How Fruits Can Help You Lose Weight

You can never go wrong when you choose fruits as your weight loss food. In fact, most diets include fruits in one form or other to help in weight loss programme.There are several benefits you can gain from veggies that no other substance could provide. Fruits are rich also in fibers, essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients for the body.

Do you know that fruits can turn your skin into a smooth and unblemished spot? That they can detoxify your system and make it clean?  Well, they do all these and many more.

How do fruits help you lose weight?


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Fruits can help you lose weight through the following methods:

Eliminate bad fats or bad cholesterol

Fruits and vegetables have oils too but these are good fats (High Density Lipoprotein -HDL). These good fats or good cholesterol are responsible in carrying the bad fats (Low Density Lipoprotein) from the walls of the blood vessels to the liver for metabolism and excretion. This decreases the amount of lipids in the system thereby reducing lipids (fats), and eventually decreasing your weight. Good cholesterol also has fewer fats and more protein content making it heavier and denser. These characteristics allow to transport the bad fats easily. This is one of the reasons why patients having  trouble with cholesterol is advised to have fruits in their diet.Its effective and natural as well.

Provide alternative source of energy

Fruits can serve as an alternative source of energy instead of glucose. Glucose results from the breakdown of carbohydrates. When it is not utilized, it is stored in the adipose tissues and the liver as glycogen adding more weight to a person.

In the case of fruits, the sugar that they contain is fructose which is a low-calorie sugar and not contributory to weight gain. Excess glucose, on the other hand, could add to your weight when the excess is not used for energy. This would be deposited in the adipose tissues in the arms, thighs and abdomen.

Help in digestion

Fruits contain large amounts of fibers which could help in the digestion of your foodstuffs. These dietary fibers could also trap toxins, foreign bodies and fats so they could be eliminated from the system. They also fight against foreign organisms present in the intestinal area. A healthy gut denotes a healthy body.

Serve as excellent weight loss food

Fruits are excellent weight loss foods. Since they contain low calories, they would help you lose weight. You can eat large quantities of fruits and yet, not gain weight because fruits are low glycemic foods. You could opt to diet and eat fruits only to cleanse your system. Fruits also help prevent cardiovascular conditions, and lessen your risk of contracting cardiac diseases.

Juice preparations are great snacks

Most people cannot do away with snacks, making them gain weight even more. Fruit juices, however, could serve as healthy snacks because you would not be gaining weight. Instead, you would benefit tremendously from the preparations due to their nutritional value. They are inexpensive as well, adding value to your purchase.And best of all , all natural.

Tips in preparing fruit juice:

  • When preparing the fruit juice, use fresh fruits or those from trusted market vendors.
  • Wash the skin thoroughly to remove dangerous food coloring or pesticides.
  • Use a juicer, so that all of juice would be collected.
  • Don’t add sugar. Sugar is “bad food.”
  • You can add ice cubes to give the drink a refreshing taste
  • Serve immediately for best taste

Aside from being an excellent weight loss food, there are still some functions of fruits, such as:

  • Skin smoothener (in vitro and in vivo- outside and inside of the body) it eliminates bacteria from the skin when applied directly. Even in vitro, some fruits act as an anti-bacterial.
  • Cleansing substance (in vitro and in vivo) – Some fruits act as anti-bactericidal agents.
  • Detoxifying substance – they clean the gastrointestinal tract of toxins, foreign substances and unwanted substances
  • Improves cognitive abilities – Many fruits help improve cognitive abilities like retention and memory.
  • Eliminate body honor – Persons who are vegetarians are more fresh-smelling because plants are clean, and exist in a purer environment.
  • Help in electrolyte-water balance – Fruits contain calcium, potassium and other minerals. The electrolyte responsible for water balance is sodium and chloride.

Fruits have various roles in the function of the human body. That’s why they should be part of your daily diet.  As a weight loss substance, there are several fruits that are superb for weight loss regimen.

  • Apples – contains pectin, fibers, and was observed to lower cholesterol.
  • Cranberries – contains lots of fibers, pectin and vitamin C.
  • Strawberries – contains anti-oxidants, presence of potassium ion.
  • Cantaloupe melon. – contains beta carotene, fibers and Vitamin C.
  • Grapes – contains Vitamin C, fibers, folate,anti-oxidants
  • Orange – contains high fiber, Vitamin C,

These are incredible weight loss fruits that contain minerals like potassium, calcium and vitamins that are vital for body function. You can almost get everything you need from these fruits. The minerals and vitamins from fruits are more absorbed by cell membranes than the artificial supplements. If you think about dieting, you can choose food juices as your weight loss foods. It has numerous health benefits that are beneficial to you, and to your weight loss program. You can have more than one variety of juices and thus avoid the monotony of sticking to just one particular variety. It also helps in bringing in different minerals and vitamins to your weight loss program.

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