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The Best Pedometers for Running | Top 5 Pedometers Review

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Used for tracking activity, a pedometer employs motion sensors for measuring or counting the steps one takes. Walking versions of this footstep tracking appliance come with numerous functions depending on the brand and the model. The usual functions of a pedometer include counting steps taken, measuring distance traversed and estimating the calories that are burnt. Pedometers have capacities such as three to seven days memory capability, calendars, clocks, alarms and more.

The Best Pedometers




Calories burned

Display memory

Omron Alvita Optimized Pedometer e1501665541468

Omron Alvita Optimized Pedometer



7 Days

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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker



7 Days

Yamax Digiwalker e1508093820371

Yamax Digiwalker



7 Days

Omron HJ325 Alvita Ultimate Pedometer e1508094075592

Omron HJ325 Alvita Ultimate Pedometer



7 Days

Garmin Vivofit 2 e1508094454136

Garmin Vivofit 2 Pedometer



7 Days

Pedometer As Opposed to Step Counting

Step counters are very different from pedometers. Though the two fitness tracking devices measure steps taken, a counter does not provide an estimate of the step length or distance that is covered. If you just want to count steps, a counter would work. But if the walking enthusiast seeks more features, pedometers work wonders. These nifty devices measure the calories burnt, distance traveled and steps take based on which models are purchased. Pedometers track display and measure of walking speed.

How Does a Pedometer Work?

Pedometers have motion sensors to determine speed as well as a number of steps taken. The pedometer even measures the tilt of the hips and shifting of the legs as you move forward. An assumption the pedometer makes is that the legs are evenly spaced.

Different Pedometer Types

Finding the best pedometer is largely reliant on preferences and needs, as these come in various sizes and shapes. Features of each of these pedometer types vary.

#1 Open Faced Pedometer

This pedometer has front readings and no cover or flip case. These are the most cost efficient pedometers. A problem is the bumping of buttons accidentally. These pedometers can be carried in the pocket or with a waistband clip.

#2 Flip Case Pedometer

This pedometer type has a cover that flips open to protect its surface. It also permits the user to stop bumping into buttons accidentally, changing the step count and the readings. This type of pedometer suffers from a problem, though. You have to flip the case open to observe readings, which makes it less than handy. Other models are tough to open, making the experience difficult.

#3 Top Read Pedometer

This pedometer is akin to the open face pedometers. One can glance at the pedometer for reading rather than placing the case open. As it is open, risks of pressing switches accidentally also rise. Top read pedometers have a wider design, making it less mobile and compact.

#4 Pocket Pedometer

This pedometer type can be kept in the pocket as it does not have a waistband. These are open-faced reengineered with recessed button and button press delayed features. These features ensure it cannot be accidentally pressed.

#5 Pedometer Watches

This is considered one of the best pedometers or fitness trackers. It comes in three avatars namely separate sensor, GPS enabled, and motion sensor chip in watches. This is considered a fitness tracking wearable.

#6 App and Computer Linked Pedometer

A walking meter pedometer may be tied to mobile, app linked or GPS-enabled smartphones. It can also be computer friendly.

Accuracy of Pedometers

Pedometers count the steps and calories burnt as well as distance traversed. How accurate or how much durability a pedometer has is based on which mechanism type is there:

Spring Levered

These type of pedometers are common and economically sound. A tiny spring serves as the arm of the lever. It offers a downward swing and the returns to its usual point, clicking with each step. This pedometer is not accurate as it becomes looser with use.


GPS pedometers use satellites for measuring speed and distance. There are no moving parts. The devices do not create a step count, yet they indicate speed and distance measured. Changing terrain elevation can interfere with the system. Download applications and build GPS into the cell phone or purchase a pedometer that is stand alone.

Coiled Spring

This mechanism uses a coil spring. A coil spring can become loose though. It is still more accurate than the thin kinds where springs are fragile.

Accelerometer Chip

These type of pedometers use motion sensing chips found in cell phones, modern wrist fitness tracking devices and more. Movement is sensed and data delivered to pedometer apps and power fitness bands.

Pedometer Buying Considerations

If you feel the requirement for a pedometer, decide the best one based on your needs. This is important to consider because pedometers come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Pedometers are now taken at higher levels for tracking heart rates as well. If you are interested in a pedometer, here are the factors you need to take into account.

Design, Shape, and Size

Be clear about where and how you wish to put on the device. Carrying the pedometer, activity tracker or heart rate monitor requires a compact, user-friendly mobile site. Choose between a pedometer that can be clipped on to one that can be placed in the pocket.


