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The 5 Best Teeth Whitener

All of us aspire to have a beautiful white smile. Like a sparkling personality, your pearly whites are a symbol of ornamentation. Both men and women are attracted to a bright white smile. Furthermore, white teeth are valued as success, youth and health. Research has shown job applicants with whiter teeth are more likely to be hired.

However, a lot of us neglect the importance of a bright smile considering the time and effort one has to put in to keep teeth dazzling. The lack of information also extends our assumption that the treatment cost could be in the hundreds of dollars and we’d also have to move away from our favorite vices such as sweets, coffee and tea.

Today, there are various at-home teeth whitener products that deliver a big impact without too much effort.

What is Teeth Whitener?

Teeth Whitener products use bleaching agents to destroy stains on your teeth, thereby improving the overall color of your teeth. The whitening kit may include a mouth tray that is filled with a whitening gel and to be worn for a specific amount of time each day. Typically, the chemicals are applied with either teeth whitening strips or mouthpieces.

Store-Bought Vs. Dentist Whitener

When it comes to teeth whitener, there are several options that you can choose from. However, there are a few important difference between Store-Bought and Dentist Whitener.


Both teeth whiteners sold by stores and dentist contain peroxide, either carbamide or hydrogen as an active agent to diminish the stains and reduce discoloration – it’s the strength of the peroxide that sets their effect apart. While store bough-teeth whiteners contain as much as 7% of peroxide, the ones at the dentist’s office have 35% or in some cases 45% of peroxide.


Another significant difference is the way the whiteners are delivered. In a dental office, it just takes one hour to brighten your dull smile. The procedure includes application of a high-concentration whitening gel, with a special laser directly at the teeth to accelerate the process, for three 20 minutes intervals. Store bought teeth whiteners, on the other hand requires a thorough application for a longer period to achieve the desired results.


Store bought whiteners are considerably less expensive than professional options.

Benefits of Using Teeth Whitener

A good smile is one the first things that people notice. It can improve a person’s life and bring several health and psychological benefits.

Using teeth whitener carries a lot of benefits, including:

Improved appearance

Whiter teeth improve one’s appearance dramatically. A beautiful smile is now within the reach of anybody who wants it.

More confidence

A bright smile can help you feel and look more confident, especially in your social and professional settings. White teeth are associated with success and significantly increase the change of getting hired and promotion.

Better Romance

Because white teeth are signs of youth and vitality, it can improve your love life by making them fun and engaging on first dates. Both sexes find a bright smile to be attractive and trustworthy, making your relationships go strong forever.

Healthier Mouth

Teeth whitening gels have been proven to kill bacteria and prevent periodontal gum disease and eventual tooth loss. A healthy mouth leads to stronger overall health, ensuring a better quality of life.

Can You Whiten Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitivity with teeth whitening can be uncomfortable, and there could be times when you question whether it’s worth experiencing the discomfort. Before you swear off a whiter smile, you should know there are various whitening products formulated specially for people with sensitive teeth.

Most store bought whiteners contain peroxide that cause tooth sensitivity. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of the chemical level and application times that have impact on the level of sensitivity. Go for products with lower peroxide levels with 5 to 6% and shorter application time (5 minutes is recommended).

One of the other ways to minimize discomfort is to stick with room temperature beverages right after using teeth whitener. Keep in mind that while the sensitivity can be uncomfortable, typically it doesn’t last for very long.

When to Expect Results?

There are several factors that influence the results such as the starting condition and color of your teeth, concentration of the solution used, and the type of food you consume during and after using teeth whitener.

Everyone is little different and unique. Some teeth are more difficult to whiten than others and can take longer than expected. It’s recommended that you consider a higher concentration gel if you do not have any tooth sensitivity. Having said this, it should take a week or two to notice some results after persistent use.

How to Choose the Best Teeth Whitener?

The best teeth whiteners include everything you need to get a pearly white smile – quick and don’t require too much effort. While evaluating the best teeth whitener, always look for:

Performance and Quality

Always go for products that have testimonials satisfaction guarantees, and are clinically proven. The product should state that it is safe on your gums, enamel and other areas of your mouth. A fitting mouthpiece strip can bring the best looking smile just after a few days of use.


Each teeth whitening kit is different and provides different additional items. Some come with whitening lights that can add a lot more brightness and some with pens that can help reach areas, otherwise difficult to reach. A lot of them also include a shade guide to help you accurately gauge the improvement the teeth whitener is making. Depending on your needs and preferences, find the product that offers the item you want.

Help & Support

Look for products that provide you the information you need to use them safely. They should also have a phone number and an email address and in today’s era, must have a social media presence with FAQs sections to facilitate smooth interactions.

Best Teeth Whitener in the Market Right Now

The best teeth whiteners will give you a brighter, whiter smile with ease and without breaking a big chunk of your bank. To help you, we have listed the best teeth whitener on the market right now, that are easy and quick to use.

Crest Whitestrips Gentle Routine

The most renowned teeth whitening product, Crest’s Whitestrips is specially designed for teeth that are sensitive to whitening. Get a beautiful, whiter smile gently, with just 5 minutes a day.


Perfect for sensitive teeth.

Easy and convenient to use.


May show slow results.

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Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is an anti-cavity, surface stain removing toothpaste, wrapped in natural flavors and ingredients that help remove stains on tooth surface.


Smells and tastes wonderful.

All flavors and ingredients are natural.

Leaves mouth refreshed.


Slightly overpriced.

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Shine Whitening Kit

Shine Whitening Kit uses a mouthpiece with carbamide peroxide gel to deliver outstanding results.


Advanced ingredients to deliver dentist grade results.

Removes stains in just a few treatments.


Not recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

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