an additional feature, namely its remote control system. The users remove the remote control from the base of the unit and allow complete stabilization before motor switching.


  • Lack of Handrails

There are no support bars, so user stability is a problem. The model offers varied workouts, but the lack of handrails is a significant problem.

  • Lack of Centralized Display Unit

The machine does not have a centralized display; It can be intense in high settings and a bit destabilizing for a beginner user. The whole body’s stated weight limit is 330 pounds.

  • 6-month Warranty

The Confidence Fitness Platform machine has a warranty of around six months, and payment has to be made for return shipping of the massive, big device. Full-size vibration causes a profoundly intense movement,

  • No Lineal Vibration Capacity

Pivotal exercises are what this machine performs. This lack of longitudinal vibration capability can prevent users from performing specific activities.

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#2 Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine
Photo By: Amazon

At a much lower price than the earlier Confidence model, this plate platform-style machine is the one you want if you need to concentrate on toning as against weight loss. Created for tightening and elongating muscles, and providing essential muscle therapy, upper body workouts need to be performed; The base features are strong and steady vibrating so a complete workout can be had in just 10 minutes.


  • Hi-Tech Features

There is even a remote to select 20 varied vibration speeds and set the timer. It works to improve balance and lower the chances of cellulite. It works exceptionally well on any surface and can be used in homes and apartments. An overall robust machine is needed for those on a budget. A bonus is the resistance band.

  • Dual Motor

The dual-motor machine has a smart investment. The machine is compact to use in apartments or office. This is a full-sized machine in terms of its features. It offers dual motions such as vibrating and oscillating, which can work independently to customize the routine and target problems.

  • Varied Arm Workouts

There are clips to attach armbands so arm, chest and back work can be facilitated with upper body exercises.

  • Sturdy

This is a sturdy machine offering a wide range of exercises, making it perfect for domestic use whether you’re a homemaker, apartment dweller, and college students.

  • Value

The Hurtle Machine lacks in power and handlebars and makes up for it in terms of price. This Whole Body Vibration Machine also comes with resistance band straps for a low impact, different workout too.


  • Handbags and Display Pad Missing

In exchange for not having these features, the Hurtle is a machine which permits adjustment to resistance setting without bending over.

  • Less Powerful Motor

The motor on the vibration machine is 300W making it less potent than expensive units. For this purpose, the Hurtle Fitness Vibration machine is ideal for those not looking for an exceptionally intense vibration session.

  • Limited Weight Capacity

With a weight capacity of 220 pounds, this vibration machine is not ideal for those who are overweight.

  • Remote is User-Friendly, But Central

Having the remote control is a must without which the machine cannot be optimized

  • Limited Speed Settings

It has just 20-speed settings as against 50 in the Confidence machine.

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#3 Merax Full Body Slim Vibration

Merax Full Body Slim Vibration
Photo By: Amazon

This 2000W machine is a stand-up style providing therapeutic and health benefits, and it makes it fit for enthusiasts. With adjustable speed settings, you have to select how strong or light your fitness routine can be. Lengthening, toning and relaxing muscles and encouraging weight loss, it comes with yoga bands for performing different poses.


  • Arm Rails and No-Slip Grip

The machine has arm rails as well as a no-slip bottom grip. It can, therefore, be used by many different sized individuals and is terrific for prominent gyms or large families.

  • Value For Cash

This machine comes with a built-in computer to monitor calories and minutes. ON account of its large size, it has a solid build. Overall fitness is needed.

  • Long Warranty

The Merax Full Body vibration platform has a 1-year extended warranty.

  • Huge Capacity

It has a capacity of a maximum of 200 pounds. It also has additional yoga straps that allow you to carry out complex exercises.

  • Motor

The motor of this machine has an output of 2000 watts. It is one of the most significant productions seen in whole-body vibration. There is also an option for 1000W motors.

  • 10 Preset Programs

The machine also comes with ten preset programs affecting the vibration sessions and influencing the intensity variance with which the exercise can carry out.


