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How to Check Your Pregnancy News at Home : Top 5 Pregnancy Test Kits

Pregnancy is the most tender and delicate stage of a woman’s life cycle. This is the moment for which each and every woman has already made some plan and dreams about. Once you feel like pregnant the second thing that hit your mind pregnancy confirmation. There are many readily available best pregnancy test kits within the market which confirms this news without a hassle to go out.

A pregnant woman develops the HCG hormones rapidly. This hormone only can be produced in a woman if she is pregnant. Once you develop fertility egg your body starts producing this hormone and as the months past the quantity of this hormone gets increased.

There are several tips other than the readymade pregnancy test kits that can confirm the good news. These methods used to be utilized by the ancient women when the medical was not as developed as it is now. These are quite safe and more than 90% tests are successful with a correct report.

When a lady gets pregnant then time flies like a bird. At this point of time, even a day passes like a week especially when someone is developing pregnancy symptoms but not medically confirmed. Here all these homemade pregnancy test methods, as well as market’s home test kits, plays its vital role. You get a confirmation and right information at your home only regarding pregnancy and this way you get rid out of your confusion box which your mind every moment thinking around.

How to Use Home Pregnancy Tests:

Home Pregnancy TestsHome pregnancy tests or pregnancy confirmation kits will only work in an effective way if you are using them in the right way otherwise it won’t show you correct report. There are few important things that you should need to follow in order to generate an exact report of pregnancy. If you are also developing the pregnancy symptoms and want to confirm it by a readymade kit then follow our below-mentioned instructions before using it.

Early Morning Urine Test:

Pregnancy is the most gentle and delicate period of life. It comes with some common symptoms or sign which every pregnant woman on earth faces during the very initial stage of it. Frequent vomiting or feeling like vomiting, nausea, weakness, tiredness, body pain, irritation, mood swing etc. are the general signs of pregnancy at its beginning stage. Though these are the sure short signs of pregnancy still you cannot rely on them completely.

You can be assured regarding the pregnancy by its test on a pregnancy test kit. If you are ready with your kit then mind one important thing which is necessary for getting the exact report. Only use your early morning urine on this test kit otherwise it will not show right information.

Your early morning first urine remains full with a high quantity of HCG hormone if you are really pregnant. So what you need to do is, sleep well in the night and wake up around 4 to 6 am. Keep your first urine of the early morning in a bottle. Now drop few urine drops on your test kit. Wait for some moment as instructed in your kit and get sure and confirmed news of your pregnancy.

Drop Adequate Amount of Urine:

The second thing on which your home pregnancy test reports depends upon is the quantity of urine that you are putting on the pregnancy test kit or tool. No matter how costly pregnancy test kit you have bought from the market if you will not use it in a proper way or as instructed in its box then it will not produce an exact and accurate report.

Pregnancy kits are the great advantage for those women who find it very difficult to go out for diagnosis of their pregnancy for several personal reasons or concerns. You get a handy tool or kit in any medical store very easily. Just buy them and clear your confusion regarding pregnancy.

For assured and reliable report out of this home test, you need to drop 3 to 4 drops of your early morning first urine on the kit, exactly at the place, it is mentioned to drop. Sometimes it will be mentioned in the instruction page remains inside the box of these kits that what amount of urine drop you need to pour.

So now make yourself free from the headache of going to a diagnosis center for confirming your pregnancy test. Bring a readymade home pregnancy test kit and get your report within your home only by following its rules of usage.

Waiting Time Should be Considered:

Once you pour your first urine of the morning on your test kit you need to wait at least for ten minutes otherwise you cannot expect of an exact report out of this home kit of the pregnancy test. You can check the instruction manual for getting yourself aware that how long you need to wait otherwise if in between this kit gets disturbed by your touch or anything in that condition it will never display accurate information.

It happens many times that some woman gets restless even only one day is missed of their monthly period date. This especially happens in the cases if the same woman is developing few of the symptoms of pregnancy like vomiting, body pain, tiredness etc. These symptoms can also occur for several health-related issues, it’s not that you are pregnant because of that these symptoms are developing. So don’t keep yourself disturbed and get rid of your confusion by the help of a good brand pregnancy test kit.

Pregnancy Test Kit Checking Method:

It is been observed in many cases that even a woman was pregnant but as she was not aware of the rule of using the pregnancy test kit exactly so missed her good news in earliest time. So what you need to do is when you get your home pregnancy test kit, read its instruction page carefully, here you will exactly get to know the way to confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

In most pregnancy kits there are parallel lines in one big bar. It remains mentioned in the instruction kit that if both the lines get red after your waiting time which you hold after pouring your urine on the kit, that means you are pregnant. In the opposite condition when only one line gets red after the waiting time that means still you have to wait as this time you have missed the good news.

Don’t Repeat an Old Pregnancy Test Kit:

It is proved now from many trusted surveys that average women miss their good news because of the repetitive use of same home pregnancy test kit. These kits are formed for one-time use only. It will not work for the second time means if you will try to take a test on the same kit second time then it will not show an accurate report.

So throw the kit after one-time usage as if you are thinking that it will come in use after few months then this is your misconception.

