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Steroids Affect Sexual Life

How Steroids Can Affect Your Health and Sexual Life

Steroids are a liquid form of medicine which is injected through injection for relieving certain health condition. However, there are people who abuse it and without the doctor’s prescription apply it on your body which is illegal and calls for many side effects. The primary side effect that can hamper […]

Jelly like Vaginal Discharge

Jelly like Vaginal Discharge : What is it and How to Treat

Ever been taken aback by the sight of jelly-like vaginal discharge? Well, you’re not alone. We attempt to tackle this embarrassing problem women often hesitate to talk about. Remember that part of keeping the female reproductive system healthy is to regulate the vaginal discharge. When it comes to jelly-like discharge, […]

Twin pregnancy Week by Week

Twin Pregnancy : Symptoms and Facts Week by Week

Pregnancy is an amazing time for couples worldwide. As you and your spouse prepare to bring new life into the world with more anticipation, as the event of labor comes closer. Pregnancy is a complex topic. It should not be taken lightly. A twin pregnancy can be even more complicated. […]