Doctor's Best High Absorption 100% Chelated Magnesium

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium Review

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Most people know that the body needs a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and keep the body functioning properly. However, many people forget about how important magnesium is for a healthy body. In fact, it is reported that about 80% percent of Americans have a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is also important if a person trains or works out. Magnesium plays a very important role in the production of aerobic energy in the body.

In this review, I am going to look at one of the best and most popular magnesium supplements on the market today, Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium, to find out if it is as good as people say it is.

What is Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium?

Without magnesium, the body can’t keep a healthy cardiovascular system, nervous system, skeletal muscle, and digestive tract.

Magnesium deficiencies cause a person to experience loss of appetite, nausea, and general weakness. However, if nothing is done about the deficiency, the results could be muscle contractions, cramps, high blood pressure, and abnormal heart rhythms. A magnesium deficiency also affects the heart, bones, and blood sugar balance.

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium contains 200 mg magnesium per serving which amounts to about 50% the recommended daily amount of magnesium.

How does it work?

Doctor’s Best Absorption Magnesium works in the body to regulate the amount of water in the body, the blood’s pH levels, support muscle function, and keep the nervous system working properly.

Magnesium is also important in over 300 different enzymatic reactions in the body. These enzymes are responsible for:

  • Action of your heart muscle
  • Creating your body’s energy molecules
  • Proper formation of bones and teeth
  • Proper bowel function
  • Blood sugar level regulation
  • Muscle relaxation

From the list of the important roles that magnesium plays in the proper function of a healthy body, it is clear that Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium supplement is important to make sure that  a person doesn’t experience any magnesium deficiency.

What Are The Ingredients

The main ingredient of Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium is 200 mg of elemental magnesium in each serving. The magnesium is formed with glycine and lysine.

What is unique about Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium is that the magnesium is from TRAACS, which is a patented form of magnesium that ensures there is optimum absorbance in the body.


This is a nonessential amino acid which the body needs to form collagen and strengthen cartilage and connective tissue.


This is an essential amino acid which assists in gastric functions.

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Ingredients

Why should I take High Absorption Magnesium

The High Absorption Magnesium by Doctor’s Best ensures that you get the optimum amount of magnesium in your body. It has been specially formulated to make sure that as much is absorbed as possible. This is unlike other inferior magnesium supplements, where much of the magnesium passes through the body or can’t be absorbed efficiently.

The patented Best High Absorption Magnesium formula is not mixed with cheaper magnesium oxide, which isn’t absorbed well by the body. Therefore, this is one of the best magnesium supplements that you can buy.

What are the benefits

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium

The benefit of Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium supplement is that you get the maximum amount of magnesium possible from any similar supplement.

There are many benefits to taking high absorption magnesium supplements. Here are some of the benefits:

Reduces hypertension and cardiovascular disease

Many studies have suggested that magnesium supplements can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and therefore cardiovascular disease. It has also been shown that higher levels of magnesium can reduce the risk of stroke.

Helps regulate blood sugar

Because magnesium plays an important role in glucose metabolism, taking the best high absorption magnesium supplements could help in avoiding type 2 diabetes. Although, it should be stated that more clinical research has to be done.


Magnesium plays an important role in bone density and also in forming vitamin D in the body. Many studies have found that taking magnesium supplements helps to strengthen bone density. This means that a good magnesium supplement can help reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. It can also help increase bone density in postmenopausal and elderly women.

Are there any side effects to the High Absorption Magnesium?

There are no known side effects of taking High Absorption Magnesium supplements. Usually, if there is too much magnesium in the body, the body gets rid of this in the urine.

Some people who take too much magnesium experience gastric discomfort in the forms of diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Directions for Use

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium supplement should be taken as part of a balanced, healthy diet. The recommended dose is 2 tablets, twice a day. It can be taken with or without food.

Customer Reviews

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium customer review

Most users of Best High Absorption Magnesium say this is a high-quality magnesium supplement. It is the only brand of magnesium glycinate which is not buffered. This means that it isn’t mixed with less effective types of magnesium.

Other users have said how much the supplement has helped to regulate their heart rate, especially their resting heart rate.

Other customers have said that their muscles don’t feel as tense, their joints are more flexible and they have more energy levels.

Some surprising comments were from people who have experienced migraine relief from taking Best High Absorption Magnesium supplements. Some have experienced that when taking these supplements regularly, they have less frequent migraines and if  they do have one, they are much less intense than before.

Where to buy and what is the price?

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium supplements can be bought from many online stores. They cost around $15 for 240 tablets. That is enough for 2 months.

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Final Verdict

When it comes to magnesium supplements, Doctor’s High Absorption Magnesium is the best that is on the market. It may be slightly more expensive than other magnesium supplements, but, you get a much higher quality of magnesium that is easily absorbed into the body.

This means that Best High Absorption Magnesium supports the body’s metabolic energy, nerve function and muscles better that other magnesium supplements that are on the market.

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