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Will Calamari Oil Help Boost Child’s Learning?

DHA and EPA are required for kids in their formative years. These can be sourced from omega 3 which has been mostly found in several fish products, but for today, calamari seems to be its newer source trend.

Calamari or squid is a better source of omega 3 which was now, in the best sense of word, are capsuled as supplements.

Benefits of the Calamari Oil for Overall Health

Calamari may be not well accepted in the past but it is starting to gain a considerable market. That would be because many people have proven its benefits. Many parents try to introduce supplements made from the oil to their kids as it has been known to help boost ones’ ability to learn. But before going for the kid’s part, how does calamari’s omega 3 help in your overall health?

  1. It helps normal growth and development. Good for kids and adults alike.
  2. It reduces your chances of worsening or acquiring any heart diseases.
  3. Keeps you beautiful as it stimulates new skin and hair growth all the time.
  4. It reduces inflammation.
  5. Can lessen cholesterol.
  6. Can lessen high blood pressure
  7. Keeps your brain alert, awake and enthusiastic
  8. It can address medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma and arthritis.
  9. Helps in easing out bowel movement.
  10. Reduces your chance of developing breast and colon cancer.

Calamari in learning

Calamari is known as a major source of omega 3 which is a laden with DHA. DHA is needed by kids to prepare their mental skills, behavior and learning capability for growth. Kids with sufficient amount of DHA exhibits improved reading age, better behavior and boost ability for number recall.
Research on the other hand said that the supply of omega 3 fatty acids may aid in the treatment of kids with ADHD and those with learning disabilities. DHA derived from the omega 3 which can then be produced by calamari oil is essential for kids starting from their conception in the womb.

Here are the DHA needs of a baby from the womb:

  • Good DHA supply while baby is still in the womb may increase baby’s IQ when he grows up. Calamari oil will do as some fish oil may be containing mercury which can be harmful for the baby.
  • Newborn until 6 months old. When mother takes enough omega 3 supplements while breastfeeding, babies will be able to have the nutrients as well. A proper intake of DHA at this stage will help better a kid’s hand-eye coordination when he reaches two.
  • 6 months until 2 years old. So in this case, the child may be independent from your breastfeeding, so he has to take the nutrients from his diet. Proper supplement of DHA at this stage will really help a lot in brain development as well as in the kid’s rapid growth. Salmon, walnut, grass-fed beef, kids’ omega 3 supplements from calamari oil, yogurt and cereal are few of the sources of DHA.
  • 2 to 5 years old. Once a child has the deficiency in DHA at this stage, he or she will be put in greater risk of developing ADHAD, vision problems and child depression.

Studies on Calamari Oil

There is an ongoing study toady about linking the omega 3 fatty acid as a cure or a way to lessen ADHAD symptoms. But then experiments before had tried and has really gotten positive result over it.

Elliot Brown, from UK has been one of those kids, who has the problem of learning. He can’t read or write though he can speak fluently. After the study and after taking in omega 3 and 6 through food and supplements, Elliot had a considerable improvement.

Due to this, many parents are opting for the solution as it is much safer than subjecting kids to other drastic therapies and medications. And one can even have the fatty acids ingested from natural food, but of course supplements can give one greater advantage at that.

Why Calamari Oil is a Better Choice than all other DHA Sources?

Omega 3 can be attained from other sources but then many are turning to calamari now. Why is that?

  1. Calamari has higher dose of DHA
  2. Calamari is ecologically sustainable.
  3. Calamari doesn’t affect arthritis and joint pain as opposed to Krill oils.

When Supplements May Be Better than Diet for Kids

Most kids nowadays aren’t keen on eating healthy. This is where parent’s frustration comes in. But then kid’s supplement can do the job. So while kids eat little of fishes and calamari and other sources of omega 3, they can still have the full benefits of it through chewable and child friendly supplements.

But then supplements later on will foster appetite, with such, kids will start eating; healthy foods can then be introduced.

Omega 3, DHA and Calamari Oil in Summary

So to summarize it all, omega 3 fatty acid is good for the health. But then it may not only be adults who will be needing it, kids do too. Kids may have calamari oil supplements to boost intake of DHA. DHA helps kids in learning, improving memory and in keeping kids away from certain conditions.

Adults too need things that omega 3 can offer. It can be taken from fish diet such as salmon and krill. It can even be derived from flaxseed oils, wheat germs, fresh fruits and vegetables. But one should consider the amount of the omega 3 taken in, if natural diet can’t give it, and then go for supplements.

All in all, whether it’s for your own health or for your kids, you just have to consider everything. To live longer shouldn’t be a goal but a mantra. And one shouldn’t just aim for living longer, but for living healthier. So start your quest for your kids DHA, you’ll be reaping the rewards later.

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