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No one likes the signs of aging on face and with the increased amount of pollution in the environment the problem of premature skin aging is increasing rapidly. Vitamin C can work miraculously to control the signs of aging on skin. Consuming it regularly will certainly help in overall well-being and better skin heath but applying it directly onto the skin, where it is most needed, can give you better results within minimum time.

Using a Vitamin C powder for face can improve not only the complexion of the skin but it can also alleviate more or less all the skin problems you might be having. Before we move to the Best Vitamin C Powder for Face first let us take a quick look at the benefits Vitamin C can offer when applied topically on the skin.





Bos Essentials Vitamin C powder e1494302164351

Bos Essentials Vitamin C powder



Nutribiotic Ascorbic Acid Powder e1494302518122

Nutribiotic Ascorbic Acid Powder



BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder e1494302743425

BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder



Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder e1494302996505

Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder



Vitamin C ULTRA FINE Quali C Powder e1494303497580

Vitamin C "ULTRA FINE" Quali-C Powder



Benefits of Vitamin C for the skin

Best Vitamin C Powder for Face
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Improves skin elasticity

One of the primary and unique benefits offered by Vitamin C on skin is improvement of skin elasticity. With age skin starts to lose its natural elastin and collagen which hampers the elasticity of the skin, making it loose and prone to getting wrinkles. Vitamin C increases the natural collagen synthesis process in the skin which naturally heals many signs of skin aging including loss of skin elasticity.

Protects from sun damage

Harmful sun rays and free radicals are one of the primary culprits for premature aging of the skin. Sunrays and free radicals damage the skin and induce signs of aging quickly. These elements can be even a cause for skin cancer in case of extreme exposure. Vitamin C works as a protective barrier against harmful rays and free radicals. It not only gives protection to the skin from these harmful elements but also helps in reversing the damage already caused by free radicals and sunrays.

Enhances complexion

One of the primary benefits that one can enjoy by using Vitamin C powder topically is a brighter complexion. Vitamin C improves the natural synthesis of elastin and collagen in the skin which not only works to maintain the natural elasticity of the skin but also improves the natural cell turnover rate. Higher cell turnover rate ensures that the old, dull skin cells are replaced quickly, which revels the natural fairer and brighter complexion.

Erases scars and marks

Scars and marks on the face can look really odd. Vitamin C can effectively work to erase any type of pigmentation related scars and marks from the skin by improving the cell turnover rate. If you have acne scars or marks left by pimples, Vitamin C can be an effective way to erase them within minimum time. It can also work efficiently on age spots, sun spots and freckles.

Heals acne

If you are suffering from acne, Vitamin C can be helpful. Vitamin C promotes quick skin healing and due to its acidic nature it helps in rebalancing the natural pH of the skin, which helps in killing the acne causing bacteria and also strengthens the natural protective mechanism of the skin. So, if you are suffering from acne, then too using Vitamin C topically on your face can give you great benefits.

Controls all the signs of aging

Vitamin C can work like a miracle potion on aging skin. As Vitamin C improves production of collagen and elastin and also gives the skin protection from sun and free radical damage, hence regular application of it on the face can improve all the signs of aging, starting from fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone to enlarged skin pores and loss of skin elasticity.

Now that we know the benefits of using Best Vitamin C Powder for Face, let us take a look at the things that you need to keep in mind to choose the best vitamin C powder for use.

Things to consider before buying Vitamin C Powder for cosmetic use

The container

When it comes to Vitamin C powder, the container of it can actually say a lot. Vitamin C is very sensitive to sunlight, heat as well as moisture. A good quality Vitamin C powder that has retained its full power will be available only in dark glass bottles, Mylar packaging or suitable non-reactive opaque plastic containers.

Double layer of packaging that includes a Mylar package and a plastic or other material made container to cover it from outside as a second layer of protection, is also great.

What the label says

When it comes to buying Vitamin C powder for facial application, it is important that you read the label of the product carefully before buying it. The label of a good Vitamin C powder will not have a long ingredient list. In case the ingredient list is long be sure that a lot of fillers and additives have been added in the Vitamin C to increase the amount which will certainly reduce the efficiency of the vitamin.

Look for products that come with words like pure ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid or 100% pure Vitamin C. Always opt for the higher concentration of Vitamin C, when buying a Vitamin C powder.

The brand

When it comes to an active product like Vitamin C which can easily loose its efficiency due to improper process of purifying and storage, it is always a wise choice to opt for the product manufactured and marketed by well-known brands. Some Vitamin C powder also comes with minimum amounts of a few related acids that might not be good for the skin, in the Vitamin C powder from top brands these acids are carefully removed without hampering the efficiency of Vitamin C.

