Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay – Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

The issue of tooth decay is not new but the treatments that are now followed to address the dental complications are much updated. As time has passed, dental science has become so advanced that those who suffer from dental problems do not hesitate to visit the dental clinics at the very first stage of the tooth related complications.

Through years of study, the dental experts have come up with specific information regarding the reasons of tooth decay, the symptoms that it shows and the possible treatments for them.

In case you are interested to know the further details regarding the same, here is a brief that you can read:

Process of Tooth Decay Build Up:

Bacterial Attacks: You must be aware that there is presence of bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria, when mixed with the saliva, originates plaque, a very harmful substance for the teeth. At the time when food or beverage items, that have carbohydrates, are consumed, acid is produced in the plaque that starts the tooth decay.

The Decaying Process: When the plaque starts producing acid after its mixture with the carbohydrate, the first phase that starts, is the softening of the enamel. After that, when the minerals from the teeth are all removed, a small hole is created which is called cavity. Through the cavity the decay process continues and reaches the core pulp of the tooth. That will make the nerves around the pulp open to the bacterial attacks. The result is of course, tremendous dental pain.

If this decaying process is not addressed and restricted on time, then the adjacent tooth also gets affected.

The molars and the premolars, teeth at the backside of the mouth are more prone to be affected by tooth decays as the food particles accumulate there because of the flat base. That is why daily brushing of the teeth is essential, so that the food particles fail to get stuck on them.

Process of Tooth Decay

However, there are other catalysts as well for dental decay.

Poor Diet:

High carbohydrate contents are found in the junk food items mainly and taking them in between the meals is high quantity increases the probability of tooth decay. Furthermore, the food items that are sticky and have high sugar contents are equally detrimental for the dental health.

Lack of maintenance of the Dental Health:

Brushing and flossing is a very important part of the dental health maintenance. Neglecting them would eventually make the tooth decay process much worse. Using the fluoride toothpaste for brushing is the best option.


Both smoking and drinking alcohol contributes to the dental decay process. The tobacco content in the cigarette stands a bar to the saliva production whereas alcohol affects the enamel.

Complications Resulting from Dry Mouth:

Dry mouth is a major issue in case of tooth decay. Oral saliva helps keeping the teeth clean. In case of dry mouth, the food particles get the chance to be stuck over the teeth for longer period, which initiates the decay process. Also the plaque acid is neutralized by the saliva.

In case of the medical treatments as well as the dry mouth complication, proper oral maintenance is a must. Therefore, daily brushing and flossing is essential.

How will you understand that you are a victim of Tooth Decay?


Symptoms of cavity build up vary. Based on the reasons and the tooth position the decay symptoms also change. At the very beginning, the signs are not detectable. But as time goes on, the following complications arise:

  • Tooth pain
  • Sensitivity on the tooth
  • Tooth pain at the time of drinking or consuming hot or cold items.
  • Visible signs of decay on the tooth
  • Tooth stains
  • Pain at the time of chewing the food items

If you are regular in your dental check ups and pay hid to the suggestions offered by the dentists, then the chances of such plaque accumulation lessens. At the same time at the very beginning of tooth decay process the dentists detect it and starts the treatment.

Normally to treat the tooth decay issue the dentists follow the implants procedures or use the dental seals to stop the decay. But it is true that prevention is better than cure and that is why the dentists come up with a list of measures following which you can rest assured that your dental settings will not be harmed by any decay process.

Below are the lists of measures to be taken:

Regular Brushing:

Brushing regularly serves a great deal in maintaining the teeth. If one brushes two times daily, once in the morning and once at night, then he can restrict the plaque content from being attached to the teeth.

The expert dentists opine that at night it is better to brush an hour after taking the night meal as brushing immediately after dinner may harm the teeth, especially when you have taken some fizzy beverages and food items having acid contents.

There are certain issues that you need to follow while brushing:

  • When you start brushing, brush on a circular motion so that every part and corner of the tooth and gum is cleaned properly. You gave to repeat this process for a few times.
  • Brush the outer surfaces of each tooth, upper and lower, keeping the bristles angled against the gum line.
  • Both the upper and the lower part of the teeth should be cleared. While doing so, keeping the brush on the gum line offers a much better result.
  • The inner and the out parts of the teeth should be properly brushed.
  • The molars and the premolars have the flat surfaces that need to be cleaned properly.
  • Brushing your tongue will freshen up your breath and clean your mouth by removing bacteria.
  • Along with brushing the teeth, it is essential to brush the tongue so that the bacteria don’t get accumulated there.

Flossing properly:

Through flossing plaque as well as food particles are removed well from the teeth and gum. The dentists consider it to be a very important part of the tooth cleaning process. Most importantly, flossing cleans those parts of the teeth where the reach of the toothbrush is not possible. Flossing at least once a day keeps the mouth fresh and healthy.

Using Mouthwash:

Use of fluoride mouthwash is generally good for the mouth. The tooth decay process is greatly prevented by the use of these mouthwashes. The dentists normally suggest to use alcohol free mouthwash. However, it is good to take some time after brushing and then use the mouthwash.

Maintaining the Right Diet:

Consuming food items with low acid and sugar content is a part of oral maintenance. Having sugary snack items in between two meals increase the chance of plaque attack all the more.

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