The Top 7 Reasons To Consume Wheatgrass Juice

There are many people who are benefiting from the amount of nutrition that wheatgrass has to offer. Many also call it a super food, which is not only abundant in all kinds of minerals and trace elements, but as well as living enzymes and chlorophyll. Some of the common testimonials in which people experience is increased energy, and an overall sense of well-being. In this article, I will explain the top 8 reasons to begin consuming wheatgrass for increase health and vitality.

 Top 7 Reasons To Consume Wheatgrass Juice

An Effective Deodorizer

Due to its’ abundance in chlorophyll, wheatgrass juice can be very effective for acting as a deodorizing agent for the body. The primary reason for this, is because it has a way of neutralizing toxins and bacteria in the body that cause bad odor in the first place. The odor in which I am referencing includes primarily perspiration and bad breath, in which the consumption of wheat grass juice can help in reducing.


Wheatgrass juice is highly abundant in living enzymes. By consuming more living enzymes, it can increase detoxification of the body. Not only that, but it can also help the body to metabolize calories to turn them into energy rather than fat.

Minerals & Vitamins

Wheatgrass juice contains virtually every mineral discovered by man, and also contains 17 different amino acids. Not only that, but wheatgrass is also loaded with vitamin A, B, C, E and K. Especially by consuming fresh wheatgrass, rather than the juice that is prepackaged, the nutrient profile would be much more potent. Wheatgrass is also abundant in beta-carotene, which is effective for removing toxins that can come from unhealthy food and smoking.

A Great Source Of Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass is made up of about 70% chlorophyll. Since the molecule of chlorophyll is very similar to the molecular hemoglobin of the blood, it is widely believed that consuming wheatgrass can help towards increasing red blood cell counts. Not only that, but the chlorophyll can also enhance the delivery of oxygenation to each cell in the body. Other people refer chlorophyll to ‘energy from the sun’, as it is the sun rays which increase the overall levels of chlorophyll. This nutrient is also great for detoxifying the body from free radicals and toxins. Chlorophyll is very efficient for neutralize accumulated waste in the colon, as it is one of the worst enemies towards bad bacteria. Not only that, but it can also increase the amount of good bacteria for a better and healthier digestion.

A Powerful Antioxidant

Antioxidants play the key role for slowing the aging process, and wheatgrass juice has a lot of them. Not only can these antioxidants help to slow the aging process, but as well as ridding the body of toxic waste that can damage healthy cells and tissue. Another great source of antioxidants is by consuming alkaline water, as it is rich in antioxidants and alkalinity.

Rich In Magnesium

One of the great benefits of magnesium is normalizing blood pressure levels, and decreasing overall levels of inflammation. Magnesium is one of the many vital minerals that wheatgrass juice is abundant with. Magnesium from wheatgrass can also assist in neutralizing stored acidic waste that may be stored inside bodily cells and tissue. Other minerals that wheatgrass is abundant in is calcium, potassium, and sodium which can help contribute to overall mineral deposits for strong bones and teeth.

Prevention Of Acidosis

When too much toxic waste accumulates in the body, either from smoking, unhealthy food, unhealthy water, or pollution, our body moves closer and closer towards over acidosis. One of the best ways to neutralize stored acids in the body is by consuming chlorophyll, and wheatgrass is known as one of the highest source of it. Another primary reason as to why wheatgrass is an effective alkalizer, is because it is rich in minerals that can also neutralize acidity.

Healthy For The Liver

The main minerals that can help to detoxify the liver that is found in wheatgrass juice includes of magnesium, choline, and potassium. Also, since wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, it is great for oxygenating cells in the body particularly the liver. With increased oxygenation it can provide a great benefit for enhancing alkalinity and reducing acid waste. Acidic waste primarily increases the chance for sickness and disease.

These are only a few of the many benefits that wheatgrass has for the health. When making wheatgrass juice, it is required to either use a twin gear juice (which can be rather expensive), or with a manual squeezer that you have to turn by hand. Manual wheatgrass squeezers normally require you to turn a rotary for multiple revolutions, and they do require a bit more work. I personally use the Green Star Elite juicer, but it is rather expensive and unnecessary to make wheatgrass juice. Also, to get the most benefits out of wheatgrass, it is recommended to grow it yourself. The reason for this is because after the juice is made, the oxygen causes a lot of the nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins to quickly degrade being caused by oxidation. It is certainly not recommended to try eating wheatgrass by itself, as it contains very tough fiber that can be difficult to digest. Also, by trying to make a smoothie with wheatgrass, it can give your blender a very difficult time.

Wheatgrass can also come in other forms other than being freshly juiced. There are also options to buy wheatgrass in a powdered form where it can be easily added to smoothies. However, it is not as nutrition as the latter as it isn’t fresh. But it still provides many of the benefits nonetheless.

It is very popular for fresh wheatgrass to be added to a green juice recipe, also people consume wheatgrass juice by itself as it has a smooth flavor. A lot of people a have negative preconception when thinking about drinking this kind of juice since it is a type of grass, but it is much certainly no ordinary grass.

Shawn Butterworth writes for Discover Kangen, a supplier of alkaline water machines, providing a healthy alternative to make alkalized water from home.

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