The quantity

When you are buying Vitamin C powder only for application on the face, it is wise to not to buy it in bulk quantity. Vitamin C can become rancid easily and it also loses its potency with time. For facial application you will need only a minimum amount of the powder daily and hence for finishing a bulk amount of the same it will take you months, by when the Vitamin C is sure to start to lose its efficiency. So, opt for small quantities of Vitamin C powder when purchasing.

Why use Vitamin C powder instead of a cosmetic product with Vitamin C?

Currently there are quite a number of cosmetic products that claim to include Vitamin C in their ingredient list. However, instead of opting for a product with Vitamin C, preparing your own DIY cosmetic with pure Vitamin C powder is always a better choice. Why? Read on,

Vitamin C is not very stable in its purest form. It’s effectiveness start to reduce as soon as it is mixed with a base like water, glycerin or alcohol. Moreover, the potency of Vitamin C can be quickly reduced if exposed to sun light, heat or moisture.

So, when you buy and use a product with Vitamin C, there is always a big question mark about how much Vitamin C in its effective form your skin is actually getting from that product. Preparing a DIY Vitamin C serum by mixing pure Vitamin C powder with water or glycerin or some other ingredients is as easy as anything and as in this case you will be applying the prepared cosmetic immediately on your skin, hence your skin will get the full benefit of active Vitamin C.

Moreover, even the best quality Vitamin C powder is available for a price that is much less than the expensive cosmetics claimed to contain Vitamin C. Preparing your own Vitamin C serum also gives you the scope to customize your treatment according to your skin needs by increasing or reducing the amount of the Vitamin C powder in the base. However, you should never use vitamin C solution lower than 15% or higher than 20% on your skin.

Best Vitamin C Powder in the market for facial application

Bos Essentials Vitamin C powder

 Bos Essentials Vitamin C powderThis cosmetic grade Vitamin C powder is considered as one of the Best Vitamin C Powder for Face. It comes in ultrafine molecular size which makes it ideal for cosmetic use. It is completely free from any fillers or additives and what you get for the price is pure L-ascorbic acid.

The product has been tested in the lab for maximum purity and it is completely free from any bacteria. The packaging of the powder ensures that the Vitamin C remains safe from sunlight and humidity in order to retain its full ability.

The ultra-fine powder like consistency of this Vitamin C not only makes it easy to dissolve in water or any other ingredient for making your own skin care cosmetics but also ensures deeper penetration into the skin delivering better results.

User experience

Bos Essentials Vitamin C powder has been garnered with great reviews from the users. According to the reviews, the powder is extremely potent and hence you will need only a little of it for one time use. Due to the finer particles of the powder, it can be mixed easily with water, glycerin or any other base ingredients that you might be using for making your own beauty potion.

The product works wonderfully on skin and users have been able to see noteworthy difference in their skin condition within 3-4 use. The sealable packaging also ensures that it retains its full efficiency till the end, however, you have to make sure that you remove all the air from the packaging before sealing it,


  • Pure L-ascorbic acid without any fillers or additives.
  • Tested in the laboratory and free from bacteria.
  • Comes in fine powder form which is easy to dissolve.
  • Packaging that retains full efficiency of Vitamin C.


  • Use of more product than recommended can easily harm the skin.

Final Verdict

If you are a pro with Vitamin C powders and you are confident that you can use this pure ascorbic acid without any overdose, you should go for it. However, if you are new to the arena, it is important that you maintain extreme precaution to ensure that you use the right amount of it. As this product is a pure form of ascorbic acid hence using more than required can harm your skin seriously.

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Nutribiotic Ascorbic Acid Powder

Nutribiotic Ascorbic Acid PowderThe Nutribiotic Ascorbic Acid Powder is a pharmaceutical grade product which ensures maximum purity and is ideal for topical application in cosmetics as well as for consumption. The product has been lab tested for purity and can be safely used on skin. There are no added fillers and what you get in this product is 100% pure Vitamin C.

It is completely free from gluten and genetically modified organisms and is considered as one of the purest and effective products in its class. It mixes well with water as well as glycerin when used for cosmetic purposes.

User reviews

Users looking for pure Vitamin C powder for cosmetic use have found this product useful and effective as it offers pure vitamin C without any additives. The packet within jar packaging of the product ensures that the vitamin C retains its effectiveness and it also promotes ease of storage.

This product can work effectively to treat different skin problems related to aging when used topically along with a suitable base.


  • 100% pure pharmaceutical grade vitamin C.
  • Free from gluten and GMO.
  • The packaging ensures proper retention of efficiency of the Vitamin C and is easy to store.
  • Can be used for cosmetic as well as consumption purpose.


