Seven Tips for Improved Sleep

For many people, sleep can be a chore. Whether it is due to a snoring partner or poor habits before bedtime, bad sleep is truly a nightmare. It is the complete opposite for those who enjoy a restful night though, as they wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready for a full day. Of course, snoring can be dealt with if you choose a decent anti-snoring device, while habits can be broken. To convert you from an insomniac to a regular sleeper, here are seven tips for a more restful night under the covers:

1. Try to sleep on your side:

Although it is often said that one should sleep on their back with their arms straight down at their sides, it has been proven that sleeping on your side can be beneficial. Not only can it improve your snoring problem in some cases, but it can also help lower stress levels. It can also provide your partner with the opportunity to snuggle.

2. Try to keep a routine:

You should attempt to go to bed and wake up at around the same time on weekdays and weekends. Many people disrupt their routine when Friday rolls around but sticking to your plan can help you sleep easier.

3. Try a gym membership:

Doing exercise helps you burn off excess energy and will lead to improved sleep. Try not to do any strenuous exercise just before going to bed as this can keep you awake.

4.Try redecorating:

Your bedroom should be dark, cool and welcoming. Avoid stuffing tons of electronic goods in there and switch that electronic alarm clock for a traditional one. This set up will help you get into the mindset of resting, instead of creating a stimulating environment which could distract you from your goal – sleeping.

5. Try sleep when you are tired:

This sounds obvious, but a lot of people get into bed without actually being tired enough. It is recommended that if you fail to fall asleep within 20 minutes, you should get up and try do something else. Lying there and stressing about the fact that you are not falling asleep will just make things worse.

6. Try a new mattress:

People tend to keep one bed for way too long. Technology has improved over recent years and your old mattress may actually be preventing you from a restful night. An investment in a good mattress can have a major impact.

7. Try to put down the stimulants:

At least before you go to bed. The effects of nicotine, caffeine and alcohol can last for hours, which in turn prevents you from a full night of glorious sleep. You should also avoid drinking or eating too much before hitting the sack.

Try these tips and if you are still struggling, consult a medical practitioner to see if you are suffering from a sleep disorder

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