Surrogate motherhood: For and Against

The process of international surrogacy is not a new medical practice, because it has appeared centuries ago.

The process of international surrogacy is not a new medical practice, because it has appeared centuries ago. Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is legal and regulated by a number of European medical associations. Many of Ukrainian clinics offer IVF, which is possible because of having all the necessary equipment and trained professionals. All the surrogacy programs offered are designed to suit prospective parents, taking into account their health condition, financial means, and laws of your country that concern surrogacy.

Pros of surrogacy

Even though some might find the process of surrogate motherhood problematic due to certain legal, social or ethical issues, surrogacy has many advantages for both future parents and surrogate mothers. The pros for couples are the following:

  • It allows to have children for those people struggling with infertility, or facing health and life risks due to childbirth;
  • Genetic connection is still possible if a gestational surrogate is involved;
  • Prospective parents are involved throughout the whole pregnancy. They are able to receive information about surrogate mother’s and baby’s health, attend medical appointments and be present during the childbirth;
  • Surrogacy has a high chance of successful and healthy pregnancy.
  • Surrogate mothers also benefit from such pregnancies in a number of ways:
  • Being a surrogate mother means helping other families become complete and happy;
  • Surrogacy is protected legally, which means guaranteed compensation and transferring all responsibilities to the parents after the child is born;
  • Compensation is fair and high and all the pregnancy related expenses are covered.

Cons of surrogate motherhood

Surrogacy, as any medical and legal procedure, involves certain risks and disadvantages. It may not be suitable just for everyone, but many families has found happiness through surrogate motherhood. Some of the cons are:

  • Surrogacy involves complex medical procedures and legal obligations;
  • It is an expensive procedure and not everyone can afford it;
  • Surrogate mothers have to undergo additional medical treatments besides the ones already necessary during a natural pregnancy;
  • It can be emotionally difficult for both surrogate and the family.

As you can see, surrogacy involves some challenges and risks, but the families, which went through it, say that it is definitely worth all the trouble.

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