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Best Pedometers Top 5 Pedometers Reviews

The Best Pedometers for Running | Top 5 Pedometers Review

Used for tracking activity, a pedometer employs motion sensors for measuring or counting the steps one takes. Walking versions of this footstep tracking appliance come with numerous functions depending on the brand and the model. The usual functions of a pedometer include counting steps taken, measuring distance traversed and estimating […]

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch review

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Review

If you are looking to improve your fitness and overall health, then a fitness watch maybe your answer to enjoying a better quality of life. Having one of these handy gadgets strapped to your wrist can help you see where to make changes in your daily activities. One of the […]

Best Heart Rate Monitors

Best Heart Rate Monitors and HRM Watches

People nowadays are taking huge steps in improving their health. Lifestyle changes such as healthier food choices and regular exercise are part of maintaining good health. With an increased awareness on fitness and health people are searching for ways to support their healthy lifestyle by using health related devices such […]