Best Knee Sleeves for Squats

Best Knee Sleeves for Squats – Top 5 Review and Picks

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A knee sleeve works like a supportive gear that comes with a ton of options. Much like other types of supportive equipment, knee sleeves are meant for a specific purpose. Whether you need to preserve the warmth or stability of knee joints or protect them, a strength athlete can benefit from these. A sleeve’s value is based on the preferences of the users, strength spots, and wants. So, knee sleeves are there for weightlifters, stating, powerlifting or warmth to joints.

Best Knee Sleeves for Squats





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Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves



Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeve e1509350912505

Rehband Knee Sleeves



Barbell Pro Knee Sleeves e1509351147875

Barbell Pro Knee Sleeves

Hypoallergenic neoprene


Kunto Fitness Knee Brace e1509351342693

Kunto Fitness Knee Brace

Breathable Fabric


Primal Elite e1509351664983

Primal Elite Knee Brace



Why Knee Sleeves Are Important

Keep in mind, this list was built off of our judging criteria for each knee sleeve, and you may find that a different fit from our top choices works better for you.

Why Knee Sleeves?

There are numerous reasons for athletes for utilizing knee sleeves. A powerlifter uses sleeves to support the stability of the knee during a leg training session or a squat. Once stiffer, more rigid sleeves will be the right choice for those training with burdensome loads. Added compression and competition offers joint warmth and stability over sustained rest periods.

For weightlifters, sleeve provide joint support and warmth as well as mobility. The sleeve that is mobile ensures that joints are protected without inhibiting movement. While the athlete performs a squat for a weightlifter, more rigid options will not work as weight is caught at the base of the squat. A sleeve should not limit the mobility for a squat. Lighter sleeves can ensure that joint warmth for comfort amidst the sets.

Functional fitness is another goal of those using the sleeve. A sleeve that has diverse uses can be the perfect choice for those looking to utilize this fitness tool for versatile purposes.

How to Buy The Best Knee Sleeve

Multiple aspects need to be considered when it comes to choosing the right knee sleeves.

Material and Stability

The first point to consider is the material of the knee sleeve. Secondly, its stability is an important consideration too. The material influences the stability of the sleeve. Neoprene is the most common material used for making knee sleeves. Neoprene comprises synthetic rubbers.

This material is used for numerous applications and has gained popularity due to its flexibility and stability over time. The thickness of the material ranges from 3-7 millimeters. The most common choice for those who engage in strength training are 5 and 7 mm. Other materials used along with neoprene are nylon, spandex and cotton blends. The material mixed with neoprene gives it a waxy flexibility.

Nylon and spandex are used in light sleeves and are form fitting in the joints. The stretching capacity of these materials is well known and they adorn the knee without slipping. Cotton is a common material found in sleeves and soft texture on the skin. The actual makeup and activity permitted is essential to consider when it comes to stability assessments.

Rigidity and Mobility

The sleeve’s thickness and rigidity influences mobility. The thicker sleeve limits mobility and provides support through movements. Thinner sleeves work best with functional fitness and training requiring mobility.

Warmth for the Joints

Before sleeves were known for recreational lifting needs, they were used for joint warmth. Some professionals don’t know about this use for the knee sleeve. To influence knee warmth, material, fit and strength sport all play a vital role. The main factor to look for is whether the sleeve keeps the joint warm.

Durability and Construction

Knee sleeve designs differ so the durability and construction can be influenced by this. Some different sleeve designs include four panel, cylinder and tapered types. The perfect fit can make a difference and construction plays a critical role in this.The most common sleeve type is a tapered fit. The sleeve is diverse and works for athletes and pros in a wide variety of sports. Different sleeve constructions involve different types of durability.

The stitching also varies from hooked to quadruple. In addition to the stitching style, the placing of the stitches also matters. This can influence the durability and the possibility of fraying. Another way to predict the durable nature of the sleeve is to check out the edges. Most sleeved are either enclosed or hemmed that prevents fraying or ripping on a premature basis. The tighter the sleeves edges are, the lower is the chance to stretch out across time. The material used plays an equally important role in the durability and longevity of the knee sleeve, This includes neoprene, spandex, nylon or a blend that does not buckle under heavy weight.

For squatting and powerlifting, you need knee sleeves that are thick and provide a lot of compression. This offers the best support. Protecting the used knee joints of the body can ensure easy movements and no problems in lifting weights. Protecting you from injuries, the knee sleeve can help to support your knees and increase the weight one lifts by supporting knees, providing compression and giving the ability to bounce back from a squat without injuries.

Range of Motion

While knee sleeves are required to be tight to provide a sense of stability, the sleeve should not be rigid causing a restriction in movements.

Cost Efficiency

Another important point is the cost. You need an affordable pair of knee sleeves. Choose a value for money purchase for the best and most cost effective equipment.

Top 5 Knee Sleeves for Squats Review

#1 Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves
Photo by: Amazon

Nordic Lifting knee sleeves offer quality value for your cash. For a knee sleeve that offers functionality, premium quality, and unique designs, this brand is the best choice.