If the device needs to just count steps, go for a step counter. If a powerful fitness tracking device is needed, calculate the calories burnt and measure the distance traversed, monitoring the quality if sleep and waking up to a steady alarm, a pedometer with such capacity is needed. It generally comes in the shape of a watch.

Managing Data

Fitness tracking is flexible and versatile. Activity trackers offer different means of reading results. Simple pedometers require stats on display. Others synchronize data wired or wireless to the device for comfortable result readings. If you want a computer or app-enabled pedometer, go for one that lets you sync data to the device.

Social Media

Other activity trackers allow progress on social media and comparison with friends. If measuring and proving your mettle against your own or another’s record motivates you, get this type of pedometer for the best results.

Accurate Device

Choosing an accurate device involves finding one that works well with fitness regimens. Each feature has its own tradeoff and depends on personal preferences. You have to consider factors such as battery life, design features, form factors, and screens.

Setting Goals

This is the best way to meet fitness objectives. The best pedometers permit customization of goals to suit the lifestyle. Many of these are through their connected applications able to provide activity history for the devices.


Pedometers with massive screens or full feature apps display progress across time and help in staying in tune with notifications to suit fitness goals. Boosting your knowledge, your data helps you to be healthier and push yourself to the limits.


Pedometers should have long batteries, and what is considered long lasting is based on features of the devices. Pedometers with syncing with Bluetooth, massive screens and tactility of features have a lesser life.


The most well known and famous pedometers are wrist style band and clipping style. These attach to the clothing and the tracker’s weight needs to be taken into account here. Lighter wristbands are more simple to wear.

Water Resistance

Another feature is whether pedometers are waterproof or have water resistance. If your device is exposed to moisture, it should be rated for at least 5 ATM.


Along with the weight and type, it is important to consider how to connect with the pedometer. Pedometers have either display screens or none. Screens are handy for quick knowledge while wearables are simpler and more trendy to wear.

Top 5 Pedometers

Pedometer#1 Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis

Pedometer#1 Omron HJ-321 Tri-Axis
Photo By: Amazon

This is the trendiest and next generation pedometer. One of its key benefits is that it uses tri-axis mechanism. No clicks or rattles ensue. It offers silent, smooth and seamless functioning. This pedometer counts steps. It also measures the distance and calorific burn. Aerobic steps can be tracked on their own while walking or jogs more than 60 steps in a minute or more than ten minutes continuously.

There’s a 7-day memory to review the past days. It also comes equipped with a security leash for ensuring that one does not lose out on it.

This model does not upload to an app or a computer. The Omron HJ-323U uploads through a build in USB device to its customized dashboard. Data can be manually entered in the 321 model too.

With a smart sensor technology, get correct readings for distances and steps. The pedometer has a device that sets automatically at 12 in the night for precision in daily count.


  • Portability and accuracy

This pedometer stores 7 days of activity data. Motivation keeps you going further each day. Push yourself for better health with portable, accurate pedometers like these, which promote increased energy.

  • Simple to Use

This pedometer can be used simply. It tracks walking steps and distances. Accurately counting whether flat, horizontal or vertical, it displays seven days worth of activity. Automatic resets take place at midnight.


  • Delay

Firstly there is a 4 second lag between the measurements and the actual movement. So step by step accuracy is not guaranteed.

  • Nearest Whole Number

The miles are measured by this pedometer in whole numbers only. The reading is in a very small print.

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Pedometer#2: Fitbit One

Pedometer#2: Fitbit One
Photo By: Amazon


Fitbit has captured a lion’s share of the wearable activity monitor market. Apart from being easily accessible at major retail stores, they are excellent pedometers. Fitbit sync their data wireless via a USB stick or a computer (Mac or other desktops). Computer or smartphones are required to use all of this pedometer’s features. You can even track sleep and diet using this pedometer.


  • Tracking More Than Steps

An all round activity tracker, this pedometer tracks steps, distance traversed and calorific value burnt. Additional features include alarm and automatic synchronizing of data to tablets, smartphones, and computers.

  • Water Resistance

The wearable pedometer is also resistant to water. So a slight downpour on your daily jog is not a major issue.

  • Multifaceted Tracking

This pedometer tracks distance crossed in km or miles, calories burnt, average speed, activity time and distance.

  • Easily Assembled

This pedometer comes with a neck lanyard and is effectively set up. No complicated instructions are needed for setting up the pedometer.

