Increase your Breast Size Naturally

Women want to look beautiful, attractive and desirable and one can hardly fault them for that. More and more women are becoming conscious of their image, looks and appearance. The cosmetic surgery industry is literally minting millions daily, thanks to the trend of breast enlargement and augmentation through artificial means. These methods are not safe and often result into serious complications and after effects. It is not just older and flat-chest women but even young girls are opting out for these surgeries as the pressure to look attractive pushes them up this path, mercilessly.

Yet, there are women who do not wish to go under the knife but still want to enhance their looks. The reasons are both financial constraints – since the surgery happens to be pretty expensive – and safety concerns – many operations get horribly botched and leave the woman with both mental and physical scars. This is why many turn to pills but just like all the other medications; these pills too have their own range of effects and side effect. You must be extra careful when opting for these pills to increase your breast size. All these factors propel women in the direction of searching for ways to increase their breast size, naturally. Natural treatments for increasing your breast size tend to be non-invasive and are a much safer option, for both your body and mind.

5 ways to increase breast size


Breast massage increases blood circulation and stimulates growth. It enables phytoestrogens to travel through the bloodstream and the more the blood flows to your breasts the better it is for the breast receptors to latch on to what they need to grow. The breast massage also enhances prolactin production. Prolactin is a breast enhancing hormone which is triggered by consistent stimulation of nipples and breasts. If you regularly massage your breasts about twenty to thirty minutes a day; chances are that your breast size can grow one cup in about thirty days.

As an added bonus your menstrual flow is reduced dramatically as the breast massage stimulates your body and creates a state where in the blood that your body normally loses through your period, is used up to enhance your breasts. The surge that is created in your hormones by the massage lessens your PMS (Post Menstrual Stress). But, it does increase the nipple sensitivity, so you need to avoid touching your nipples while doing this exercise.

How to do it? – You need to start by rubbing your hands together at a fast pace in order to generate heat. Once your hands have become warm; put them on your breasts. Massage your breasts inwards with circular motion around them. It should be in clockwise direction with your right hand and counter clockwise with your left hand. You should do at least hundred to three hundred rubs every morning and before going to bed. Each rubbing cycle should be of about two seconds. It will be best to pause every now and then and warm up your hands by rubbing them together, vigorously.

Which oil to use? – To make the massage results more effective use nine drops of geranium oil with sixteen drops of Ylang Ylang oil base in 50 ml of almond oil. You can rub this oil mixture either during massage or separately.

This method is taken from an old Taoist exercise for the female deer and has been tried and tested over hundreds and thousands of years. All you will need is time, patience and dedication.

Herbal breast enhancing pills

These natural pills are another way of increasing women’s breast size. They release estrogen which is a big part of your breast development. As it is, post puberty the estrogen and other such hormones in the female body, tend to decrease in strength. But, research and study have discovered some plants that produce phyto-estrogen. This compound helps generate a release of human estrogen once again and helps in developing new breast tissues.

Herbal Creams

There are a number of organic and natural creams available in the market that promise to help women enhance the size of their breasts, most naturally. These creams are created from various herbal extracts and are often taken from the ancient herbal remedies and methods. Though, there are enough modern companies that are conducting their own research and experimentation to create these creams and sell them in the market. People are increasingly leaning towards natural products for all kinds of body treatments.

Physical exercise

There are also a number of exercises that can be used to increase the size of your breasts, naturally. Perform regular pushup exercises, as they will help you build the muscles in your chest and breast area. You can also hold some weight in each hand and do some arm lifting exercises while sitting in a straight backed chair. Lift the weight outward till your arms are aligned with your shoulders and hold till the count of five. Women should do three sets of this exercise with five repetitions, daily.


Food is what makes your body. While you are doing all the above – massage, herbal pills and exercise – it is best to cement them with a good intake of right food. Eat decent amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This will help you prevent over production of testosterone which limits natural breast growth. The health industry today is rife with all sorts of natural supplements and food products. There are the whey protein powders, wheat grass, soya products and a slew of health related food that help build your body fat and muscle without any side effects or adverse impacts. Many of them are also directed at specific growth areas.

You can also supplement your diet with estrogen rich foods like soybeans, peas and kidney beans. These will increase your natural estrogen production and help in the growth of breast tissue. You should also add fresh herbs to your diet by adding wild yam and fenugreek which are known to be good stimulants for stimulating growth of the muscles and tissue.

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