Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac Nail Polish: Protecting Your Nails With The Super Polish

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Guess how much is spent on nail polish in the US alone? It’s a whopping US$768 million. Nails are far more than just a platform for bright shades and nail art. Regarded as an aesthetic feature, nail polish can protect your nails too. Consider that nails reflect the state of our health. Any change such as thickening or discoloration can create health issues including kidney and liver diseases, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Nails as an Indicator of Health

Nails reflect the general health state. Changes such as thickening or discoloration can be signs of a deeper problem such as liver or kidney disease, lung, and heart conditions apart from diabetes and anemia. Nails provide a clue about the state of the underlying health. On an average, healthy nails grow at the rate of 3.5 mm per month, but this is in turn influenced by nutritional status, chronic diseases, trauma, and medications as well as the aging process. If any changes are noted in the nails such as swelling, changes in shape and thickness, or swelling, the dermatologist should be immediately consulted. Nail polish can make or break nail health. Yellow nails age with time as acrylic nails leads to a yellow type hue. If the nails are crumbly, thick and yellow, a fungal infection can also start. Additionally, dry, brittle or cracked nails may result if one lives in a region with low humidity. Splitting and cracking are also caused due to fungal infection or thyroid diseases. This includes hypothyroidism. Brittle nails also result from vitamin deficiency. Pitting, vertical or horizontal ridges and spooning of the nails may also result. This is where shellac nail polish comes into play.

So are your nails unhealthy?

If you said yes, you are not alone. There are thousands of women in the U.S. who have unhealthy nails. The reasons for unhealthy nails vary.

Two Main Reason For Unhealthy Nails Are:

  1. Overexposure to harsh chemicals
  2. Overexposure to water

Overexposure To Harsh Chemicals

In modern day living there are many different chemicals which we handle. Many household cleaning supplies are not good for our nails. Harsh household chemicals range from bathroom scum removers to laundry stain removers. Household chemicals are not the only harsh chemicals our nails see.

Many women absolutely love to get their nails done. Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, or just to pamper yourself a little. Some nail services are extremely damaging to your nails. One of these is Acrylic Nails. Acrylic Nails have been popular for many years and it is a well-known fact that it is not good for your nails. Not only are there damaging chemicals in the application process but also in the removal process. Removal requires harsh sanding and filing of the nails and many women complain that the process is painful.

Overexposure To Water

When mentioning that overexposure to water can create unhealthy nails many people are skeptical. They don’t understand why too much water is bad for the nails. The main reason why too much water can create unhealthy nails is that your nails get extremely dry. Each time your nails get soaked in water they must dry and each time more and more moisture leaves the nail.

How To Prevent Unhealthy Nails?

You could obviously wear gloves when handling harsh chemicals and limit exposure to water. Some of us, however, have our hands in water a lot of every day and deal with harsh chemicals. For these people, we want to introduce a solution to your unhealthy nails that not only works but also looks fabulous.

Many women are finding that a Shellac Manicure solves their unhealthy nails problem. Shellac Nails are the new “Super Polish” that is quickly spreading throughout the world. The polish does not contain harsh chemicals that damage your nail and the removal process is quick and easy. There is absolutely no nail filing or sanding when it comes to applying shellac and removing shellac.

Shellac or Super Nail Polish: The Cure for Nail Trouble

Rather than opting for nail polishes of a certain kind, a more durable option is to choose shellac nails. Shellac nail polish is a treatment specifically called a gel manicure. It is a long-lasting manicure and can last up to a complete month without additional coats, chips or breaks. It is essential to consider the benefits and drawbacks when it comes to handling nail salon issues. A nail salon that practices excellent hygiene and is well licensed is the true deal.

Before adding nail polish gel, you need to have healthy nails. The loop is completed through shellac super polish. If your cuticles and nail bed are in good condition, gel polish can make it even better. Fix your nails before using this super polish for best results. An innovative polish with a perfect durability, it is essential for preventing chipping. Shellac gel finish lasts for as long as a month.

The durability of this super nail polish treatment is also its key benefit. Gel polish works best with LED or UV light. Regular exposure to UV rays can cause age spots. Shellac or nail gel polish lasts for as long as 2 weeks. Some women find the nail polish remains in place for a full month. If there is fresh nail growth, one may need to visit a salon for a touch-up.

What you need to watch out for is that gel polish is porous and cleaning products, chemicals such as pool additives can cause peeling and chipping. Additionally, the UV light used to cure the polish must be just right. Additionally, gel nail polish needs to be removed correctly. An LED light lamp is the perfect way to cure gel polish and sunscreen needs to be applied on the hands before polish application or gloves used to protect the skin from the ultraviolet radiation. Lotions and moisturizers also work well when it comes to combating dry skin and brittle nail as opposed to acetone. Additionally, while opting for a professional manicure, the acrylic nail can be used or one’s own nails can be manicured.

Longer Staying Power

Shellac or Super Nail Polish
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Gel nail polish offers longer staying power than traditional nail polish. Home care is needed to ensure nails remain healthy and the polish looks awesome. Cuticle oil needs to be applied to the nails at least twice in a day. This penetrates the polish layer and nourishes the nail bed. This also ensures the nails remain healthy beneath the awesome colors. While using strong tanning oils or chemicals, gloves are a must.

