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How to Perform Bleach Pregnancy Test at Home : Its Pros and Cons

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences of a woman’s life. This gives a new delight and a feeling of rejoicing to the woman so once someone is started noticing some symptoms or sign of pregnancy they want to confirm it without further delay even for a day. This you can do easily by homemade pregnancy test with bleach.

The bleach method provides a big opportunity for the women who find it difficult to go in a diagnosis center for the urine test to confirm the pregnancy or to buy a pregnancy test kit from a medical store. The bleach methods are easy and cost effective also as this is a general household thing which remains available in every house for cleaning the cloth by oxidant process.

Within few minutes of waiting time, you get to know about your pregnancy news with almost no expense with the help of homemade bleach pregnancy test. A very little amount of bleach for doing this test is enough to do its work very effectively. However, this is not fully reliable because of some drawbacks and second confirmation is needed before visiting the doctor then also its advantages cannot be subsided fully.

How to Check Pregnancy with Bleach Test

Check Pregnancy with Bleach Test
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The bleach test of pregnancy is not a new procedure or method of checking the pregnancy at home, it is been used by the women since very old times when there were no home pregnancy test kits were invented. At that point of time when someone starts developing the sign of pregnancy, they themselves try this bleach test at home.

The procedure of taking a pregnancy test with the help of bleach is very easy and does not requires spending money as you need to do if you opt. for buying an expensive pregnancy test kit from a medical store. Bleach is a common product and almost in every house, it remains available.

The things that you needed before starting the bleach pregnancy test is a very small amount of bleach almost half cup is enough and two cups. As bleach is a toxic chemical so need to stay very careful while doing this test otherwise it can cause harm to the woman and also her baby if she inhaled its smell.

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do before doing the bleach pregnancy test at home is to collect your urine in the cup that you have already kept for the test process. Make sure the cup is clean and there is no trace of any other thing like water or anything.

Wash your hand properly with a sanitizer before and after taking your loo into the cup. As this test is very sensitive so even a small amount presence of any other chemical in hand can cause to false pregnancy test result.

Make sure the urine you are about to collect is the very first urine of the morning time as this is the pick time when the concentration level of HCG hormone in the urine remains very high. The HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is known as the pregnancy hormone which starts developing in the body when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterus lining.

You can collect your urine other than early morning time also but in that case, the chances of false test report exist as urine other than the first early morning time carries a lesser amount of HCG and hence it will show a doubtful report.

So for sure shot pregnancy test report wake up in the early morning and collect your urine properly in the cup that you have kept ready for this test. Make sure that the urine doesn’t get messed while collecting it.

Step 2

After collecting your urine in a cup the next thing that you need to do for starting the homemade pregnancy test with bleach is to collect the necessary amount of bleach in another cup. Pour some amount of bleach with the help of a disposable spoon. Don’t touch it with your hand as it can harm your skin also throw the disposable spoon after use.

Bleach is a highly toxic chemical and its effects very faster irrespective of skin and even if it is inhaled then also it can create problem internally especially it is harmful to the pregnant ladies as its any bad effect will trouble both the future mother and her baby.

Foam like bubbles appears which even flows out of the cup along with high toxic foams if the pregnancy report is positive. This is not at all good for your skin and even it can cause damage nearby the surface area so it is better to do this testing process in an open space for the safer side.

If a lady is not finding any open space for the testing purpose and bound to do this bleach pregnancy test at home then she should do this with some precautions like one should wear a disposable mask, or face can be covered by a clean towel also. This will protect you from inhaling the gas of bleach which is harmful to your health.

Step 3

The third or final step is the mixing of both the ingredients which is already kept ready. Mix your urine sample with the bleach in a clean and dry container and stir it well so that both the ingredients mixed well. Wait for some time and then check your result if you are really pregnant then some changes will occur otherwise this liquid mixture will remain as it is.

In the cases of positive pregnancy test when both urine sample and bleach are mixed together, the changes are observed instantly without any waiting time. A thick bubble will start appearing on the surface of the container or forth formation will be seen. This is a positive sign of your pregnancy.

If the test report is negative means you are still not pregnant then there will no bubbles appear or forth formation will not occur after mixing both the samples in the container. Sometimes a very small amount of foam can be seen in the surface area but this doesn’t prove that you are pregnant.

