UV Manicures Help Stop Nail Biting

For women who have the habit of biting their nails, UV manicure offers an exquisite cure. If you are among those women who can’t resist biting the nails often, then you need to read on. Besides helping one resist the habit of biting ones nails, getting a UV manicure done also has psychological effect and women who undergo UV manicure for nails get over the problem of biting their nails.

The psychological effect

Having a UV manicure done helps women get over the habit of biting their nails. As the nails gain a beautiful look through the process of UV manicure, the women wish to retain this elegant look. These beautiful nails motivate women to retain that look. They will naturally want to look elegant and thus will not bite the nails.

Cost factor

Price tag associated with any activity has its effect, especially if it is related to women. As they need to spend money on getting the UV manicure done, they will definitely want to retain the elegant look that has been gained after spending a fortune. This has a lasting effect as sub consciously the lady will have the feeling that money has been spend on UV manicure. This will help them resist the urge of nail biting as worthy money spend will go waste.

UV manicure does not allow biting

UV manicures are hard enough and similar to acrylic nail these do not allow any biting. If the lady who has undergone UV mainicure process still manages to ignore the cost factor and the elegant look gained through UV manicure process and intends to bite, she will not succeed. UV manicure procedure is foolproof in the way that it does not allow the lady to bite through the nail. Howsoever, so hard the lady tries, she cannot bite through the nail. This in itself makes UV manicure a foolproof method and ensures that the lady gets over the habit of biting her nails.

UV manicure works for atleast two weeks

UV manicure is a great option for preventing nail biting. UV manicure remains in shape for a minimum of two weeks. As the lady is able to maintain this look for two weeks, she is bound to receive many compliments. Every time her friends compliment her, the lady will be motivated to maintain this look. As she realizes the relevance of looking good, the lady will go in for UV manicure multiple times.

With two to three sessions of UV manicure in place, the woman will get over the instinct of biting her nails and will be able to maintain that elegant look.

Healthy way of stopping nail biting

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UV manicure has always been considered as a safe option, when it comes to stopping nail biting. UV manicure is already popular in Asia and Eastern Europe region. This non yellowing, chip free formula strengthens nails and additionally creates a great base for flirty designs. These can be in 3D too as some designers are experimenting with this look too. A range of colors are available in UV manicure procedure and your nails are set to gain an elegant look. It is naturally hard enough for a lady to bite on this elegant look.

UV manicure is a healthy way of stopping nail biting. The gel nails are odorless and the process makes the gel so durable that it adheres easily on the nails. As the gel is applied on to the nails, the same is cured under the ultra violet light.

As the nails come off, the real nails are not damaged and the lady will be able to regain the original look and shine of nails.

UV manicure procedure

Similar to normal manicure procedure, in UV manicure too the cuticles are pushed back and nails get filed. The nails are also buffed in this procedure, this makes the gel adhere in a much stronger manner. The gel coat polish is applied on each individual nail. The same is then dried for a time of 30 seconds under the UV light.

As the first coat dries out, a second coat is applied and dried for 30 seconds more. This process completes the UV manicure procedure and the same remains in place for two weeks.

If a further coat is required, the similar procedure is adopted. Usually, after undergoing the process for a few times, the natural urge for biting over the nails goes away as the lady realizes the relevance of having beautiful nails.

Who can get a UV manicure done

UV manicure is a two week process of making an elegant look possible for your nails. As the UV manicure process entails one to remove the same after two weeks those who are planning for a wedding within the coming three weeks can go in for UV manicure. The process also restricts one from biting in to the nails and ladies who wish to get over this instinct can definitely look forward for having a session of UV manicure for their nails.

Time to rethink and act judiciously

UV manicure is a procedure to give the nails a healthy look. An added advantage of the whole process is that the women with habit of biting into their nails can no longer do so as the process restricts them from biting. The bad habit of biting into the nails also gets over if the procedure is repeated two to three times.

However, this is a behavioral issue too as sometimes ladies cannot get over the urge of biting their nails. The process can be repeated the second time in such circumstances. The UV manicure gel will be in place for another two weeks. Hopefully, after the second stint, the woman will get over the instinct of biting into the nails.

UV manicure is a great innovation for having an elegant look for nails. The process is gaining popularity amongst women all across the world and it is high time that you try the procedure, in case you can’t get over the instinct of biting into the nails.

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