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    Mental Retardation – Types, Causes, symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan

    If you would like to learn more about mental retardation, you came to the right article.  We will try to give you all the information that you can learn about this disease and how you can deal with it properly without additional complications in the future.

    Before we begin, let us first define what mental retardation is.  This condition is usually refer to as a condition wherein the patient is known to have impaired mental cognition.  Patients with this condition can also be seen to have maladaptive behaviors.

    In the past, it has only been limited to the intelligence quotient.  However due to a further research, it is now known to encompass environmental behaviors as well as mental functioning.  Because of this, a person with a low IQ may not be considered mentally retarded.

    Different Types

    Mental retardation can be divided into two types.  These are as follows:

    • Syndromic
    • Non-syndromic

    The former is associated with the other medical and behavioral factors as well as the mentioned intellectual deficits.  The latter includes intellectual deficits without other signs and symptoms.  This is why a further testing is required when it comes to measure and mental retardation because it had such a wide spectrum of classifications.

    Symptoms of Mental Retardation

    Here are some of the major signs and symptoms that you should watch out for when it comes to mental retardation.  If you deem your child to have basic symptoms as mentioned, do not hesitate to go to your doctor right away so that you will be able to diagnose it early enough for further treatment.

    • Delayed verbal and oral skills
    • Inefficient memory
    • Social ineptness
    • Difficulty in problem solving
    • Developmental delays when it comes to adaptive behavior such as personal hygiene
    • Absence of social inhibitors

    Children who are diagnosed with mental retardation are usually slow learners.  These children may take longer to learn basic skills such as language, acceptable social behavior and personal hygiene.  They would have to be taught diligently and with doubled patience.

    Major Causes of Mental Retardation

    Here are two known major causes of mental retardation in children.

    • Genetic anomalies
    • Intrauterine problems during pregnancy
    • Exposure to certain types of toxins
    • Iodine deficiency
    • Problems during delivery
    • Malnutrition

    According to research, it has been found out that mental retardation can be caused by chromosomal aberrations.  This means that the lack of chromosomal numbers can directly affect the mental condition of the child.  In addition to this, problems during the delivery itself can cause mental retardation.

    External physical manipulation to deliver the baby can have severe effects on the child itself.  In addition to this, the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body can also cause the condition.  This is why it is important for you to keep good health especially during pregnancy.  It will not only affect you but your child as well.

    The Treatment for Mental Retardation

    Unfortunately, at press and there is no known cure for mental retardation.  However, these patients can be trained to manage their condition.  This way up there as in agencies that can help you do so as a parent.  In addition to this, you as a parent when the help of caregivers, clinicians, teachers as well as other individuals who has enough knowledge about the condition can help the child gain various skills even later in life.


    Although some people may call this a disease, it is most commonly considered as a disability.  For this reason, there are different ways to manage the condition.  As mentioned earlier it is important that parents as well as instructors and the people around the patient would have the patience to Diane help the affected individual deal with this condition.

    As for medications, although there are no specific medication it’s recommended for this condition, it has been found out that some patients have been prescribed mood stabilizers to help them deal with the effects of the disability.



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    avatar elaine thomason

    My daughter was diagnosed at age 6. She has been to several genetic testing from Birmingham, al to Atlanta ga. Both plays have said that she doesn’t show enough autistic behaviours to diagnose her with autism. I need help in getting her proper help so my family can learn moore things to do when she is having her meltdowns


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