  • Thick and Durable

The knee sleeves offer a thickness of 7-millimeter neoprene and double stitching. For amazing support and stability for your knees when squatting, check this model out.

  • Discounted Prices

The knee sleeves come in a pack of 2 at a very affordable rate.

  • Able to Bear Wear and Tear

Maintain compression on the knee even after extended usage. There’s even a one year guarantee and diverse types of exercises can be performed using this knee sleeve.

  • 100% Thick Neoprene

These sleeves are thick, 100% pure neoprene. They are known for their affordability, priced at half the rate. The quality is not compromised in terms of the price either.

  • Good Support

The knee sleeve offers excellent knee support, warmth, and compression. Sleeves come with dual stitching, gives them additional strength and durability. The level of elasticity is massive. This sleeve makes an excellent use of spring loading effect.

  • Premium Quality

Affordable knee sleeves from this brand offer premium quality compression bands designed for performance and protect.

  • Ergonomic Fit

Ergonomically designed for form fitting, the Nordic knee band is easy to wear permitting a natural knee bend.

  • Job Done Well

Nordic lifting knee sleeves offer a no-frills job that gets you a comfortable fit and does not limit or restrict you in any way. This also helps if you suffer from knee pain. Bands are a solid pair.


  • Odor

Once you use these knee sleeves a lot, the neoprene material absorbs the sweat and has a strong odor.

  • No Additional Padding

Not much padding or knee protecting is offered as the other brands. There is no moisture elimination or prevention, so it becomes tough to avoid the sweat and excess heat.

  • Not approved by Competitive Lifting Bodies

This knee sleeve is not approved by leading lifting organizations in weightlifting competitions.

  • Limited Edition

The knee sleeve is only one color and style. Buyers complain of the sleeve slipping during running.

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#2 Rehband Knee Sleeves

Rehband Knee Sleeves
Photo By: Amazon

Rehband knee sleeves are well known in competitions and powerlifting bouts. Putting extensive time and research into making this product, the company offers premium equipment. Knee sleeves of this brand are counted on by powerlifters.


  • Excellent Reputation

The Rehband knee sleeve is the most respected in the market. A reputation built on custom fit, and user-friendly mold, the durability of the sleeves ensure wear and tear are avoided.

  • Flagship Model

The 7-millimeter Rehband knee sleeves are a model which is iconic. Flagship model of this company, it offers a complete fit and does a wonderful job of compression and retention of warmth.

  • Extreme Smooth Inner Surface

This band is an inner surface which is smooth, providing an extremely snug fit. The knee sleeve does not slip or bunch up while running.

  • Durable Construction

The ergonomic fit offers a durable construction. Comfortable, an excellent fit and offering adjustability that cannot be undone, the knee sleeve is a perfect choice.

  • Perfect for Intense Sports

This brand is perfect for those athletes who perform a lot of heavy duty, intense sport such as weightlifting and powerlifting. As it provides outstanding support, the user can do squats without incurring any pain or injuries.

  • Fits the Right Shape

It has an anatomical shape and just the right fit for preventing injuries and ensuring a quicker recovery. It also has an anatomical shape and prevents any type of lack of stability or increased stiffness.

  • Multiple Design and Options

This belt comes in various designs and options for those starting out, or experts with very specific needs.

  • Helps in Lifting Weights

Weightlifters get an added bounce in their squat and enhancement of their lifting abilities.


  • Pricey

Rehband’s knee sleeves are among the most expensive ones on sale. This pair is purchased at double the cost of the single one available in a single order. The one 7 millimeter knee sleeve is as expensive as a pair from other suppliers.

  • Build Up Of Sweat

Another problem is that the knee sleeves build up sweat within the body because they absorb the smell and perspiration. In fact, this knee sleeve has also been criticized for rapidly absorbing body odor.

  • Lacking Comfort

The sleeves are rigid. Only one sleeve is available per order.

  • Difficult Sizing, Tough Fit

Some of the heaviest, strongest men can have a problem because Rehband is not the right fit for all sizes. Difficult sizing makes it hard to get the ideal fit.

  • Knee Sleeves Do Not Wash Well

Another problem is that these knee sleeves do not get a wash that works out well. The knee sleeve tends to fray and undergo wear and tear on account of frequent washes.

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#3 Barbell Pro Knee Sleeves

Barbell Pro Knee Sleeves
Photo by: Amazon

Another brand that is known for the provision of the best knee sleeves for pros. Barbell Pro is known for its thick, neoprene knee sleeves.


  • Cross Stitched Design

This offers a better range of motion and reduces the chances of slippage. With excellent support and stability, the best performances can be brought out with these knee sleeves.

  • Exceptionally Tough

The 7-millimeter neoprene is known for its exceptionally tough exterior. This offers rigidity and the perfect tool for heavy squats.

  • Double Stitching

Cross stitching or double stitched sleeves are known for a 100 percent additional comfort.

  • Designed to Minimize Slippage

This sleeve is minimizing slippage. Its design is slip-proof.

  • Covers a Surface of the Leg

Added length covers the surface area of the leg.