The level of HCG hormones found in an increased level in the urine of any pregnant lady especially if the urine is the first urine of morning as at this point of time the concentration of HCG remains in a high range. The bleach reacts very faster with the attachment of HCG containing urine and this way it depicts the positive or negative test report when you do the home pregnancy test with bleach.


How Does the Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach Works

Homemade Pregnancy Test Any pregnancy test works on its own ability to identify the level of HCG hormone present in the blood or urine of the aspirant. If the urine is rich with HCG hormone then it will react immediately whatever the homemade testing element you are using for your pregnancy test.

The same thing is applicable for bleach pregnancy test also. It reacts to HCG hormone present in the urine when it comes to the contact of that urine. A bubble will start forming which looks like the bottle of a fresh cold drink as when it opens it starts throwing its bubbles out. A chemical reaction happens when the HCG and bleach merged together and as a result of that chemical reaction, these bubbles start forming.

Under opposite situation means when the level of HCG hormone is almost nil or there is very small amount of HCG existing in the urine then there will be no effect occur when both the samples will be mixed or you can see a very small number of little bubbles on the surface but this is not a clear sign of pregnancy.

For ensuring the accuracy of the bleach pregnancy test report, you should make sure that the urine that you are collecting for this test purpose is your early morning first urine if not then don’t expect for a correct report. Your morning first urine remains rich with HCG hormone as at this time concentration level of HCG is high and at other time of the day, the HCG remains scattered. So morning is the ideal time for collecting the urine sample.

Bleach pregnancy test is a great opportunity for the woman who finds it difficult to go out in order to buy a pregnancy test kit or have no money to buy this expensive test kit. You can clear your doubt regarding pregnancy at your home only with almost no expense as bleach is a normal household thing which easily remains available in any home. Also, you need a very little amount of bleach in order to conduct this test.

Though the bleach test is good for the benefit of instant checking for the pregnancy at home then also this test is not hundred percent reliable as lots of factors are there which can cause in discrepancy or false report. Whether the bleach test is showing a positive report or it is showing a negative report it needs to be double checked by taking a test kit for home or urine test in the diagnosis center. Then only you should be assured about your pregnancy report.

Pros and Cons of Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach

Homemade Pregnancy Test with BleachLike any other thing, the bleach method of pregnancy test also contains some good and some bad features or drawbacks which is quite normal. Both pros and cons related to this home test of pregnancy are described below.


  • Women who don’t want to reveal yet their pregnancy news to all will get a big opportunity with the help of homemade bleach pregnancy test for keeping their secret with them only and when they think the right time to reveal this news they do.
  • This test is quite easy to conduct. It does not require any special instruction to do, just a few simple steps only require you to perform. The first one is to collect the urine sample in one container and bleach in the other container and the next thing you need to do is to mix both of these samples well.
  • No doubt the bleach pregnancy test is cost-effective. It saves your money for buying any home pregnancy test kit, or urine test cost in a diagnosis center. So take the advantage of this free test at any time when you feel doubt regarding your pregnancy. The only thing that requires in this test is a small amount of bleach which cost should be considered as nil as this is a common household thing that can be easily found in anyone’s house.


  • The bleach pregnancy test doesn’t always reflect correct result so this is not 100% reliable. Like other pregnancy test kits which are readily available on the market this home test method doesn’t provide an accurate report and on the basis of bleach test report, you cannot visit a doctor. It needed to be a retest for the confirmation of pregnancy.
  • Like the other pregnancy test kits in the market, this homemade pregnancy test does come with exact instruction regarding the quantity of urine to be used, amount of bleach to be applied and the exact waiting time after mixing both the elements needed for this test. So you cannot simply rely on this home test of pregnancy.
  • The bleach test is not very safe as bleach is a toxic chemical which is used as an oxidant for cleaning the clothes. So while performing pregnancy test with this toxic element you need to maintain a proper distance from the container in which both the element of this test will be mixed as if the test report will be positive then a bubble kind of foam will occur on the surface which is not good for skin.

Also, this test should be performed in an open space, not inside the home area as any kind of danger effect can occur as its side effects. Apart from that if the bubbles generated out of this test will fall down on the nearby area it can also damage to them as well.

  • There is not any particular way of reading this homemade test report. So it is found in many cases that even the report was positive the user was not able to understand it.

Considering both pros and cons of this homemade pregnancy test with bleach try it as because it is quite good in one way but as its test report doesn’t provide any guarantee so not fully reliable.

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