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Recently a strange disease of the skin has been baffling physicians. This is due to the fact that this disease, known as Morgellon’s disease, is difficult to detect as well as to cure. The prevalence of missing diagnosis on this particular disease falls on its complicated symptoms. That is a mixture of psychiatric, neurological, dermatological and other disease symptoms.

Painful sores or rashes that displays varying colors like black, blue or white is the most frequent indication of this disease. The rashes appear like fibers that projects from the skin, they have the tendency to produce purulent discharge and the healing process seems chronic. Intense itching is also felt accompanied by creeping and stinging sensation. It is like bugs are present underneath the skin and they are piercing through it. Ultimately there is an apparent transformation both in texture and color of the skin.

The psychiatric symptoms that may be experienced with Morgellon’s disease include temporary loss of memory, melancholy, difficulty in concentrating, alteration of conduct, uncertainty and a lot more. The patient also suffers from indications of steady long term exhaustion that has influenced on the day by day habit. In addition there are also joint pains as well as shift in depth of visualization.

The ability of this disease to manifest signs that are similar to the hallmark of diseases like Delusional Parasitosis, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) makes it all the more difficult to detect. Since the majority of the signs falls under the psychiatric or neurological category, physicians usually come up with misdiagnosis. So the sufferer end up disregarded, or sent home without even knowing what is really going on with him and the most horrible scenario tagged as someone who has lost sanity.

The Center for Disease Control or CDC as well as the Morgellons Research Foundation has been making an enormous effort to determine the causative agent of this disease. However no matter how extensive their studies are they are not yet able to find out the culprit for this disease. That is also the reason why there are no known cures for this at the moment. In addition the methods that can be use to identify this disease have not been devised. That is there are no established methods up till now that can aid in diagnosis. The manner on how this particular disease can spread from one person to another is also not yet well established. Although there is a physician who has claimed that this disease can easily transfer from one person to another or it is highly communicable. That means an infected individual can easily transmit the disease to other members of the family present in the same household. The claim though is not yet supported by studies and research so it cannot be considered a fact until now.

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