  • As primary objective of this ascorbic acid powder is oral consumption, hence the texture of the granules is not very fine. For using in cosmetics you might need to grind them a little.

Final verdict

Nutribiotic Ascorbic Acid Powder gives you Vitamin C in its purest form. While it can be the ideal product if you are planning to use it for both topical application and consumption, it is certainly not the best buy if you are planning to use it for cosmetic purpose only.

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BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder

BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid PowderIf you are looking for Pure Vitamin C to include in your skin care regime, the BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder can be a good option. In this product, Vitamin C comes in a clean and pure form and is not added with any filler that might reduce its potency. It has also been tested for purity in lab and is a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C powder.

It comes in a factory sealed foil zip pouch that is easy to carry and can be easily resealed after every use. The opaque packaging ensures that the content is not degraded easily.

User experience

As claimed, BulkSupplements Pure Ascorbic Acid Powder is a pure Vitamin C powder and you can use it easily for topical application on your face. It dissolves quickly in different bases and gives nice results as far as improvement in skin conditions is concerned.

This product has also helped user in achieving a brighter skin tone along with a better skin texture. The only problem that some of the users has reported is that the pouch packaging is not effective to keep the Vitamin C safe from moisture particularly after you have emptied half of the pouch.


  • Pure Ascorbic acid that comes with guaranteed purity.
  • The zip pouch is easy to carry and keeps the vitamin C safe from sunlight.
  • Free from GMO.
  • Can be used for consumption as well as cosmetic purpose.
  • Works efficiently on skin texture and complexion.


  • The zip pouch becomes ineffective after half of the product has been emptied.

Final verdict

This is a pure Vitamin C formulation free from any additives or fillers. Though the molecular size of this vitamin C powder is not very fine, it dissolves quickly into water or glycerin and hence can be easily used for cosmetic purposes.

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Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder

Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C PowderThis Vitamin C powder has been formulated particularly for cosmetic purpose and not for intake. It contains 99.8% pure ascorbic acid and can be very effective in delivering a range of benefits to the skin. As it is formulated particularly for cosmetic purpose, hence the powder comes in a very fine form that can be easily dissolved into water, glycerin or any other cream, lotion or serum.

The packaging of the product in an opaque glass bottle is the other point that makes sure that you get the best benefits of this Vitamin C powder till the product finishes. It also comes with a spatula in order to ensure that you need not to touch the Vitamin C powder in the container with fingers.

User experience

Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin C Powder is particularly formulated for making your skin care products more effective in delivering results. This powder is expensive but it delivers results and is completely safe for use even on sensitive skin.

This product is not pharmaceutical grade but if you are looking for an effective and safe ascorbic acid powder or if you are new to Vitamin C powders, opting for this one can be a good option. It works on skin, relives fine wrinkles and signs of skin aging. It also helps in controlling acne and giving a fairer complexion.


  • Vitamin C powder formulated particularly for cosmetic use.
  • Opaque glass bottle packaging ensures best retention of the efficiency of Vitamin C till the end.
  • Safe for use even on sensitive skin.
  • Can be mixed with any cream, serum or lotion or can also be used with water or glycerin.
  • Dissolves easily.
  • Helps in relieving signs of aging and acne problems.


  • It is expensive.
  • This Vitamin C powder cannot be used for any other purpose than cosmetic usage.
  • It stains the fingernails if not used with caution.

Final Verdict

This Vitamin C powder is expensive but you will need only a little amount of it for daily use, so even the little bottle will last you long. It works efficiently on the skin and gives results. If you are new to Vitamin C powders or if you have sensitive skin, this product will work well for you.

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Vitamin C “ULTRA FINE” Quali-C Powder

Vitamin C ULTRA FINE Quali C PowderThis one is a made in UK Vitamin C powder that claims to be 100% pure. It is much expensive compared to many other Vitamin C powders available in the market but it actually offers great quality. It is one of the finest Vitamin C powders available and the brand claims that the purity of this product has been tested by third party labs in order to ensure the maximum reliability to their customers.

The product is free from GMO and comes in an opaque tub packaging that is easy to carry and store as per requirements. The packaging also ensures that the content is safe from humidity, sunlight and heat which can reduce the effectiveness of Vitamin C over time.

User Experience

According to the users, if you have used this Vitamin C powder once, you are hardly likely to settle for any other options. It is expensive, but as you need only minimum amount of Vitamin C for daily cosmetic use, a single package can last you over a year, giving you full return on your money.

The Vitamin C powder comes in a crystalline form but it dissolves rapidly into water, glycerin and even in alcohol without any need of vigorous stirring. It works as a wonderful ingredient for making 20% Vitamin C serum and for any other DIY Vitamin C cosmetics used for topical application. This Vitamin C powder helps in brightening the skin, helps in removing marks and spots. It improves the overall skin texture and reduces appearance of wrinkles.