  • Absorbing Shock

Shock absorption ensures that there is no problem or damage to the knees. This knee sleeves model is designed to absorb shock.

  • Value for Money

Two sleeves are available in a single order, adding further to giving you the best bang for your bucks.

  • Shock Absorption

Another great value is the jerks of cleans at the gym are facilitated due to the shock absorbing power of this sleeve. The cross stitched design further stops slippage.


  • Long Term Value

Lack of long term value is a problem, as the long-term durability of these knee sleeves has been questioned by customers.

  • Only One Color Available

Another big problem is that only one color of this sleeve type is available.

  • Sizing Chart Tough to Crack

Sizing charts make it tough to find the ideal fit as the sleeve sizes run large.

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#4 Kunto Fitness

Kunto Fitness
Photo By: Amazon

Kunto Fitness Knee Brace is one of the best knee sleeves for squats that is lighter than the neoprene versions which are 7 millimeters thick.


  • Made of Breathable Fabric

These sleeves are made of fabric that is made with breathable compressions instead of classic neoprene styles. This permits the knee sleeves to provide support while cutting down on itchy or discomfort issues.

  • Comfortable Fit

The tapered quad section of these sleeves make for a comfortable and secure fit. It is suited for both power and Olympic lifting.

  • Medium duty Sleeve

This is another feature that makes it easy to carry out Olympic and powerlifting together. It provides excellent compression for any kind of activities.

  • Thinner and Lighter

This is thinner and more light than other models. This makes it versatile for squatting and other physical activities as well.

  • Money Warranty

The money back guarantee is even there if you are not 100 percent satisfied. Customers can easily return the sleeves if they don’t find them up to the mark.

  • Machine Washable

This sleeve is machine washable.


  • One Sleeve Per Order

Whereas many other brands offer a pair of knee sleeves for a single order, you only get one sleeve per order in this brand.

  • Only One Color Option

The Kunto sleeve has only a single color option.

  • Does Not Provide the Same Level of Support

Another problem is that neoprene sleeves offer more support. Additionally, buyers find knee sleeves roll up through the workout, further inconveniencing them.

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#5 Primal Elite

Primal Elite
Photo By: Amazon

This knee sleeve is one of the top choices for those who want to do squats.


  • Machine Washable

These sleeves can be washed in the machine, so maintenance is easy.

  • Lightweight sleeves

Another point is that lightweight sleeves are available for a value price. Sleeves are well designed and have a feel similar to higher more luxurious brands.

  • Stylish

Another source of benefit is the stylish design. You can enjoy this sleeve on account of not just its functionality, but also its aesthetics.

  • 100 Percent Top Quality

These knee sleeves are known for their high-quality neoprene. Designed to fit snugly and contour the body, they provide a high protection level and compression.

  • Ergonomic Design

User-friendly designs, applications where you don’t have to worry about the sleeve to slip down or bunch up, while you are training.

  • Secure Stitching

Double reinforced stitching means these sleeves are secure and built to last as well. This is far above the leading brands. Durability and a solid long term option offers value for cash.

  • Maintain Good Form

This knee sleeve helps to maintain good form while squatting.

  • Free Add On

A free gym bag is also provided with these knee sleeves which fit very well and have the perfect contours.

  • Three Color Options

Another advantage of this sleeve is that there are 3 colors when it comes to options.

  • Two Sleeves Per Order

Instead of one, you are provided two sleeves per order making this an affordable purchase.

  • Machine Washable

Machine washable sleeves ensure that users are able to ensure easy maintenance of these knee sleeves.


  • No Inner Lining

This makes it less comfortable for sustained lifting and squatting sessions.

  • Neoprene Smell

Strong smells come from this neoprene sleeve which requires numerous washing cycles to be rid of.

  • Not Form Fitting

This sleeve is not easy to fit, as the sizing can be tough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should the knee sleeves be used while performing physical activities?

Lifting weights, performing squats, or simply walking can wear down the knees over time. So, you need to guard against injuries and ensure that the knee sleeves are secure to prevent discomfort, popping or grinding.

Q. How does a knee sleeve help your workout?

A top quality knee sleeve works to ensure compression of the inner portion of the knee, eliminating the abnormal movement of knee joints. This is more so when there is added stress on the knees while performing squats or running.

Q. How does a knee sleeve improve your squat?

If you want to take squats up a notch, you have to be clear that knee sleeves are the way to do it. Perform successive squats, protecting your knees from further injury.

Q. What types of thickness levels do knee sleeves have?

Knee sleeves are of three types of thickness, including the 3, 5 and 7 millimeter. While the 5mm is for sports, running, walking etc, the heavier one is for lifting loads or performing squats. Compression sleeves provide a lot of support for those working out.


While purchasing the knee sleeves for performing a squat, you need to consider factors such as the material, cost, elasticity, level of compression and more. Settle for a knee sleeve that offers the value and qualities you need. For example, if you need a knee sleeve that is lightweight, opt for a nylon one. If you need a thick and rigid one, try the 7mm neoprene one. Either which way, choose a sleeve that offers functionality, warmth and support for your knees and an added incentive to take your fitness a notch up.

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