Check the Expiry Date:

Be careful regarding the validity of pregnancy test kit while purchasing it. Check its mfg. date and expiry date mentioned on the reverse side of this kit so that by mistake you won’t bring an expired kit at your home. These kits will only show the exact report of your pregnancy if it is within its expiry date. Under the condition, it has crossed its validity period it is nothing more than garbage.

For safe side, it is suggested to buy these kits from a big and renowned medical store only as because big and well running stores have fresh stocks on the other side small stores keep very old stocks as they don’t have a very good range of sale. This is very precious news for you so don’t miss any chance by making such a trifling mistake like checking the expiry date of your kit and all.

Branding of Pregnancy Test Kits:

There are many well recognized and older brands that produce and sell the home pregnancy test kits. These brands are known for showing exact report after the test so this way they have made their good name in their industries. So for safer size buy your test kit from a recognized brand only.

No doubt, you can purchase your test kit from a well-known brand but one thing you should also aware that these companies have got their big name and fame by giving or posting big adds on different media. There are many small brands available in the market who get manufacture their pregnancy kit from the same factories where big brand’s kit are manufactured. That means the same formula is applied for manufacturing both the kits. Just because they have not spent on its advertisement so it is less recognized or popular.

Top 5 Pregnancy Test Kits

Now days are gone when you have to stand in the long queue of a diagnosis center for the test of your pregnancy. Many big brands are there in the market that produces a top quality of readymade home pregnancy test kits. Bring them to your home and get your good news at your doorstep only. Do you want to confirm your pregnancy but confused which pregnancy test kit will be best for you? If yes, then stop here as we have enlisted top 5 pregnancy test kits available in the market.

I-Can Home Pregnancy Kit:


I-Can Home Pregnancy Kit
Source : Amazon.com

I-can is a very well-known and trusted brand in the field of home pregnancy test kits production. It is manufactured by the Piramal Enterprises, who launched their product in the year 2011.  You can use this test kit even the next day of your missed pregnancy date.

By detecting the amount of HCG hormone available in your morning first urine it will provide or confirms your pregnancy news. I-Can helps you to get your pregnancy news confirmation at your home only so it saves your time as well as extra expenses that you might have to spend if you go to a diagnosis center. Its cost is not very high so this is an extra advantage of buying this home pregnancy kit.

Prega News Home Pregnancy Kit:

Prega News
Source : Amazon.com

Prega news home pregnancy kit is another best kit for testing your pregnancy within your home place. This brand is a very well trusted and within few months of its arrival in the market, it got a good name and fame. It is manufactured by the Mankind Pharmaceuticals which is a very big name in the medicines industries so this is also one important factor behind its recognition.

The best part of the usage of this home test kits that it brings its result even the HCG level is available in your urine in a very low quantity. Read its instruction first before using it. You need to store it in a refrigerator before using it and exact before the time when you will apply it brings out in the room temperature. Also, make sure you have not drunk so much water or any other liquid intake as it can disturb the concentration of HCG in the hormone.

If single band appears after the test that means you are not pregnant, if double band appears that means a positive result or pregnancy confirmation, where as if no band appears at all that means the HCG hormone level is very low. In that case, you are required to repeat the same action of testing after a week difference.

Velocit Home Pregnancy Kit:

Velocit Home Pregnancy Kit
Source : Amazon.com

Velocit home pregnancy kit is developed by Doctor Reddy’s lab so this is the primary reason of its fame and trust among the users. This mini kit is mainly known for its instant result as you don’t have to wait much after droping the urine on this kit. Within one to two minutes you get the exact report of your pregnancy.

One added features of this kit that along with containing a dropper and test card it contains a desiccant which prevents moisture and keep the kit more safe. Its usage procedure is simple and same like other home pregnancy kits. You need to store it in the refrigerator before use, mind it not to store it in the freezer.

Keep your morning first urine in a jar and with the help of a dropper pour it in the rectangular shape window present in test kits. After 5 minutes you can check your pregnancy report. Very soon this brand has gain good recognition and public trust. Its cost is not very high so that is one more advantage of this pregnancy test kit.

Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Eazy Home Pregnancy Kit:

Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Eazy
Source : Amazon.com

Dr. Reddy’s Velocit eazy is another top branded home pregnancy kit produced by Dr. Reddy’s laboratory. This pregnancy tester is quite good as per its shape or structure is concerned. Its long panel gives you enough space to hold it. Long testing glass allows its users to check the test report very clearly.

This home pregnancy test kit  is very popular for generating an exact report of the pregnancy so quite famous among women. One thing you need to care about while using it that it needs to hold it very carefully as its tester is very tender with the comparison to same kits available in the market. Little bit carelessness can cause it damage completely.

Clearblue PLUS Home Pregnancy Kit:


Clearblue PLUS Home Pregnancy Kit
Source : Amazon.com

The Clearblue PLUS is another best kit for testing pregnancy at home only. Though its cost is a little bit high with its other rival products in the market but still you can prefer it to buy as you will get an instant and exact report of your pregnancy.

You can use this kit before 4 to 5 days of your period date if you are observing the symptoms of pregnancy like vomiting, taste change, mind swing, exhausting etc. If you are facing all these symptoms or issues then break or clear your confusion with this trusted pregnancy kit test at home.

You can pick any of these best pregnancy test kits mentioned in this article as all of them are good in their own way. Only one thing that you need to be very careful about is, use these kits exactly as we have mentioned in this article for getting the exact or correct report.

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