Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

You must have tried many proven tricks and techniques by now to get rid of those extra pounds from your body. You might have tried going on a crash diet for weeks or sticking to a strict weight loss regimen. Some might have even spent hours together in gyms, lifting weights and walking many virtual miles on the treadmill. Some of the tricks might have worked too well for you while some might have not. However, have you ever tried any weird weight loss ideas? If not, try some of the bizarre, yet proven weight loss ideas suggested below and see if they reap successful results for you.

List of some weird weight loss ideas

Sniff Fresh Fruits

This might sound silly, but it actually works. Research results have proved that the more you sniff the less hungry you are. This trick has been tried out by many obese people and they claim to have obtained successful results. They say that the more frequently they sniffed the less hungry they were and the more weight they lost. The scientific theory behind this trick is that sniffing food tricks the brain into thinking that you are actually eating it and a chemical neurotransmitter in your brain signals your brain that your tummy is full. This is a very good way to suppress appetite by fooling your brain.

Eat in Front of a Mirror

A recent study has proved that eating in front of mirrors contributes effectively to weight loss. People who eat sitting in front of a mirror have found their appetite to slash by one third than those who do not. The logic behind this weird idea is that when you look yourself in the mirror while having your food in front of you, your reflection in the mirror reminds you of your weight loss goals and keeps your food intake in strict check.

Go Blue

Have you ever noticed that many restaurants are decorated in blue? If you have, then have you ever tried to discover the logic behind the same? It might sound strange, but blue color is an appetite suppressant. Research also shows that the color blue signals your brain too early that you are full. Cover your dining table with a blue cloth, serve your food on blue plates and dress in blue for a meal. Many studies say that the color discourages eating.

Click Your Food

Rather than keeping a count of every morsel you eat, shoot a picture of it. Save the pictures on your handy device like your phone, tablet or your laptop. Store the photos date wise and make sure that every day you see the photos before heading toward food. Looking back at what you have eaten in the past days will force you to think about your weight loss goals and will help hold back your hunger pangs. The next time when you grab a menu to order a meal, just devote a few seconds to see what you had in your previous meal. You will obviously want to cut down a portion of the meal this time.

Wear Tight Fitting Clothes

Do you know that French women tie a wide ribbon around their waist, underneath their clothes when having food? They do this to keep their appetite under control. They tie a cloth tightly around their waist so that it keeps them conscious of their tummy size. While eating, when the ribbon starts to feel tighter they stop eating further. You can either try applying the same idea else just wear tight fitting clothes while having food. This will help greatly to control portion size as well as maintain a curvy figure. Tight clothes also make you feel full very soon, thus you intake small portions of food.

Keep Your Room Dark

Quite strange, but it has been noticed that people who spend most of their time in dark rooms have a better health and are more fit than those who prefer being surrounded by strong lights all around. There is nothing much weird behind this as the concept has been scientifically well supported. Bright lights keep our senses alert and tend to make us feel more tiresome, where as dim lights are eye soothing and help relax our senses. Your body metabolism performs much better in a dark room as dim lights or low illuminated lights help our body to relax. Try spending most of your time, when you are home, in low illuminated or dimmed lights. This will help soothe your stresses and thereby boost body metabolism.

Sleep in a Cool Room

Besides sticking to a strict sleep schedule and hours of sleep, the sleeping environment also matters crucially for healthy weight loss. Research have proved that cold temperatures improve sleep and thereby help to enhance metabolism. The ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep is around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature that exceeds this range or falls beyond this range, can lead to restlessness and hence, disturbed sleep. When you do not have a sound sleep, your body metabolism, especially the digestion process is affected, as a result of which your body tends to accumulate toxins and fat. On the other hand, people who sleep in cool rooms experience a sound sleep, hence better body metabolism. Better metabolism helps in improved digestion and blood circulation, thereby helping the body to eliminate unwanted toxins and fats.

Play Light Music while Exercising

When you exercise, your sole attention seems to be focused on your work out. This can tend to make you tired very soon, as this gives an impression that you have been working on your muscles since long. You will feel exhausted and seem to get tired very soon. However, if you play some light music while you work out, your attention tends to divert toward the music and you will not feel tired soon. This will also help you to increase the time of your daily work out.

Work Out in a Group

If possible, try to work out in a group. Either join a gym or try doing exercise in a jogging park. You can even call up your friends to your place and ask them to join you. Exercising in a group will motivate you and will help remove boredom. It will not only benefit you, but will also help your friends stay healthy, taut and fit, while you enjoy each other’s company.

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