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Fantabulous Tips Get Sexy Arms

Most of us would love to flaunt tank tops, halter necks & capped sleeves, specially during summers, Sunday afternoon brunches or at dinner parties. But many shy away from wearing them owing to flabby arms & slack muscle tone. CAUSES: 1. Poor Diet: This is the first & foremost reason […]

Filler Injections for Under Eyes and Lips

Dermal fillers for puffy eyes A filler injection for under eyes is used to treat puffy eyes, dark circles and tired eyes. It is an exciting medicine used recently. Many surgeons reported filler injections give good results when compared with surgeries. As we age, skin sags and the dark circles […]

How to Know When to See a Dentist?

Let’s face it nobody likes going to the dentist. The anxiety the most people suffer with the thought of someone sticking drills in their mouth is completely natural and makes it very easy to put off those appointments. Months can turn in years as people conveniently forget to make that […]

How to Deal With Wisdom Teeth Problems

You hear so much about wisdom teeth removal that it is easy to assume you cannot dodge this procedure, especially if you experience severe problems with your wisdom teeth. In actual fact, you should think long and hard about wisdom teeth removal, because, to state the obvious, once the dentist has […]

4 Ways to Improve Acne-Prone Skin

Those who have a susceptibility to acne will often resort to dietary changes, improved hygiene and other methods to improve their skin. Unfortunately, many of these habits can exacerbate existing acne and even lead to further breakouts. In order for an individual to successfully improve their acne-prone skin, the habitual […]