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Cramps After Sex: Causes and Treatment

Cramps or pain after sex is observed by many people, especially women, are the main victims of this issue. For most of the cases, it is not a big concern and the pain you are feeling after sex is just an outcome of physical involvement or out of deep penetration which will be vanished within one or two days. For understanding the reason of cramps you need to understand deeply the causes of cramps after sex.

You can notice the pain in your abdominal area after intercourse for many physical as well as psychological reasons which can be cleared after thorough diagnosis by the doctor. Some common physical concerns that can cause you to pain after having sex are the vaginal infection, vaginal dryness, deep penetration, anxiety before sex, psychological reasons etc.

Apart from pain in the pelvic area after sex, there are also some physical problems which occur during or after the intimate relation. Like you can feel muscles tightness, intense pain in the cervix area, burning sensation in your pelvic etc. If you are also observing all these physical issues after making intimate love then don’t sit idly. You need immediate medical attention as it will clear out whether the pain you are suffering from is normal or due to some internal health concern.

Causes of Cramps After Sex

Cramps After Sex

There are women who notice pain or severe cramps after sex. If the pain is lasting for 1 to 2 hour then nothing to worry about it as it is quite normal but in the cases where the cramps exceeded more than two days without any occurrence of the period (normal abdominal pain before period) then it should not and never be ignored. It requires immediate medical help otherwise it can get malicious if remains untreated.


Women who are recently ovulating can feel the pain or cramp in their abdominal area after sex. This is an indication that you can get pregnant soon if you are doing unprotected sexual relationship with your partner. Ovulation is the phase when fertilized eggs are excreted from the ovary. This is the perfect or rich time to be pregnant.

As soon as these fertile eggs merged with the sperm it can start the fertilization process. Due to high secretion of the fertile eggs, you face cramps after the intercourse. Ovulation happens just before the starting of the menstrual cycle and it lasts until the bleeding of the period is not starting. In this point of time, you can observe pain on one side of your abdominal area which is not a matter of worry as per the doctors.

So if you are having sex just before the few days of your menstrual cycle then it is quite obvious that the pain or cramp after sex can last for more than one or two days till you get period. It is a sign of normal health condition and there is nothing to worry about it.


Orgasm is the physical condition in which due to contracts of the uterus pain occurs in stomach or abdomen. When you have sex or do intense physical relation it causes to contraction your uterus and hence you feel pain after the sex relation. During the sex course, sexual hormones get released in a very high level which stimulates to overactive cervical and severe pain in the abdomen.

Apart from the abdomen, you can feel pain in the bottom area due to orgasm. The pain because of orgasm can last for few minutes to some hours. This type of pain mainly occurs in women who are in between their menopause cycle or very near of their menopause cycle. The women within the age range of 35 to 55 are most likely to experience a contraction of the uterus during sex.


Endometriosis is considered another important reason for the pain after sex. The Endometriosis is health conditions where the uterine tissues which are supposed to grow within uterus grow outside of the uterus which is not a normal condition. These tissues sometimes grow on the ovaries which is also not normal.

As these tissues occur in the lining of the uterus so it gets thick with the passes of time and creates shed which causes obstruction in the normal flow of blood during the period as the blood couldn’t found a normal passage to flow which results in severe cramping just like the menstrual cramp.

The women who develop uterine tissues outside of their uterus can feel the pain after sex as this tissue can obstruct the normal penetration. Also, these women observe severe pain during their menstrual cycle as because of the thickness of these unusual tissues the normal blood flow get obstructed causing pain in the area or portion where it is actually get obstructed.

Endometriosis is not a normal health condition and it is really a matter of medical concern which requires being treated otherwise it can cause other health-related problems in near future.

Tilt Uterus:

If the shape of your uterus is tilt then it can cause you to face cramps after sex. The level of cramp become intense if you have deep penetration during the sex course as your partner’s personal part will touch the cervix which generates pain during and after sex.

If during the sex course the cervix is hit then it can cause cramping after sex. The moment your partner’s internal part hit the cervix portion of the uterus the contraction in muscles occurs which results in cramp or pain for long hours or even sometimes more than a day.

Women whose uterus is of tilt shape are mostly the victim of cramping. This mainly happens because of the tilted surface of the uterus the penny can easily hit to the cervix which results in intense pain or cramp during and after the intercourse.


Implantation is a phase or condition when your body observes noticeable changes inside your ovary because of the fertilization process. This is the very beginning phase of pregnancy where your body is affected by lots of internal changes because of the implantation of a baby in the form of tissues. When you do sex at this point in time you can feel unusual cramping after the sex.

At this phase of the life cycle of new baby’s implantation or initiation muscles cramping, uterus contract and many more physical changes occur and all these changes cause pain in abdomen or stomach after the intercourse. This pain is quite normal and there is nothing to worry about it. Still, it is suggested to consult with a gynecologist to get yourself satisfied whether everything is normal or there lies something as a matter of concern.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease:

The pelvic inflammatory disease is the most severe form of the sexually transmitted disease in which infected bacteria enter the uterus during the intercourse. It causes severe abdominal pain during and after the sex. It is nothing but a bacterial infection which can affect badly to the uterus, ovaries, pelvis and Fallopian tubes.

