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Bromhidrosis (Body Odor)

Bromhidrosis (Body Odor) : Causes, Symptom and Treatment

Bromhidrosis refers to a medical condition where the body releases bad-smells plus sweat. When sweat comes into contact with bacteria on the skin that smells emerge. Other than body odor, bromhidrosis is also known by terms such as bromidrosis and osmidrosis. Body odor emanating from this medical condition can be […]

Medicines to Help You Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking Aid : Medicines to Help You Quit Smoking

Prescribing medication, health care providers can even help you to quit tobacco use and the quit smoking. These are medicines that are don’t contain nicotine and are not habit forming. It functions differently from nicotine patches, sprays, gums, and lozenges. Medicines for smoking cessation can help with the elimination of […]