  • Pausing Feature

Stop the pedometer counting steps for activities one does not want monitored.


  • Shorter Memory Capacity

The shorter day of memory is stored as against competitors.

  • Not Easy to Attach

The pedometer has no clip at the waist.

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Pedometer#3 Yamax Digiwalker

Pedometer#3 Yamax Digiwalker
Photo By: Amazon

This CW-701 model is an updated version of the SW-701. Its unique features include going beyond step counting. Also on the display are distance, burning of calories, clock, and activity timing.

The long-lasting spring coil and pendulum with heavy coating improves an accuracy of 2.5 percent per model over the SW version. With a belt clip made of sturdy metal, it has a 7-day daily memory for steps, distance, activity time and calories. There is a two-week total for each along with this.


  • Reliability

The Yamax Digiwalker offers a world of reliability. With its 11 step filter, the pedometer gets rid of possible mistakes and focuses on actual walking.

  • Long Lasting

Made of sturdy, durable material, the Yamax Digiwalker offers a lot of advantages when it comes to longevity.


  • Complicated

The pedometer requires an understanding of complicated functions.

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Pedometer#4 Omron Alvita

Pedometer#4 Omron Alvita
Photo By: Amazon

This is an ultimate pedometer with a full stack of features for counting steps, distances, and calories. It also tracks aerobic step and moves. Of an advanced design, pedometers of this brand can adjust to body tilts.


  • Silent and Smooth

The Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer is a silent performer. Its accuracy and precision make it smooth and seamless.

  • Easy Reading

It has a wide screen for easy reading. Data is stored for 7 whole days. The pedometer adjusts and resets at 12 in the night.


  • Pricey

For the features it has, the pedometer is very pricey.

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Pedometer#5 Garmin Vivofit 2

Pedometer#5 Garmin Vivofit 2
Photo By: Amazon


The Garmin Vivofit-2 is a wonderful fitness band. It tracks steps taken and alters activity levels each hour throughout 24/7. The battery lasts over one year! So replacement and maintenance needs are way fewer. This pedometer even monitors sleep and can be paired with a heart rate monitor to track heartbeat during a workout.


  • Stylish Fit

This amazing fitness bracelet and tracker is an efficient activity tracker very comfortable to try out.

  • Water Resistance

This fitness bracelet also has a long battery life. With its water resistant body, it can be used anywhere, anytime and anyplace. It has an easy to read display with the timing of the day and statistics at your beck and call. Wrist pedometers like these are very convenient and handy.

  • Personalized Fitness

Another unique advantage is that personalized goals are available for those working out. The pedometer records calorific burn across the 24 hours. This also comprises the metabolic rate. Monitoring sleep is also easy, with an easy to set sleep mode. The pedometer also logs intensity efforts. It detects exercise.

  • Connecting to Heart Monitor

The unique feature of this pedometer is that it connects to a heart rate monitor. This makes it easy to track the heart rate.


  • Wristband Issues

The Garmin model is not easy to attach to the wrist. Moreover, it cannot be placed in the pocket where it’s at an angle. The pedometer has to stay lateral.

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How is the pedometer attached?

The best way for attaching the pedometer is clipping it to the belt at the area below the waist. The top of workout pants can also be a good location. It should not wobble or move from one side to another. The pedometer must also stay lateral. It may malfunction if placed at an angle. The pedometer will not work correctly if it is placed in the pocket.

What batteries are being used?

Pedometers tested use small watch type battery systems. Lasting about a year, these batteries are cost-efficient and can be quickly replaced.

Where can a pedometer be purchased?

Specialist sports shops and department stores apart, online sites like Amazon are a treasure trove for quality pedometers at bargain prices.

Can a rattling pedometer be broken?

This is not always the case, as the pedometer’s lever arm makes a motion noise with each step. So even if the pedometer is rattling, it may not be broken.

What are the drawbacks of a pedometer

Purchasing a pedometer will not increase activity unless you consider the intensity of the workouts and motivate yourself to push for higher fitness levels.

How do I wear the pedometer?

The pedometer is placed when the person gets up in the morning and it is worn all day long. The pedometer needs to be checked during the course of the day to see if your fitness levels have been attained.

How do I check my pedometer for defects?

The first thing to do is check if the pedometer is being worn correctly. If it is not positioned well, it won’t track steps correctly. Secondly, once the pedometer displays defects, serving and maintenance are important. If it is in warranty, replacement may be easy.

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