  • A UK made product that claims to provide 100% Vitamin C in its purest form.
  • The packaging is easy to handle and also ensures safe storage for Vitamin C.
  • Dissolves very easily with any base, without even the need of much stirring.
  • Works wonders on the skin.
  • It can be used for making cosmetics and also for oral consumption.


  • The product is quite expensive.

Final verdict

Vitamin C “ULTRA FINE” Quali-C Powder is indeed a high quality Vitamin C powder that offers the benefits it claims and the results are truly remarkable. If the price is not a factor for you, then you should try out this Vitamin C Powder at least once to find what better it can do for your skin.

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How to use Vitamin C on skin, safely and effectively?

Vitamin C can give your skin a number of prominent benefits that you might not want to miss. However, it is important that you use it on face with due caution. Improper or too much use of Vitamin C can be seriously harmful for your skin. Read on to know the precautions you should maintain to use Vitamin C on skin safely.

Get the right potency

Any cosmetic that you will prepare at home with Vitamin C powder should have a potency range between 15% and 20%. It is never the more the better when it comes to active substances like ascorbic acid. A concentration lower than 15% will be ineffective on your skin and a concentration of over 20% can harm your skin.

Use it in DIY cosmetics

If you are planning to mix Vitamin C powder with your regular lotion or moisturizer, it is important that you first ensure that the ingredients of that cosmetic will not react with Vitamin C. Unless the instructions of the cosmetic explicitly mentions that it can be used with added Vitamin C powder from the same or different brand, it is only wise to prepare your own DIY Vitamin C serum or moisturizer instead of adding it to a formulated cosmetic product.

Apply on clean skin

Always apply Vitamin C powder in serum or moisturizer form only on well cleansed skin. If your skin is not well cleansed while applying the DIY cosmetic it is sure to interfere with the absorption of Vitamin C, hindering its effects.

Be cautious about Vitamin C overdose

During pregnancy pregnancy or if you are taking a regular oral dose of Vitamin C due to some other reasons, it is only wise that you first consult with your doctor before you start using Vitamin C on your face regularly.

Keep an eye on your skin

If you are using a DIY Vitamin C cosmetic on your face for the first time, it is important that you keep an eye on your skin to note how it behaves. For the first time users, it is always wise to start with low concentration of Vitamin C. If there is sensitivity after using Vitamin C on your face, you should discontinue the use for a few days and then follow with a solution with less Vitamin C concentration and always keep an eye on how your skin behaves subsequently.

How to use Vitamin C powder on face

To use a Vitamin C powder on face the best way is to prepare a DIY toner, serum, cream or face pack with it. Here are some easy recipes for you,

Vitamin C toner

What you will need

The process

Dissolve 1/2gm Vitamin C completely in 5 ml of witch hazel extract. Now add 2 drops of sandalwood essential oil to it and mix well. Apply the prepared toner immediately on your face. You might also store it for 1-2 days in a dark glass bottle. The best time to apply this toner is at night.

Vitamin C Serum

What you will need

  • Pure Vitamin C powder
  • Distilled water
  • Vitamin E

The process

To make an effective Vitamin C serum, mix 1/2 gm of the Vitamin C powder with 5 ml of water until the powder is fully dissolved. Now add 1/2 of the content of a Vitamin E capsule to the mixture and mix well. Apply the prepared serum immediately to get the best benefits.

Vitamin C cream

What you will need

  • Cocoa butter
  • Pure Vitamin C Powder
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerin

The process

To prepare a Vitamin C cream at home, first dissolve 1/2 gm of the Vitamin C powder in 5ml water and then add the 1/2 spoon glycerin. Heat the cocoa butter in microwave oven until it is liquid and mix with the Vitamin C and Glycerin mixture. Apply it fresh onto your face. You can store it in an opaque glass bottle in the fridge for up to 3 days but know for sure with time the efficiency of the vitamin C in the cream will reduce.

Vitamin C face pack

What you will need

The process

First dissolve the Vitamin C powder in rose water to make a 20% solution and then add sufficient amount of honey to it to give the mixture the right consistency of a face pack. Apply all over your cleansed face, leave on for 30 minutes and then remove with a damp washcloth.


Preparing your own DIY Vitamin C cosmetic with the Best Vitamin C Powder for Face can be a pocket friendly and effective skin care option. However, always keep in mind as Vitamin C is an acid (ascorbic acid) hence applying more of it will not give you better results rather can be harmful for your skin. So, use it with due precautions following the right processes and you can enjoy a problem free skin.



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