Gel nail polish needs to be removed well, to protect the cuticles and nails during the process. One may want to peel the nail polish off and this can then chip or become loose. Tearing or peeling away the of the top nail layer needs can be a disaster you definitely want to avoid. It is best to choose nails soaked and wrapped in acetone to cause the gel polish to loosen. Additionally, the wrapping employs body heat to cause the polish to loosen so removal is facilitated. The nail technician also needs to scrape the surface of the nail to remove the polish, though this works better than peeling the polish off. Buffing also helps to smoothen the nail surfaces.

When manicures are concerned, you need a gel polish that lasts long and offers a great shine apart from resilience. Glossy shellac nails can be just the thing you need to pull off a healthy, polished look.

Unlike other wait-dry manicures, the shellac manicure is less time-consuming. It also lasts longer and does not chip or dull. This is the ideal nail varnish dream. Shellac is a four-step manicure cured under ultraviolet light and hardens to a durable coating thanks to the blending of polymers and monomers. It should not be confused with pure gels or acrylics, however. Shellac is a blend of nail varnish and gel in actuality. Revolutionizing nail care for the nail polish wearing woman, it helps in creating the perfect look at home or in the salon. Shellac is awesome, lasts for three weeks and ensures the nails look fantastic. Shellac offers amazing innovations. It revolutionizes nail care for polish wearing women. Shellac is quick, lasts for weeks and works its magic.

A shellac manicure is less like a traditional manicure. One needs to have a base coat and a top coat applied as well as dual color coats. Rather than waiting for the varnish to dry between layers, the fingertips are cured under UV lights. Super shiny nails that one cannot resist tapping come your way. While shellac is less like a polish, it cannot be used to extend the nail. But since it works like a gel, it adds strength and durability. Shellac is much less damaging for nails as compared to traditional gels or acrylics. The main benefit of shellac is that it prevents chipping.

Shellac as Opposed to Gels and Gel Manicures

Gels are confused with shellac. This is on account of the fact that shellac contains gel. Consumers can opt for gel manicure or shellac. Ingredients, results, and procedures for shellac and gels differ. Acrylics or gel manicures do not score over shellac for cost, effort, and time. Offering zero drying time, shellac manicure has no drying time and offers a shine that lasts for weeks if not months. Hypoallergenic in nature, these are patent pending formulas of solvents, polymers, and monomers. It also contains no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. The nails have a 2-week mirror finish. Nails have a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat. In between, the hand is extended into the UV lamp to dry the polish for 30-60 seconds. The process takes close to 45 minutes. At the close of it, nails are dry with no extra drying time towards the end.

How Long Does Shellac Manicure Last?

How Long Does Shellac Manicure Last?
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Shellac manicure lasts two weeks as promised. The polish remains super shiny and does not chip. There are over 50 shades and effects offered. The layering of colors for different variations can be carried out. Polish can be a bit tough to remove, but it is easier than gel polish. It also requires soaking time with acetone nail polish pads.

Does Shellac Work Out Better?

This super nail polish is great because of its lasting power. Additionally, nails remain shiny and lack chips. The dishes can be washed without cloves and there is no additional drying time. To avert the dangers of exposure to UV light, bring in your anti tan SPF lotion. Shellac products are hybridized in the sense they are half nail polish and half gel. Shellac is a patented line of products on the market associated with Creative Nail Design. The product’s consistency is thin for application in a way similar to nail polish. Shellac is cured using UV light that provides it with resilience and flexibility. It also offers an awesome shine associated with gel polish.

A shellac based manicure works best for those who want immaculate and impeccable nails without the hassle of paying or booking weekly appointments. It is more costly than a traditional salon manicure. It lasts up to a couple of weeks. It can be used to ward off dish-washing, gardening and any other activity that uses your hands.

As against regular nail polish, this manicure does not come with the problem of chipping. Additionally, nail formulation is so long-lasting that the nails look as good on day number 1 as on day number 14. Shellac manicure can be a problem for those with damaged nail beds or weak nails. So good nail care is essential. Additionally, the shellac polish protects the nails and lasts long with very little time commitment. Typical nail polish dries through evaporation which means manicures are not fine until 2-3 hours post the service. Most of the manicure is spent waiting for the polish to dry out. In contrast, shellac offers quick curing within minutes post the exposure to the UV light. It is dry by the time the manicure gets over and strength ensures accidental damage does not result. Shellac is gentler on the nails if applied correctly, as opposed to fake nails. This super nail polish does not require extensive preparation and nor does removal leave nails weak, damaged or brittle. If you don’t have a knack for doing your own nails, Shellac manicures are best when carried out by trained personnel skilled at using the right techniques and tools. Exposure to the UV rays is tough, but research shows that SPF can work as an effective deterrent.

Shellac can even be taken off at home. However, it needs 100 percent acetone and takes 10-15 minutes for removal. Picking or peeling off the shellac manicure is not right. It can damage the nails and take the real nail with it. Get that perfect polish look with shellac and maintain your nails in their full glory.

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