China Shrink Cream Side Effects

China Shrink Cream : Side Effects and Alternative Vagina Tightening Cream

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Do you know that the vagina is one of the most sensitive organs and it therefore helps a lot to avoid products that come with sensitive chemicals such as China Shrink Cream?

So, what is China Shrink Cream?

It is a vagina tightening cream that is formulated to tighten loose vagina walls due to multiple childbirth and frigidity as well. It claims to work within 5 minutes after application, though it is known to tighten the vagina temporary for a duration ranging from 30 minutes up to 12 hours.

What are some of the ingredients of China Shrink Cream?

China Shrink Cream
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First off, it is always prudent to know the ingredients contained in a given vaginal product prior to using it so that you can decide on whether the products is safe for you or not. As such, it is equally prudent to know the main ingredients of China Shrink Cream as well. Below are some of its main ingredients.

Potassium Alum

This is the product’s main ingredient and it is normally used as a deodorant. Even though it is antiseptic, it can cause vaginal dryness and hence not ideal for women, especially those who don’t get aroused easily or those who produce less lubricant. Potassium Alum can also lead to irritation as well as inflammation to your vagina’s delicate skin.

PEG-3350(Polythene Glycol)

This is the other ingredient of China Shrink Cream and it is used for purposes of treating consipati0n. However, overuse of this chemical can lead to dehydration, diarrhea and mineral imbalance such as low sodium.


This chemical is also an ingredient of China Shrink Cream and it is a variant from PEG-3350. Even though it has a relatively lower level of toxicity, it can however cause irritation once it comes into contact with your eyes.

Other bad ingredient to watch out

Save from these 3 ingredients, there are also some other ingredients that you need to watch out when picking a vaginal tightening product. Manjakani is one of them.

If you take a close look at lots of vaginal tightening products out there, you will notice that they contain Manjakani as their main ingredient. However, it is worth noting that this herb doesn’t have anything to do with vaginal tightening whatsoever. In fact, Wikipedia published that Manjakani contains gallic acid, which is historically used in the manufacturing of ink.

The Indian Journal of Pharmacology also published that Manjakani has widely been used in Indian traditional medicine as dental powder in treatment of gingivitis and toothache. Therefore, it definitely doesn’t make sense how this herb would be safe for your vagina. In other words, there aren’t any reliable sources that can explain how this herb would help tighten the vagina.

Alternative to China Shrink Cream

Even though there are some safety concerns when it comes to using this product, the good news is that there is a safe alternative to this product. The best and safest alternative to China Shrink Cream is using healthy herbal solutions such as Kacip Fatimah.

What is Kacip Fatimah? 

Kacip FatimahIt is a flowering herb that belongs to the primulaceae family and it is native to Malaysia. The herb, which is also popularly known as Labisia Pumila, has leaves measuring approximately 20cm(7.9 inches). Historically, it has widely been used in Malay community for promoting overall health and it has specifically been used by Malay women during post-partum period for purposes of improving a mother’s condition after delivering. But the most common use of this herb is vaginal tightening, thanks to the fact that it is known to offer vaginal tightening benefits. The fact that this herb is parked with phyto-estrogen (plant estrogen) makes it a very safe alternative to synthetic estrogen, which is nowadays used for manufacturing most of the vaginal tightening products on the market.

If you have been experiencing vaginal tightness, then Kacip Fatimah could be your best bet because it can increase the levels of estrogen in your body. Remember estrogen is the female hormone that helps in strengthening and rejuvenating your vagina and when it is insufficient in your body, you are definitely going to experience vaginal loosening problems. But studies have shown that Kacip Fatimah can boost your falling estrogen levels up to where they used to be during your youthful days. It also gives your body all the ingredients that it needs in order to maintain tight vaginal walls and to keep the vagina rejuvenated. No research has attributed this herb to any proven side effects and as such, it is safe on your vagina and for consumption as well.

Your vagina muscle will naturally contract once it is relaxed during sex. But having sex doesn’t permanently stretch your vaginal in any way whatsoever. In fact, your vaginal muscle tissue will loosen during arousal and then tighten thereafter regardless of the number of times you make love with your partner.

However, your vagina will stretch during childbirth just like an accordion that is opened all the way. But the good news is that the vagina can tighten completely during post-partum period especially in young women. Six months after giving birth, your vagina will feel the way it was before you gave birth if you are a young lady.

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Even though no one is against the use of China Shrink Cream and no one is out to endorse this product as well, you may never know whether its ingredients will cause inflammation in case chemicals reaction occurs. However, using healthy herbal solutions such as Kacip Fatimah can guarantee you a great vaginal health.

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