The only downside of this machine is that it does not measure body mass index or body fat like the Confidence WBV.

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#4 G-Force Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine

G-Force Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine
Photo By: Amazon

This machine comes at a higher price. So the million-dollar question quite literally is that is the G-Force Dual Motor WBV worth it? With a dual motion motor, that oscillates and vibrates, it provides precisely the type of workout you need for specific requirements.


  • Wide Number of Settings

There are 60 speeds along with three pre-programmed workouts and three user-programmable ones. With so many settings, you can carry out complete cardio or cardio and toning, taking exercise to a whole new level.

  • Save Routines

It is programmed for individual users to people can save their routines. It is perfect for larger families or roommates. It looks perfect and performs even better, with a stand-up style that is part metal, rubber, and streamlined for modern looks.

  • Excellent Add-Ons

There are tension bands which can be attachable and a computer screen for tracking, programming and maximizing moves. This is essential for anyone serious about their health.

  • As Good as A Professional Gym Model

This features dual motors so you can work out using lineal and pivotal vibration both. Users can elect to perform motions at the same time. Linear motion is back and forth, not upwards and downwards. Users can even perform both actions at the same time.

  • Generous Dimensions

The GForce platform offers users of differing sizes a chance to handle a sense of security during the use. Curbed support handles permit numerous handheld exercises.


  • Linear Motion Not Up And Down

Unlike other vibration platform machines, the lineal machine moves back and forth. Specific exercises require side to side or pivotal motion. But this machine does not offer a lateral movement to enhance pivotal or lineal effects.

  • Variety of Speed Settings. Single Dial.

There are 60-speed settings but only a single dial to control them. If there is a problem, it can upset the functioning of the whole machine.

  • Tough Assembly

This is a robust machine to assemble, though there are easy to follow DVD with instructions guiding the process.

  • Needs Lots of Space

With its big sized dimensions, this is one vibration machine which requires a lot of space.

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#5 The Whole Body Xg10 Vibration Machine

The Whole Body Xg10 Vibration Machine
Photo By: Amazon

The Whole Body Xg10 is from DKN technology. It is like an integrated personal coach taking users through 4 preset programs.


  • Offers a Complete Body Workout

The machine comes with the upper, lower, midsection, and total body. It provides a total of seven frequency settings and muscles can contract between 20 to 50 points in a second

  • Consistent Vertical Vibration

This offers smooth movement for the joints through coherent, vertical vibrations as opposed to tilted or rotational vibrations.

  • No Set Up Required

This is a straightforward machine to assemble.

  • Extended Warranty

This machine has a lifetime warranty on the body and frame and two years on components and electric parts.

  • Capacity

Its user capacity is around 330 pounds, and it offers a solid body with top density grade steel reinforced by carbon. This powerhouse is capable of attaining speeds of 12G acceleration. It is a low speed, low magnitude vibrating platform perfect for domestic or commercial use.


  • Expensive

One of the biggest hurdles in purchasing this machine is the cost factor. As against cheaper models, it offers more, but the price tag is hefty too.

  • Lack of Compact Size

This is not suited for those with space constraints as it requires considerable space.

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Let’s see what the most frequently asked questions about these machines are.

Q. Are machines suitable for fitness levels for different users?

Yes, they work for beginners as well as advanced users. Ensure you pick up a machine compatible with and suited to your level. Choose the right machine after consulting your trainer and doctor.

Q. Do the machines work with all weight classes?

Most machines can hold up to 300 or more pounds. Persons of different sizes and weights can use them.

Q. Do these machines get results?

Apart from user testimonials, machines have also been approved by doctors, health experts, and nutritionists. But healthy eating plans should accompany this for optimal results.


While choosing a machine, you need to consider the type. This can range from essential oscillation to dual vibration, tri-planar, and sonic. There are different sizes and designs so machines must suit the need and space. There’s standing, full-body, and a single plate. For best results, choose an option that works. You need to consider many factors, such as features, specs, and performance. Choose a machine that matches your needs and your fitness goals.


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