Eat Eggs For Weight Loss

Contrary to what most people think, eggs are not something that should be avoided on the ground that they lead to high blood cholesterol levels. Eggs have somehow earned the unfortunate reputation of being responsible for heightened cholesterol levels; the truth is that eggs have health benefits that most of us may not be aware of. We tend to believe that all fats are unhealthy and may increase the propensity for heart ailments. This is perhaps the strongest reason why health conscious people have started avoiding eggs in their daily diet. Even if eggs are eaten, it is the egg white people prefer to consume. What is interesting to note is that it is actually the much-neglected egg yolk which contains the essential nutrients and vitamins needed for a healthy body.

Why are eggs important for a healthy diet?

It is a known fact that eggs are perhaps the best and most readily available sources of proteins and fats. Besides being a great source of protein and fats, eggs are excellent sources of minerals like potassium, both vitamin A and B complex vitamins such as folic acid, biotin and choline. The fact is there are perhaps very few foods that can claim to have so many different kinds of nutrients in them.

Cholesterol is a medical term which most dieters have no clear idea about and this is why there are conflicting opinions about eating eggs. In a bid to keep cholesterol levels stable, people end up staying away from eggs. Research shows that the fats derived from healthy sources should be included in the diet whereas the fats from unhealthy sources like vegetable oil may be risky. Incidentally, there are many vitamins like vitamin A which needs fats to be absorbed better and this makes eggs a great choice for your meals.

How can eggs help you lose weight?

Benefits For Weight Loss

When you include eggs as part of your weight loss diet you may actually be able to lose quite a few inches in your waistline. This is possible because a single egg can contribute only about 78 calories; however when the eggs are fried or scrambled, the calorie intake is likely to go up. This is due to the oil or butter being added for cooking the egg. To lose weight, you must consume low calorie foods and eggs are an obvious choice.

A diet which aims to provide 2000 calories needs to have about 44-78 grams of fat every day. Each egg contributes roughly 5 grams and this makes this food apt for weight loss. Eggs are believed to be a complete protein since it has all essential amino acids. When you take in protein foods, they take longer to digest, keeping you feeling full for longer hours. This also prevents you from reaching out for unhealthy snacks in between your main meals. When you can control your urge to eat unhealthy and fattening foods, you can automatically control your daily calorie intake.

Eggs_02Including eggs as part of your daily diet: When you eat a breakfast that includes an egg recipe, you are actually lowering your calorie consumption for the day. While an egg cannot be considered a magic food for weight loss it is definitely a fantastic addition to any low-calorie meal designed to help you lose a few pounds. Eggs have been part and parcels of many weight loss programs too. Popular weight loss programs like Nutrisystem keenly include egg dishes in their breakfast meals which the dieters can relish and lose weight. You can combine eggs with whole grain bread or fruits in your breakfast which are rich sources of fiber.

A wholesome breakfast like this will keep your appetite in control since it takes a longer time for digestion. For a mid-day snack too, you can eat a hard-boiled egg that helps you stay full till your supper. You can also add eggs to the salad you eat to make it more appetizing and filling without making it fattening. For weight loss therefore, eggs are foods you can rely on because they help you shed the extra pounds healthily. They offer only about 78 calories which allows the dieter to keep a tab on how many calories he eats. The vitamin D in eggs is very useful especially for obese people who suffer from low vitamin D levels, which make them susceptible to diabetes or heart problems.

Egg recipes for weight loss:

You can try any of the following healthy recipes involving eggs to include them in your every day diet:

  • Egg Ole for breakfast: In this meal, you can crack two whole eggs in a non-stick frying skillet which has been preheated. Then you can slowly cook it on one side and top it with 1 tablespoon of guacamole and 2 tablespoons of salsa. This tastes wonderful when eaten with some baked tortilla chips.
  • Egg white muffin melt for lunch: You can scramble three egg whites and place half cup spinach over an English muffin made from whole grains. The remaining half of it can be topped with low-fat cheddar cheese. This muffin is toasted until the cheese has melted completely. You can then add the scrambled egg and a slice of tomato for taste.
  • Eggs for dinner: You can use olive oil in an oven-safe pan over medium heat and add onions to it. The onions are then fried on it with a little salt till they become brown. To this you can add about six diced red potatoes and stir them till they are completely cooked and brown. Next, you can add red peppers and thyme and then six eggs (that have been beaten well) to it. The eggs are stirred along with the vegetables till they are uniformly distributed. This needs to be cooked until the eggs get set on the sides and the bottom. Crumbled feta is then sprinkled over this frittata and the entire pan is placed inside a preheated oven for around ten minutes.

Although it has been proved that there can be no substitute for eggs when it Eggs_03comes to eating healthy foods, you need to understand that all eggs are not the same. You should ideally look for organic eggs which are laid by chickens that have grown up in a natural environment and not caged. Cage-free chickens produce the healthiest eggs that are packed with important vitamins. Moreover, when eating eggs, you should also realize that cooking can reduce much of its nutritional value; this is why scrambling your eggs each time may not be a good idea. When oil is used for cooking eggs, the fats in it become unhealthy.

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