Dieting Strategies : Follow 5 Rules to Keep Your Belly Satisfied

You just had a meal and then you start to feel hungry in no time. This happens with almost everyone and the feeling is not over unless you scramble across your refrigerator and find something to wolf down. There must be something to put a stopper to this calorie cascade. Earlier on, we have discussed how to keep mind over matters and now we will continue to discuss how you can keep mind over belly. Over-snacking can be prevented if you keep your belly satisfied and only with the healthy stuff. Follow the tricks:

5 Rules to Keep Your Belly Satisfied

More water

Our stomach acts like a balloon and I am not kidding. Eat anything at all, and the stomach will get full. It could be food or water, anything to fill up that space. But filling it with junk food or meals with high calories is not smart.

A better way is to intake water between meals and you will begin to feel full while you are half way through. More water is a way to keep the stomach satisfied and kill your appetite. This adds bulk to the stomach bag and you will feel full without consuming too many calories.

More Protein

There is no denying the fact that protein is the most vital element of our diet and that our body is primarily composed of protein. When it is taken in high concentration as a nutrient, it will give rise to peptides (the breakdown product of protein) in your stomach. These small peptides will send out the signals to your brain telling it that you are full. If you take 20 to 40 grams of protein depending upon your age in every meal then you can achieve the best benefits possible.

For instance, your perfect breakfast diet will involve two eggs, and whole grain bread. At lunch, a handful of nuts with cottage cheese will be ideal. While at dinner, 3 ounce of fillet mignon will provide ample protein to satisfy your stomach.

More chewing

When we are really hungry, we tend to attack food like it will disappear if left for the next moment. On the flip side, when you eat slowly while taking smaller bites, you tend to eat less at meals. Some research points out the evidence that your brain gets time to register your eating amount if you take time and enjoy it slowly. More chewing is an assurance that your food is exposed to a greater surface area, and that digestion takes longer than usual.

More fiber

Fiber remains undigested while moving through your colon. Since it’s not digested, the process of absorption or assimilation is slowed such that you will feel full for long time. This has been proven by a recent study at Minnesota. Whole wheat pasta, spinach, leafy vegetables, peas or beans are some of the popular foods in this category.

More focus

While you eat, your brain has the ability to register your food intake. However, when you eat while being occupied, the brain is deprived of the ability to keep a watch. Don’t get too distracted during meals. Close the laptop or stop reading when you are eating. Trust me, your stomach will thank you for this change. When your brain is unaware of the fact of what you are eating, you will always eat more than what your stomach demands.

Once you are able to identify the discriminating signals, it will be easier to suppress emotional hunger rather than succumb to it. During the length of the three month diet, you will have to find a real cure to emotional hunger. Keep yourself distracted whenever a craving strikes.

How to burn fat –discussing strategies to dieting

When you extensively work out and pick healthy meals, your body starts to get acclimatized. Eventually, you will feel that you are getting toned after successfully losing a few pounds.

But when you are making an effort to lose weight, why not focus on losing the fat rather than losing lean muscle mass and assuring yourself that you are improving your health. If you have attained adulthood, you would know the demerits of having that stubborn flab over your belly.

The women would definitely dread the muffin top emerging over the belly spoiling the look on your best jeans. Similarly, a man in a similar situation would feel irritated by the pot over his belly that only makes him look older than he actually is. All such people would have one question in their minds, why is fat burning so slow and difficult?

We learn to eat in response to all sorts of emotions other than when our stomach is actually empty. Indeed, it is time to know what hunger feels like. While living our life in a rush, it might be hard to identify the difference between real hunger and emotional craving but if you pause to think about it, the difference will get quite clear.

Final word

It is commonly pointed out that keeping a slim belly is a sign of vanity. We all know that perception is true. However, when we start to mull over the pros of a lean belly diet and routine, a bit more vanity will help your cause. This is precisely what we aim to achieve from this report.

When you come to think of it, this lean belly prescription is not just about melting away undesirable fat but further goes on to effect the way you look, feel and outperform. In other words, loss of the undesirable fat to achieve a better shape can change your life in ways you can’t even imagine.

The ultimate solution to get rid of belly fat is by re-engineering a modern environment so that you eat better and remain active every day. Eventually, your active lifestyle will become a norm and hence a road to least resistance.

If you are one of those who are mere slaves to their cravings, it’s best to eat on schedule. Some troubled souls eat more when in stress. They need some time out. Going for a walk or a distraction other than food might be a good way to begin. After some time, a calming hormone serotonin takes over and you will start to feel better.

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