Apart from pain in the abdomen, it comes with some other symptoms also such as unusual vaginal discharge, severe pain during period, brown spots after the period, abnormal bleeding during the period, intense back pain etc. So if you are suffering from the PID then you are highly suspected to get cramps after sex.

PID is a severe health condition and it needs immediate medical attention otherwise if the infection gets increased then it can hamper your reproductive system badly and even problems can occur infertility or pregnancy. Women who find difficulty in conceiving is suspected to develop the pelvic Inflammatory disease in a very high level.

Dryness in Vagina:

The dryness of vagina causes a problem during sex as because of less wet or dried vaginal organ it really becomes difficult for a penny to enter the uterus easily and this internal harshness causes cramps during and after the sex. In the normal condition the vagina lubricates normally which keeps it moist and swift the intercourse process but in the lack of natural lubrication the vagina gets dry and cramps occur as a result of it.

This abnormal pain because of friction can damage the vaginal tissues as well as internal skin also. The vaginal dryness mainly occurs due to lack of interest in sex this is why it is suggested by the gynecologists to do enough foreplay before having sex or intercourse as it helps the vagina to get wet by the lubrication process.

Another important reason behind the vaginal dryness is the peri-menopause phase of a woman’s life cycle. This is the phase or time when the estrogen level of the body starts getting decreased and infrequent periods is observed in this phase. These internal changes in the reproductive system of your body lead you to face cramp after sex due to dryness in the vagina.

Cysts or Fibroids:

Cysts or fibroids are considered as one of the most common reason for cramps or pain after sex. This is a non-cancerous tumor which develops in women’s uterus. It can also develop in the ovaries in few cases. In both the condition it causes severe cramp or pain in your abdomen after the intercourse or intimate physical relation.

The cysts or fibroids cause abnormal bleeding during the period and also bleeding in between the menstrual cycle. Sometimes the cramp or pain lasts for many days which are further accompanied by the bloating. Though it is harmless and does not affect you further still it is suggested to consult with the gynecologists regarding this as if the doctors think that removing the cysts will be better for you then they can remove it which will save you with cramps after sex in future.

Digestive Concerns:

It is been proved by the medical tests that the abdominal pain after sex in many cases is directly related to your digestive system function. If the digestive function of your body is unsmooth or disturbed because of constipation, trapped wind, gas etc. then you can observe severe cramp or pain after having intercourse.

Some other improper functioning of your digestive system such as indigestion, inflammatory bowel disease, bowel syndrome etc. leads to create disruption in the process of digestion which causes to arise cramp after intercourse. It is suggested to drink enough amount of water and to take healthy diet on time to maintain or boost your digestive capacity so that you don’t have to face severe or abnormal abdominal pain.

Treatments of Cramps After Sex

Cramps After SexIf the cramp after sex lasts for many days and the pain is intense then it needs medical help to get rid of it completely. You need to visit a gynecologist who after diagnosis will decide that which treatment procedure is good for curing your health condition. Some common treatment procedures which are recommended by to doctors to get rid of cramp after sex are mentioned below.

Sex Therapy:

Sex therapy is nothing but a professional counseling process by an experienced therapist to couples. Under this therapy, the therapist tries to understand the underlying issues, sexual concerns, misuse and real cause area of pain after sex.

The therapist can ask anything from couples to make clear and find the reason for cramps after sex. This therapy is considered as the most effective one as in most of the cases it is found that the therapist becomes successfully find out the problem in intimate relationship and accordingly he guides to the couples which help in improving interest for sex, better sex life, confidence towards sex, healthy attitude for sex and smoothness and intimacy.

Remember if you are consulting with a therapist regarding your sexual concerns for getting relief out of them then make sure the consultant is belonged to a reputed and renowned profession organization and carry good qualification. This is very important as it is concerned with your internal or sexual health and any wrong suggestion by the unprofessional therapist can hamper or destroy to your whole sexual life.

Heat Therapy:

Doctors often suggest for using or applying the heat therapy to get rid of unusual pain or cramp after sex. This therapy is very effective one and provides instant relief even if the range of cramp is very high. You can do heat therapy at your home only. For this, you don’t need to consult with a therapist.

For preparing your heat pack at home you need to take one sock and fill fry grains inside it and then put this grain filled sock on a microwave for getting it heated. After two minutes take out the sock and wrap it in a damp and warm cotton cloth. Now your heat pack is ready. Apply it on your lower stomach or abdomen directly and hold it for 15 to 20 minutes to get relief out of your pain.

This therapy is quite safe and provides immediate relief from the intense cramp or pain after sex. You can reheat the heat pack in the microwave if you are not satisfied with its one-time application.


Physiotherapy is another effective way or form of treating the cramps or pain after sex. The decision to show yourself to a physiotherapist can be taken by yourself or sometimes it is recommended by doctors itself to consult with a physiotherapist to get rid of severe pain or cramp after intimate relation.

The physiotherapist will first try to understand the real cause of cramp by discussing with the couple regarding their intimacy and other related things as he feels necessary to know about. According to your condition and causes of pain, the physiotherapist will guide you further to get relief from your current condition. Make sure the physiotherapist you are consulting with belongs to a registered health organization like Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health & Care Professions Council etc. for the safer side.

We hope this article has cleared your concept regarding the causes of cramps after sex. If you are also one of those who observes cramp or pain after intimate relation then apply these effective therapies mentioned in this article after consulting with a registered and professional therapist.

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