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Best 5 Easy Escapes From Snoring

Are you a long time sufferer? Take a minute and think that how many different solutions you tried to get rid of snoring? You might have searched dozens of solutions in web and tried many of them. Did those really work  ? We often miss a simple thing that we need to follow the remedies of snoring in a specific order- simply, which one to do first and which one to try at last.

Before jumping into the quick and effective remedies, let’s know the scientific reason behind snoring. Snoring starts when air can’t move freely through nasal cavity and throat. The main culprits are relaxed oral muscles. When these get relaxed, airway and throat get obstructed. At last when air tries to get out, it causes an audible vibration. It refers as irritating snoring.

If we look at the affects of snoring, there is a list starts from poor sleep quality, sleep apnea to even divorce! Yes, if your snoring makes your partner awake it must create some major relationship problems for sure. Take necessary actions after identifying the root cause behind before it gets too late. Another point to be noted that, we need to identify the exact reason why we are snoring before picking up the most fit remedy.

What is Sleep Apnea: Sleep Apnea is a critical condition because sometimes it turn into life threatening. In medical terminology sleep Apnea is called OSA (Obstructive sleep Apnea). It happens when upper airways of our nasal cavities get blocked partially or completely. This condition leads poor sleep because it makes us awake to breathe again.

Note: If you feel tired and extreme day time fatigue then consult with your physician immediately because your problem is not as simple as you think. It may lead heart disease anytime. So, get a self diagnosis first and if you think, dial the number of your physician to book an appointment.

Snoring- Closed Mouth: If your mouth stays close when you snore, then the problem is with your nasal cavity and tongue.

Snoring- Open Mouth: If your mouth is partially open or wide open, then the problem is with your throat. Either it is partially obstructed by fatty tissues or relaxed muscles.

Note: If you keep snoring regardless of position then the problem is little bit more critical. You may have to go under a surgery if required. But before that try to lose your weight by regular exercise and oral fat through oral exercise.

Best Five Remedies of Snoring 

Here, we are providing some effective no pill remedies. But remember, you are to follow these in a pattern, not in haphazard manner.

1. Calculate BMI and Lose Weight

Check your BMI (Body Mas Index) and if you are over weighted then weight loss is must. Remember, floppy tissues are prone to vibrate frequently than toned tissues. Excessive fat accumulation in oral region makes the muscles weak and these collapse back when you sleep. Don’t go for either any medication or extreme diet for losing weight immediately. Quick weight loss may incur some other problems like ketonuria. A 30 mins jogging in every morning can reduce 2-3 KG in a month. You may join Gymnasium if you are late riser. If you are man then you need to work hard more because a male has narrower nasal cavity than a female.

How to calculate BMI: Do you know, using a simple measuring tape you can calculate your own BMI? (Provided, you know your weight). Here is the formula-

BMI= Weight (KG)/(height*height) (Meter)

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2. Change the Sleeping Posture

Sleeping on back causes oral muscle collapse easily, that is why sleeping by side can reduce snoring by a drastic level. If you are not use to, then you can two different ways to prevent yourself from sleeping on back. One is using full sized body pillow to support your body and another is tennis ball technique where a tennis ball is placed on back. In maximum cases a pocket is sewn to put the ball there on back.

Tennis Ball Technique: It helps a lot. A tennis ball is not so hard and not so soft. Find an old shirt and take the pocket out from it, sew it on the back of a pajama. During deep sleep, when you try to sleep on back, the discomfort created by the ball will compel you to roll over and sleep by side. This way tennis ball can prevent you to sleep on your back.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol intake causes muscle relaxation, chain smoking changes the tone of the muscles in long term. If you develop a habit of alcohol consumption in a definite interval and started snoring, then avoiding alcohol may help you a lot. Drinking alcohol before few hours of sleeping makes the situation worse. To reduce the smoking you can use alternatives like Novus. But for the alcohol part, try to reduce the pegs per day and limit it within 15 ml per day max. But consult with your doctor before choosing the right alternative of smoking and limit of alcohol consumption because he/she knows your medical history and he/she can advice you better. If you are on party mood then drink a lot of water and try to make a gap of at least 7-8 hours between drinking and sleeping.

4. Have Dust Allergy? Change the pillow cover frequently

If you have dust allergy then you need keep your eyes on the pillow covers. Because dust mites accumulated on pillow covers may cause allergic reactions that may lead snoring. Change the covers in every 15 days. Remember one thing, some people set the pillow high, but this is wrong as it incurs severe neck pain later.  Neither set your pillow high nor use any cushion.

5. Drink plenty of water and Fluids & Get a Hot water Shower Before Bedtime

Stay well hydrated all time. You may think why we are telling to drink fluids. Secretions in nose become stickier when you stay dehydrated. A hot water shower will relief you from clogged nasal passage.

You may find some quick relief options like taking anti snoring pills, nose band, head band, anti snoring device etc, but before letting your money away for these products try these, you can do these all without any special guidance.

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